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Good place near JFK to hang?

Hi. Seeing an a dear friend between flights for approx 3 hours. Any decent chow place near there. I don't prefer a hotel scene. Any thoughts?

Oct 07, 2008
caesarsally in Outer Boroughs

Looking for Thai & Vietnamese in Westside?

Saigon Grill on 90th & Amsterdam is delicious. There is always a wait, but the food is superb!

Jul 31, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan

Chowhounder visiting Rochester, NY

Any suggestions for some good chow?

Saturday Brunch

Anyone been to Deborah's on Carmine? I am seeking a place for brunch on Saturday. Not over the top trendy, good food and a place to hang a bit with friends. Suggestion please.

Jun 26, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan

E 53 - E57th St bet 1st & Lex

Any suggestions for a sit down lunch place for the location above? Pleasure, not business.

Many thanks.

Jun 19, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan

ribs in nyc??

Loved Blue Smoke!

Jun 18, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan

only 8 frozen yogurt

wow, I 'm a tasti diliter and now i'm curiously eager to try Only 8. I actually go to the Tasti on 72nd bet Columbus and B'way and will check out the Only 8 next week. Thanks all for the enlightenment,

Jun 18, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan


Believe it or not,I just had the most incredible fallafel today. I got it at a street cart on B'way and 67th Street across from Gracious Home. I had to wait on line for 15 minutes and it was well worth it. Cheap and delicious!

Jun 18, 2008
caesarsally in Manhattan