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Have You Ever Seen Real Korean Grown Rice For Sale Here?

Check their main store out in Burnaby/Coquitlam. They carry a Korea-grown product there. See attached pics. $30 for a 12 lb. bag.

Best camera for food photography?

Had another in-depth look at some new camera developments specific for food photography. Come have a read here ( for more...

Apr 13, 2010
shoku_tsu in Not About Food

Santouka ramen comes to Vancouver

Very exciting news!

Richmond Sushi near Vanvouver airport?

I concur with Sushi Hachi as a solid pick for the OP.

And pretty sure the Kerrisdale place of the same name is not affiliated.

Sushi Hachi
2255W 41st Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6M2A3, CA

Cilantro - Love it or Hate it?

My first real taste of it many years ago turned me off it - the taste and aroma got to me. As I've gotten older, I can handle it in small moderation, especially in soups or stews. Preferably chopped up finely. :)

Nov 01, 2009
shoku_tsu in General Topics

Good Chinese restaurant in Metro Vancouver?

Surprised to hear that you are unaware of the large Chinese food scene on the west coast, especially in Richmond BC.

Some similar threads here and previous mentions of good options:

Where can I buy octopus in Vancouver?

Not knowing the weight of that cooked leg you mentioned, but for reference, today at Fujiya I saw they had it on sale, uncut, for $5.75 per 100g. A bit more if you want it sliced, but why would you bother to pay for that when you can do it yourself. :)

I know they sell it at Kim's Mart as well.

Kim's Mart
519 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T, CA

Deli Nippon: double happiness = ramen and okonomyaki (Vancouver)

With the warmer weather, I'm on the lookout for Hiyashichuka, and had it at another place (soon to be written up on at Foodosophy), but will definitely try to hit up the version here. The image of it you took looks more like the type I am used to. Thanks for the heads up!

If I remember right, I think this place used to make takeaway bentos too. My memories are a bit dated though, going back maybe 5, 6 years.

Restaurants in Whistler?

A similar thread from a few months back has some suggestions...

I'd second vangirl's recommendation on Sachi Sushi - had a great meal there recently myself.

good eats on UBC campus?

Green College is such a peaceful tranquil place. Even the small communal kitchen with its big glass windows in the residential area seems inviting, but the larger dining hall definitely suits the purpose of their dinners better. :) I sense a sudden rush for tickets for this previously - as far as I can tell - "unmentioned on this site" place for Vancouver chowhounders, as quality meals on campus are very hard to come by if you happen to be in the area around dinner time.

2 new Restaurants Vancouver - Lucky Noodle & Kanpachi - Broadway/Cambie

Did some checking for you fmed. The link provided in that eGullet posting by Kenta does indeed take you to a website for a sushi-ya called Kanpachi. They list six branches and none outside of Japan. However, they say that many who have apprenticed/trained at their six locations have gone on to open their own sushi-ya; they list 20 such places, including the one in CA that is headed by a Mr. Ken Kido. But no mention of this Vancouver one being connected, and judging by the scant and dumbed-down menu that ck1234 noted above, I do not believe it would be.

anju, 507 10 St SW, Calgary

"Anju" in Korean cuisine usually consists of food that is eaten when drinking alcohol is the main purpose of the gathering. Can be small or large dishes, but just those that are thought of as complimenting beer, such as the popular 'dubu kimchi' (slices of fresh tofu served with sauteed cabbage kimichi). Usually, they are not expensive dishes.

It sounds like this place is going to be along the lines of what we see in Vancouver, at places such as Pojang Macha and Chungdam Ahn, where downing bottles of Hite beer, and cups of Makgeolli and Soju takes priority over eating. :)

Jan 23, 2009
shoku_tsu in Prairie Provinces

Brunch that doesn't suck? Transylvania Flavour, Vancouver

I recalled this brief description from a local blog...

Calgary - Looking for Atmosphere and Mood

As with many restaurants, it would seem that when you go has a huge impact on the amount of noise, number of diners, and thus the resulting atmosphere/mood, as from this report:

... it seems that when its less busy, the high ceilings make it feel a lot more empty. The post also has more details on the menu and also specific dishes eaten on this occasion to help you in making your decision on this place.

Dec 28, 2008
shoku_tsu in Prairie Provinces

Vancouver Chowdown - Pojang Macha, Korean Street Food

Hi fmed, glad I was able to track down your thoughts on this place after remembering you said you would do a writeup after you got there eventually. Nice to see the other dishes you had, as my sampling was limited on my first trip out there.

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

I walked past the Eatery this evening, and it was very packed. I had my friend who I was walking with guess at what kind of restaurant it was. He had no clue. And was completely surprised when I told him it served Japanese food.

Vancouver Report - Had some great chow!

Good concise report on your trip to Vancouver! Sounds like you hit up several of the commonly noted spots on this board. Rodney's I've heard mixed reviews, but your visit sounded like it was a highlight if it prevented you from sticking to your dinner plans that evening. Look forward to your next visit and report!

Tokyo Narita Airport 3 Hour Layover - Good Sushi?

With Northwest, you'll be in terminal one, so my suggestion would be the sit-down Sushi Kyotatsu. There' s a nice counter sushi bar you can sit at if you are alone and some tables inside as well. I find it more relaxing if I know I am past all the customs stuff and eat here, rather than in the main terminal restaurant areas. As the sign says, once you are here, its the last place you'll be able to eat sushi in Japan before boarding your plane. :)

Oct 05, 2008
shoku_tsu in Japan

Eclair De Lune--new bakery in Calgary

Apparently, Puspa has a relatively long history but seems to have fallen behind the times and lacking a real satisfying offering. More details and some images from a lunch can be found here:

Oct 05, 2008
shoku_tsu in Prairie Provinces

Canmore R.M. Flatbread Company

If you're interested, my contributing colleague provided his thoughts and some images on his recent visit there as well. Link is:

Burnaby vs Richmond - Foodie on the move!

I'd have to side with Burnaby on this one. Thought not born-and-raised in this area, I'd say you can still get a decent level of variety and quantity of Asian cuisine in Burnaby (though at an absolute level, Richmond would clearly take the title on that, especially in the Chinese segment). And Burnaby on the whole, probably less overwhelmingly Asian in terms of lifestyle, so perhaps a better a little relief on that front, if so desired.

Opening? Menya Japanese Noodles, Vancouver

Happy to hear it was of some value to you Christine. Just remember, soup is key with ramen, maybe more so than the noodles themselves, in the opinion of some. :)

Opening? Menya Japanese Noodles, Vancouver

Thanks for the feedback fmed. I do also recall that Ezogiku was one of the only options (how is it there nowadays BTW?), as well at a place that used to exist across the street, which I believe is now housing Gyoza King.

Ramen restuarant by Globefish Calgary

Good timing! Here's hoping its open when I am in town. Will be interesting to see how they handle this.

Sep 24, 2008
shoku_tsu in Prairie Provinces

Vancouver: 2 nights

Kakurenbou was just okay for me, not blown away by any means. Interesting to see what they are doing in this space though.

Nice Korean restaurant in Richmond

Don't tend to personally associate Korean restaurants with Richmond, but always good to hear of an interesting find. I came across one driving along Kingsway the other day. More notes and pics here:

True Seoul Food: Dinner at Insadong (Vancouver)

What did you have during that meal? I've hit up some Korean restaurants in the nearby area so far, but am looking forward to trying out the barbeque here one day.

Scenes from the Richmond Night Market - Asian Street Food Mecca

Welcome back fmed... That would indeed be interesting if they did plan to swap out some food vendors for others if such country-specific celebrations are going on during this market's schedule. My first time at this place was interesting, though came away with a so-so grade on the food. Can understand the limitations they had though that would cause this.

Pics available here:


Probably done to emphasize how full a break they are making from the old restaurant and remove anything that might even be remotely Feenie related. :)

Richmond - Nan Chu

Could understand the undercooking with a rushed staff looking to get off work, but not during the core of dinner hours especially on a non-busy night. A shame to hear of it. Just goes to prove that something as simple looking at robata, is in fact a difficult to measure cooking style, and when done wrong, really shows.