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2013 Food and Restaurant OPENINGS

Craft Dog is being opened by Brian Morin, formerly chef & partner at beerbistro.

Fresh to Go (aka Sushi and Salad) re-opened its doors this week

I walked by 1-2-3-Go on my way to Fresh to Go today, and had a look at the menu posted in the window. They appear to have a larger selection of sandwiches than Fresh to Go including roast pork, meatball, etc. - but they also had no customers, while Ali Baba's next door was packed. I'll probably give them a shot soon, but I needed a sandwich fix from Fresh to Go today - really missed them!

Another new place along that strip opened this week as well - Eat Fresh Be Healthy at 185 Dundas W. I was handed a menu as I walked by, and it's all over the place - breakfast, pasta, sandwiches, quesadillas, entrees like braised lamb ribs & veal scaloppini, plus the back of the menu mentions brunch on weekends and "late night dining" on Thu-Fri-Sat. Very odd.

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale on tap?

Unless something changed recently, Barque carries only McAuslan beers on tap. So what you saw there was probably the St. Ambroise Pumpkin Ale, not the Great Lakes.

Seeking: Scotch Whisky events, Toronto/GTA

Whisky Live might do the trick. November 4th in Toronto:

Fall LCBO release

Hey, stop talking about wine in a beer thread!

Seriously, though - unlike the Vintages releases that have firm dates each 2 weeks that are (mostly) honoured, the LCBO is very loosey goosey when it comes to their specialty beer releases. I've never seen one where all of the beers in the release hit the shelves at the same time - they generally start trickling out a week or two before the "official" release date, and there's always one or two items that don't arrive until a month or more after the date. Very frustrating...

Toronto Festival of Beer 2011

As much as I love Cask Days, it's hardly Toronto's "only beer festival worth going to".

There's The Session, Hart House Craft Beer & BBQ Fest, the C'est What Spring & Fall Festivals, the Golden Tap Awards, plenty of events during Ontario Craft Beer Week and Toronto Beer Week...

When it comes to beer events, things are better in Toronto than they've even been.

C'est What
67 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

Toronto Festival of Beer 2011

Based on past years, I doubt there will be much traditional cask ale at this festival. Most breweries pour from kegs or bottles.

The one exception was a booth called Caskapalooza that Great Lakes Brewery did for the past couple of years, which featured a bunch of different cask beers that were rotated over the course of the festival. However, there's been no mention of them doing it this year - at least not on the same scale - and many of them were non-traditional styles, so they may not have been what you're looking for anyway.

If you have your heart set on drinking cask ales, wait until October and go to Cask Days. It used to be held over the course of several days and several sessions at Volo, but this year it will be a single day event on October 30th at Hart House. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at

Dominion Smokehouse - Name changeover for the Cherry st diner

I believe you're referring to The Canary Restaurant, which closed a few years ago. It was further north on Cherry St, close to the Distillery District. Different place from the Cherry St. Restaurant.

New resto - King and Portland

If you look at the post on TasteTO where the text you quote was snipped from, you'll find links to the websites for all three places:

Wrap House site still says "coming soon".

Toronto foodie event that's worth the price?

Pedestrian Sundays is monthly, June to October.

Street Fare Expanded Menu in Toronto

She's been at that location for many years selling the standard menu of dogs & sausages, and has always done well. I work nearby, and while I have a couple of carts closer to my office, I've usually gone to her when I've had a craving for street meat, as she's a great & friendly lady.

As for the new menu - she's actually had the game meat sausages on for at least a few weeks, and I've tried a couple of them, all great.

Yesterday, I headed up for a roast beef sandwich, which was FANTASTIC - the meat was nicely pink, great fresh bun, and I got it topped with fried onions and horseradish. I'm very tempted to go back today for another...

Beer Garden at the Wychwood Barns

It's called The Brewery Market - here's the website, which includes a list of upcoming breweries:

Note that it's not happening EVERY Sunday - they're skipping long weekends, and a few others due to other things happening at Wychwood that day (such as Deli Duel on June 19th), or so as not to conflict with other beer events. Check the website for the schedule.

Street Fare Expanded Menu in Toronto

Jennifer Bain has a longer article in the Star today:

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Olympic is just closed for renos. They posted on Twitter yesterday that they'll be open next week:!/olympiccheese/s...

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

I think the "new location opening soon" on the Chippy's website might refer to the Bloor location, as the copyright notice on the site says 2004...

Against the Grain Urban Tavern (opening early May 2011)

The info about FAB owning the Mill Street Brewpub is correct.

I'm not sure if they have any involvement in the Brewery (which is located in Scarborough, where main brewing operations moved when they outgrew the Distillery location), but they own and operate the Brewpub.

Duggan's Brewery

Appears that it wasn't a misunderstanding after all, and Duggan's ain't coming back:

Chances of snagging a big table for Sunday brunch around CNE

Try the Academy of Spherical Arts. I'm pretty sure they take reservations - it's huge, so they should be able to accommodate 10-15 of you - and their brunch is very good.

Academy of Spherical Arts
38 Hanna Ave, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

Wood Oven Pizza on Roncesvalles!

Thanks for the reco - I grabbed a delivery menu when I walked by there a couple of weeks ago, so I'll give them a try next time we're ordering pizza.

Rolling Rock Beer

I don't think duckdown was joking. And given who owns and makes the beer, it could very well be the case. Many macrobrewed beers use various extracts, concentrates and adjuncts, including corn and related products.

Why do you think the large Canadian brewers were so scared of the new food allergen legislation that they managed to get an exemption from?

Rolling Rock Beer

While it's true that it's much easier to buy microbrewed beer in NY (or beer in general, given that it's available in groceries, corner stores, and various specialty shops), I'm not sure what that has to do with Rolling Rock, given that it's not made by a microbrewery.

The brand is owned and brewed by AB-Inbev, the largest multinational brewing conglomerate in the world.

Wood Oven Pizza on Roncesvalles!

Anyone know if this place ever opened?

I'm guessing not, as Toronto's obsession for wood-fired pizza is such that I'm sure I would've read something about them being "the next Libretto!" somewhere or other if they had. But just in case...

Resto near TIFF Bell Lightbox for tomorrow Sat Feb 12

Milagro is just down the street, at John and Mercer.

Dundas & University in Toronto - best lunch meeting spot?

I'll second the recommendation for the Queen & Beaver. Any time I'm there for lunch, I generally see at least a couple of tables with business-y looking people having business-y looking discussions.

Queen & Beaver
35 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

Openings 2011

No, that was Erl's (without the 'a'), erl being an electrical term, so it was a play on the fact that it was in the Ontario Hydro building.

I worked next door for many years, and went there for a few office lunches - agree that it was never very good. Would rather eat in the Swiss Chalet that's in the space now.

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company - coming to Distillery District Spring 2011

Actually, Cass Enright runs Bar Towel - I just help out with news and some forum admin stuff.

As for the sake place, I haven't done any more investigation beyond what I did for the Bar Towel post.

Dynasty to Reopen Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yup, it is. Probably explains how they were able to reopen so quickly.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine on Bloor closing after today

According to the Globe's Amy Verner, Dynasty is taking over the former True Restaurant space at 69 Yorkville, just a couple of blocks from the old location:

Should be open in early 2011, I'd guess.

2010 closings

I saw big "For Lease" signs in the windows of Chic Chinoise (King & Simcoe) as I went by on the streetcar this morning.

Frank's Kitchen

Four of us went for dinner last night, and while both service and food were top notch from start to finish, I have to say that we found the complimentary "extras" almost overwhelming.

Here's what we were served, with a * next to the extras:

* bread plate
* goat cheese fritter w/ salsa
* soup shooter
* lemon sorbet w/ basil
* beignets
* chocolate truffles

As I said above, everything we were served was excellent, and the comped food added value to what was already quite a reasonably priced meal for the quality ($315 incl tax & tip, with a bottle of wine, a beer, and 4 coffee on top of the food). It just seemed like a little TOO much - especially the beignets, which they apparently serve with coffee even if you've also ordered dessert.

Buy hey, at least we all left feeling nice and full, which isn't the case at some restaurants in town, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much... ;)

Oh, and for those who mentioned above that they're looking for a website - it's although it is just a redirect to thier Dine.TO page.