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Propane BBQ Hose Question

A few hoses here..............if you're in the area.

Jun 12, 2011
NewtonSquare in Cookware

Ribfests- opinions?

OK, I'll try try answer both questions here:

A) The birch bark is both the starter and flavour agent in our BBQ's. Look for the really old thick stuff that looks like cardboard. Throw a few pieces on to start and if you really like smoke, soak a few squares beforehand and toss them in as you go along. Really beats any other smoke stuff I have found. If you are in love with calf liver like our neighbour's dog, our cat and I am, be sure to do some of that too.

B) Newfie weiners.............that's those cocktail weiners in the can, right along side that canned "corn on the cob" in any Newfoundland store. We use something a little different. President's Choice Cocktail Smokies also from N/F. We buy a few and put them in the freezer.

I'm not the "newfie" my wife is and I love going there. Feel more at home there than when I go home (Edmonton). If you have never been, make it a priority. Anything else you need ......just ask.

Ribfests- opinions?

Based on our disapointing experience from last year..........under cooked chicken, ribs, terrible $5 fries, and $5 "cow" corn, my wife and I decided to pass on this one, even though we are a five minute walk away. Instead, we fired up our charcoal BBQ, added some birch bark and smoked our own ribs and "newfie" weiners.............nothing like it!! BTW No-Frills have ribs on special this week. Poor old pork farmers.................must be costing them $10 to make $ sympathies go out to all of them.

Chicken Soup

[I keep a box of manischevietz chicken soup and matzoh ball mix in the pantry. ] This is the best for a "boxed" soup. Chenoy's in DDO (Montreal) served it as their home made version. Many stores carry it including Nortown.

Dim Sum

Try Dynasty House 1635 Lawrence W. at Black Creek Dr. (416-246-1771) You won't be disappointed. Can order from the menu or from the carts. Was there last Sunday, has been a favorite of ours for a few years. Did visit the Grand based on opinions expressed here and found the atmosphere cold and stressful, the food was so-so and over priced. It was not added to our list of regulars.

Edit-- the D/H menu BTW has pictures to help you if you are not familiar with Dim Sum dishes.

Best Greek Restaurant in Toronto?

Try the Astoria on Dundas W. (Miss.) by Starsky's. Still as good as Danforth WAS, and no rushing here.............take your time.

Rib-Fest Etobicoke

Noon to 1PM most stuff is ready to roll, but could be iffy. We normally wait until around 4 PM to sample any food. Usually OK by then. Can easily walk over, so can go home for a while if it looks like more time is needed.

Rib-Fest Etobicoke

If anyone was wondering, it is business as usual here in garbage strike. The temporary fences are up, some of the rides are assembled, and plenty of 40 YD. bins in place to contain all that garbage that will be produced again, as in previous years. So it looks like a green light for the affair this weekend.

Yesterday management staff cleaned up all the garbage in my favorite park and it pretty well looks normal this AM. Just an update in case anyone is interested.

No new news on their site:

Dim sum with carts

Another with carts is Dynasty House, 1635 Lawrence Ave. W. (at Black Creek). 416-246-1771. Was there yesterday and Dim Sum items range from chicken feet ($2.20) to sticky rice ($3.50) and others (17) in between. All freshly prepared and delicious. Complimentry tea of course. Total bill was $40 with tax, for two. Have been frequenting this place for a few years and have never had a disappointing visit. Name has changed over the years, but same friendly staff always there. And yes, you can have a fork if it suits you. They also deliver from a 175 item menu if you live around there.

weston and eglington, any good eats?

North of Lawrence is "P + M Rest. 1972 Weston Rd". A hole in the wall place (crowded seating for about 15) with an extensive menu and friendly service, very reasonable $$. Greek is the theme but many other options available........something for everyone.

Is there ANY good places to eat breakfast in TORONTO?

Been to Egglicious (not that new) several times over the past year and find the eggs and home fries always have a stale, dull taste to them as though they are reusing old grease out of the deep fryers or something like that. Found the same staleness at The Grill (and that other 24 hr. joint across the street). You ask, why did I keep going?? Had jobs around those locations and had time to kill in the early morning. Another post reminded me that I noticed the other (new) Egglicious on Derry and Goreway, may give them a try.

I like my eggs to have a bright, fresh taste to them whether in an omellette or just scrambled. My Favs are: Erlind's - Six Nations Reserve, The Dundas St. Grill (Kipling) and P + M Restaurant - Weston Rd (N/ Lawrence) in that order.

Anyone ever notice that eggs have a distinctly different taste in other parts of the country? Have found that on visits to Edmonton, Montreal, and Port aux Basques (NF), at the hotel. Used to live in Montreal and found the egg taste different (better?) on a visits here also. Not just the eggs, but milk too!

Looking for good take out in Etobicoke

When B + E was between Bloor and Dundas across from where that A + P was they had excellent food and service. A place I worked at had their Christmas dinner there and it was fabulous. Used to return ocassionally for their stir fry plate which again was first class. Hadn't been in quite a while so decided to try their new place on Renforth Dr. Ordered some kind of a hot hamburger plate and it was horribly salty, so bad I could not eat it. Won;t be going back anytime soon. The Wild Goose on Eglinton (W/ Renforth) has a wing night on Tue. or Wed.and I hear they are really good, no first hand experience here.
Heard good reviews on Cahoots Bar and Grille at Renforth and Rathburn, typical greasy pub food and was not impressed with it either.

Can second that Astoria choice on Dundas, we are regulars there. They make a perfect salad everytime. Chicken souvlaki is a winner.

Family friendly places near downtown Toronto..

You could try the Victoria Restaurant on Queen St E. about three blocks east of Yonge. Across from St Michael's Hospital (S.E. Corner) Not ethnic, but the food is pretty good, fast and not that $$. Don't think a kid would be a problem. It is a businessman's lunch counter, sort of, but it slows right down after 5PM if that is your schedule. Ate there regularly when I had my eye overhauled at St. Mike's.

Breakfast in Hamilton, Ontario

Can't go wrong with Erlind's on the Six Nations Reserve...............

Sq One Farmer's Market

"Agreed that Etobicoke is a joke" Well, not completely accurate....... was there this AM early and most seemed legit, except that long row towards the N. definitely had the " OFT" look with the shrink wrapped Eng. cucs and most things tagged and coming out of uniform boxes. What really got my attention were the prices.$ 6 to 7.50 for a doz corn, $10-11 for pies, $6-7 for beets and carrots, etc. We were there around 7 AM (basically desserted) and if I remember correctly, from prev, years there were many more people already there. Prices at those markets were always at a premium, but can see many of those vendors saying F. it and staying home. How long can you survive when it costs $10 to make $5 ???

Where to buy corks in Toronto

If you cannot find what you need, talk to the local cork Guru.

Sq One Farmer's Market

Fridays (early if you can afford the time) are the best day to go as everyone is out in full force, Sundays tend to have a reduced vendor turnout.. The guy in the SE corner used to bring in peanuts from his operation.......very, very good. Maybe everyone who is a peanut fan could ask him about them and he just might plant again. If you are a peanut fan, look for the lady selling nuts and other goodies and look for the "big red" peanuts from China. Come in garlic flavor also. Have seen her at both SQ I & Sherway (Fridays) also.

Erlind's Rest. Oshweken

If anyone is out that way and is looking for a satisfying (large and quality) breakfast try Erlind's in the Iroquois Village Center, 1985 Chiefswood Rd. Oshweken, on the Six Nations Reserve.

Ham and eggs, home fries (with onions) and toast $4.50
West. omlette $6 All you can drink coffee $1.25 and all tax free, as are all purchases on the reserve proper. Smoking also allowed if that is your thing. We go there a few times a year to buy my wife's (cheap) smokes and alway have breakfast there.

No direct route to Oshweken (from T.O.), kinda south from Wilson St. in Ancaster. Wilson runs off Hwy #403.

Casually upscale in Mississauga

One of our Favs is the Palm's Court at Hwy #10 & The Queensway (The Rabba Plaza). Food is excellent, friendly service and never had an issue with cleanliness as suggested by the reviewer below. Has white table cloths, a nice touch, and is quiet if you are looking for that. Caters to the 50+ crowd mainly. If you like grilled liver.........good stuff!!

Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

We are regulars at "Bao-Shin" (Hakka Indian & Pakistani Chinese Rest.) 3066 Hurontario, Mississauga, just N/of Dundas St. 905-615-0501 Over a hundred items on the menu in the $6.50 to $8/9+ range. Manchurian chicken, beef, fish, etc. Service is fast and friendly and food is excellent. You can order whatever "heat" suits you. The dishes are large so go there hungry, we always bring home a doggy bag for the next day.

Don't forget, it's Ribfest this weekend!!

Go every year, as we can just walk over. This time has to the worst ever. Four of us were there on Friday around 5 PM and had ribs and chicken from Camp 31 and Blazin BBQ. Both were under cooked and rather ordinary compared to past visits. ($4) as could be expected from being left out in the sun for the previous day and a half. Fries ($5) at the far south end......absolutely horrible, the oil they used was probably so old it resembled old motor oil. Beer ($5)......BYO. I am particularly negative about this visit 'cause in past years things have been quite presentable and have been enjoyable outings. Sometimes, returning a couple of times for more.. About three years ago they had the best corn I had ever tasted.

As usual though there are always laughs at the "T" slogans sold there. If anyone is looking for belts, they have the good ones (not the stitched ones) real black leather for $5 ea. Sport socks too............Look for the "Sabrico collection, red label " Canadian made 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% Spandex and last forever ($10/ Doz Pr.) Remember, you can bargain with all those vendors if that is your thing.

Anyway go, and have a good time........hope all that $$$ ends up in a charitable fund.



1) P and M Rest. 1972 Weston Rd. N/ Lawrence For souvlaki, hot sandwiches, F + C, and a great breakfast. Small, family run and very friendly.

2) Caldense Bakery 2400 Eglinton W. for great Portuguese lunches. Try their "Green Soup" if you have never had it.

Can also vouch for Messina and La Rose. If you go further west try Perugina's Bakery, 735 Renforth Dr.

Where to find Orange Blossom Honey in the Toronto area?

If you are around Etobicoke, try here:

Vatra Cheese & Deli
1092 Islington Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4R9
Telephone : 416-237-0297

There is also a specialty honey store at Brown's line and Evans Ave in the Alderwood Shopping Center, East side. (


821 Browns Line
Alderwood Plaza
Etobicoke,ON Canada
Tel: 416. 201.0411

cheap catering for lunch in Mississauga (20 people)

If you're interested in Chinese (Hakka Indian & Pakistani) try [Bao - Shin, 3066 Hurontario just N/O Dundas. 905-615- 0501], You will have to pick-up. Try the special combo plates such as Chili Beef/ egg fried rice ($8.50) etc. Portions are large and can be ordered with the amount of "heat" that suits you. We go there regularly with friends and always leave with a doggy bag.

German deli in K-W or Mississauga/Oakville

Not quite Miss but close.........

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

Good choices.......see here:

Newfoundland cuisine

Lots of good stuff on NL here:

Go there often and cannot enough of that unique friendly and welcoming. If you take the ferry to Port aux Basques, make time to venture down the dead end RTE. 470 to Rose Blanche and see the historic lighthouse that has been recently been restored and be sure to seek out "The Friendly Fisherman Cafe" for some fabulous home cooking and fish dishes. (709-956-2022


If you stay at the Port aux Basques Hotel, the restaurant serves excellent food, try the fishcakes for breakfast.

More on NL food here:

Sep 18, 2007
NewtonSquare in Atlantic Canada

Brampton chow


Brampton chow

Got to second this one for "Peters on Eglinton" if you want to "Eat Like Pigs" My wife and I go there ocassionally, she orders the SUPER smoked meat, I get a salad. Usually enough left over for a doggy bag. (it is on Eglinton, just east of Tomken) Look for all the wild cats in the back if you're into cats, they feed them regularly out the back door. Another down the road at Renforth Dr. is "The Wild Goose" bar and grill. Varied menu and always cooked to perfection, and you will not go away hungry either. One of our Favs.

Secret Food Festivals

If you'd like to do your own Portuguese Sardine BBQ, you can find them at NO-Frills, frozen. Just sprinkle with O-Oil and let sit for a hour or so B4 BBQ-in' Delicious...........just like our Portuguese neighbours do. We join them several times a year for these and Sea Bass/Trout also at N/F's.

This past Sat. there was a Ukranian celebration at Centenial Park (Eglinton and Renforth) probably not well publicized, but was in the local paper (The Guardian) Lots of Hulupchi (?) and Pierogi and Sausages, but an extended rain shower kind of cooled things down.