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Circle: Plates and Lounge

I went to the opening party this past Tuesday. The food was delicious! The space is cool, nicely designed and the red bar stools were very comfortable. The owner was very nice and personable - he is originally from Ohio. I hope to go back there soon to dine.

What's your favorite neighborhood spot?

I went to Vee Vee in JP last Thursday; very cool neighborhood restaurant. I had the tuna nicoise which was very tasty. My friend had the bass, which looked was also very good. I like the menu, though small but lots to try. The bar is cozy, with candles and the place is a glow with red! Love it.

"Taste of" events

On September 28th, 2007 there will be a Taste of Roslindale. I am on the committee :)

Bouchee on Newbury Street

My friend and I visted Bouchee for dinner; we began with the crispy duck confit and the Salade Bouchee. A leg and a thigh of duck were served over flageolets, chopped carrots, garlic confit and wilted arugula. The duck was cooked well, although the skin could have been crispier and lighter, but the bed of flageolets and carrots were a bit too crunchy and should have been cooked just a bit longer. A distinct Middle Eastern flavor was unexpectedly tasted in the dish. The Salade Bouchee is a rather large salad chock full of romaine, frisee, haricots verts, asparagus, shaved fennel, blistered tomatoes, radishes, lardoons, and pieces of egg tossed in a malt vinaigrette. The malt vinaigrette was slightly bland and hard to differentiate from the traditional French Dijon vinaigrette used on the mixed greens salad.

For dinner, we ordered the Chicken Frites, a take-on the traditional steak frites and the moules a la Provencal. The plate of chicken frites was simply overflowing with half a bird and a small mountain of fries. We quickly conquered the mountain, eating our way through the savory frites and occasionally dipping them in the delicious, homemade aioli. We should have stopped there, because the chicken was less than memorable. The nutty taste of truffle oil greatly enhanced the chicken, but sadly it was only skin deep. Perhaps more of the chicken jus was needed?? The moules a la Provencal were also saved by the accompanying fries. The sauce was much too buttery and the taste of the tomatoes and herbs was overpowered.

Brunch in West Roxbury area?

I second brunch; I went there about a month ago, and the service was very attentive, coffee tasty and hot; the drinks made perfectly - bellini and bloody mary.
I had an omelet which was cooked the way I liked it - well done; came with toast and home fries, that were crispy, which I prefer. My friend had the eggs benedict which he proclaimed was the best he had in a long time.

The only one draw back was the host. My friend and I did not have reservations, and the host seemed annoyed by it. But the place had many empty tables open; not sure what his problem was. But other than that, I would recommend Vintage.

La Familia Giorgio

I would suggest Nebo on North Washington Street; their menu is set up where you can share the dishes with large groups of people and they encourage that. I was there Saturday evening and everything I tried was delicious. Arancini, pizza, pasta, brushetta, etc. And they can accomodate large groups of people; the music is great and so is the decor -hip and trendy.

recent cases of sticker shock / delight

I was at Sasso almost three weeks ago and I also found the food very salt! The leek garnish served with the Gazpacho of Octopus was very salty, as was the short rib of beef.

I know spaghetti and meatballs is rather pedestrian, but...

you could try Grappa on Elm Street in Watertown
cozy, warm restaurant, not that many tables, but the menu has spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp scapi, chichen parm, etc and all reasobaly priced and delicious.

Good Pub/Lounge near Stella?

excellent choices ! great feedback

For 8 people to have enough room to drink, talk and not be too cramped, my choices would be Red Fez, 28 Degrees and Pho

Looking for Gourmet Cakes in Boston Area

A.Boschetto's Bakery in Roslindale makes fresh quality cakes. I have bought several cakes there for birthdays, graduations and everyone is amazed by the taste and freshness.
Plus, the price is reasonable.

GOOD restaurants serving organic food

Icarus in the South End

Sat night dinner along 128

Isabella's is a great choice.
nice atmosphere, food is excellent
nice menu

another place you can try that is on route one is Vintage
a steak house in West Roxbury; dark wood decor.

Atasca or O'Cantinho?

the atmosphere, the food and service

Cafe Appollonia changing to Boston Brickhouse

I believe so; heard from someone who works at the Brickhouse in Dedham.

Where in Boston to Propose?

thanks everyone for your quick responses :)

Where in Boston to Propose?

great ideas! I have emailed these to him
not sure if he wanted to propose at a restaurant or outside.
So I sent him everyone's ideas :)

Where in Boston to Propose?

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine who is visiting Boston in a week plans to propose to his girlfriend. He asked me the best places for him to propose and which restaurants are a must to visit while in Boston.

Week of catching up on restaurants

I also agree with MC's posting regarding Cafe Apollonia. The owner/chef is 26 years old and does a great job with the food.

I loved Masona! A unique, warm bistro and felt I was not in West Roxbury. Cusine is excellent; and I enjoy the soft played Argentinian music in the background.

Eastern Standard and Avila I also enjoyed: service, ambiance, menu choices.

James Gate in JP and Pho Republique in the South End

Atasca and Icarus

Quiet, fancy steak restaurant

I would recommend The Oak Room or Ruth Chris's
Avoid Davios, because it is very loud.
The food is excellent, but loud

Caffe Umbra

I just read in today's Herald in the business section that Anthony Susi of Sage bought Caffe Umbra and I guess he will open another Sage

Masona Grill, West Roxbury

I have been to Masona, but I went there on a Sunday evening around 730pm; there were a couple of tables taken, but overall the place was quiet, which I liked. Argentinian music played in the background; our waitress Gina was excellent! We were not sure which wine to choose so she brought us over two types of wines to taste before chosing one. The salmon was tasty and nicely flavored; my friend had the scallops which were very large and also delicious. We had a great experience there and I highly recommend it.

But I do agree with ptrefler above that the restaurant can become very loud since it is small and the tables are close to one another. So I would suggest going to Masona Sun-Wed nights.


Dining at the Vintage Bar is very comfortable for a solo diner.
The bar stools are comfortable; the lighting is nice and relaxed. Waitstaff is very friendly and accomodating. There are also plasma tv's above. I would definitely recommend eating at the bar alone. And yes, they offer dinner service

Avila, Theatre District, Boston

I visited Avila and I had the whole crispy fried Chilean bass.
It was done very well and I enjoyed it too.

for small plates I had the escargot in tarragon, garlic cream sauce arrived on a sleek compartmented plate, and spheres of fried salted cod served as the centerpiece to a canvas of herbaceous reductions and garlicky mayonnaise.

It is pricey, but I do enjoy the ambiance.

Pastry Shops in Boston?

Thanks for this great list of bakeries!
I appreciate it :)

Bread and Butter bakery at 3346 Washington St.

they closed unfortunately; different owners and different baked goods
no more bread

Brunch in Norwood/Dedham area?

you could try Skye in Norwood
The chef Jaime Mohn used to work at Stephanie's on Newbury

Pastry Shops in Boston?

oh yes, I have heard great things about this bakery.

Does restaurant week food suck or just Aquitaine's

I had a great experience at Upstairs on the Square - in the Zebra Room. They are offering the RW prix fixe menu from the beginning of August to Labor Day weekend. After dinner, my friend and I were full, and we can eat!

For the first course, the chilled Gazpacho soup was served in a large bowl which was excellent and very tasty; my fiend had the Smoked Salmon and there were tons of layers of salmon. I was so surprised we were given so much food!

For the Second Course I had the Halibut entree arrived grilled and hot, perched on top of bright seasonal vegetables - cherry red and yellow tomatoes, corn kernels, and wax beans drizzled with a tasty avocado & provencal vinaigrette. My friend had the homemade Gnocchi in a mushroom and pesto sauce served
with crunchy slices of summer squash and zucchini. The portion sizes of these dishes were satisfying and delicious.

Sliced fresh french bread with a pesto sauce was served with dinner. For dessert, The Peach Tart was a fresh flaky dessert with candied almonds, served with creme fraiche with a hint of honey. My companion chose the Chocolate Panna Cotta served with berries and vanilla sable cookies, allin a port berry sauce. Both desserts were exceptionally fresh and
divine. And to top off the evening, our attentive waitress presented us with complimentary glasses of Prosecco

Upstairs definitely worth to go during RW!!

Pastry Shops in Boston?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some great pastry shops
I have been to Athan's and Flour, but was wondering
what are your favorite bakeries (could be in Brookline and
Cambridge) Thanks!

Recc's for Stephanie's Lunch needed


These are the items I have eaten at Stephanie's:

baked spinach and artichoke dip, surrounded by baked lavache chips

asian yellow fin tuna salad - nicely seasoned & tender

ginger and garlic pan roasted salmon filet - delicious!