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Solo lunch rec needed before bachelor party weekend [San Francisco]

Just came across namu gaji for solo brunch, looks like a solid bet. Can anyone comment on it?

Any protips on getting into smugglers cove with a group, - line up before opening?

Jul 22, 2015
eglbc in San Francisco Bay Area

Solo lunch rec needed before bachelor party weekend [San Francisco]

Im visiting this weekend from PDX, and looking for a nice solo lunch in town, somewhere near the mission or tenderloin area. I wanted to hit bar tartine, but no lunch service. I eat good in PDX, so something that I wouldnt get up here. Oyster Depot?

Also looking for rec's for bachelor party friendly spots. Our group is low30's artist types, so cheaper and casual with beer is a must.
Places im thinking-
Mission Chinese - got a reservation
Tommys Joynt

Jul 22, 2015
eglbc in San Francisco Bay Area

First Timer: Wining & Dining Portland (+Willamette Valley)

Grab a bunch of cheese and meats from pasta works before hand and bring a picnic to Sokol Blosser. Nice new tasting room, plenty of areas to picnic, and good wines.
Storrs BBQ in newberg on the drive home has some great texas Q for good prices and will soak up all that pinot.

Vino wine shop on SE 28th has free tastings on the weekend, really good shop. Plus free wine.

Feb 20, 2015
eglbc in Metro Portland

Sayulita trip report 2/14/15

Sayulita was like a endless buffet of the best Mexican street food, with few of the trappings of a typical mexico tourist circus.
Ive never eaten so much amazing, fresh food for so cheap. Easily one of the best culinary trips Ive been on, and I didnt expect much other than some good tacos.


Tacos Ivan - Best pastor I had. Went several times. I like how when your done they hit you real fast with " More tacos amigo?" Yeah i want more tacos.

Trancos carneceria - Behind ivans. Great pollo preperado, pork preperado, chorizo and the homemade salsas on the counter.

Fish market by bridge - I thought they were out of fish every time, but the goods are in coolers. Great prices, brought home some smoked marlin. Hope it didnt spoil on the flight.

Barracuda - Clean and tasty ceviche spot right next to ruebens sandwiches. Had a great shrimp aquachile, which I had no idea what it was going to be. Suprised it was raw shrimp, but ended up really enjoying it. Good pulpo tostada as well. Recommended by the bartender at the hostel bar.

El Tacorriendo - right next to itacate, across from the hostel. Little cart open in the evenings, had really good pastor here, as well as some intense quesadillas. Bonus points for a super authentic bathroom experience.

The chicken stand next to the hostel - BBQ chicken, rice and slaw for a couple bucks. Get it to go, and eat on the beach. 9/10 would eat again.

Hostel swing bar - Nice little street bar. Post up and people watch. Makes some good margaritas. The bartenders had some great recs.

Mariscos Parillos - Little seafood spot on the other side of town a couple blocks up from the bridge. Serves really good ceviche from 11-6pm. Highly recommend. Mostly locals.

Iguana Gardens - Quiet garden spot with really good fish tacos and aquafrescas. BYOB.

Churro truck - Ive never eaten something so fast. I felt like a addict scoring a good batch. more.

Vendors at Muertos Beach - "Yoooohooo", Marlin and shrimp sticks were a perfect mid day snack. And they bring them to you on the sand.

Farmers Market - The quesadillas from the mayan ( I think?) couple were some of the best things we ate. Incredible tortillas, fresh ingredients. 10/10.
Also had some great empanadas, chicken mole being a highlight. Not sure if these are the same as in town.

Lowlights :
Any meal at a restaurant with a table cloth. I know this is a generalization, but every time we paid gringo prices we were severely disappointed with the food. Given the quality of all the little stands, carts, and hole in the walls, I will avoid going to the nice sit down spots next time around.

Feb 18, 2015
eglbc in Mexico

REAL Italian Sausage in Portland

Yeah its nothing to write home about.

Sausage and peppers at shut up and eat on the other hand...

Oct 27, 2014
eglbc in Metro Portland

Andina or Toro Bravo?

Atuala over all

Oct 27, 2014
eglbc in Metro Portland

Lucky Strike?

Happy hour there is the best way to test it out. After 9 i believe . Same size portions, half price.

May 07, 2014
eglbc in Metro Portland

Place to watch Blazers

migration on glisan/28th has happy hour during games, 11$ pitchers.

May 07, 2014
eglbc in Metro Portland

Palm Springs area Taco Caterer for wedding?

Im looking for a taco caterer for my wedding in joshua tree.
Does anyone have experience with anyone out in that area?
Looking for something that isn't too grimy, but regarded as "legit"

Feb 25, 2013
eglbc in California

Showing our friends what pdx is all about.

First time local entertainer/tour guides here.
Anyone got suggestions on a quintessential portland dinner with a good room?

Its a young couple party, so drinks, mid range price, and SE/East side preferred.

Nedd Ludd
Olympic Provisions SE
Little Bird

Any cheap dinner recs?
Thinking lardo,trigger, or something like that.

Got Good burger spot?

Any thing im missing or thoughts ?

Jan 22, 2013
eglbc in Metro Portland

Heading to Portland - narrowing the list, or perhaps expanding it?

great call, im going to test that out. Ive also rarley ordered off the menu, so maybe its time to mix up.

Ava genes!
Go there.

Jan 22, 2013
eglbc in Metro Portland

Please help me on my bromantic vacation.

spirit of 77 is right by the rose garden, but for some amazing beer i would goto upright, one of my favorite spots.

Bro down over some poutine late night @ potato champion.
Roost does not have a brunch wait, and 2nd the nedd lud reso option. Sunshine tavern would probably not have a wait for brunch.

Clyde common is a nice spot for happy hour 3-6 fri.
Good people watching / portland scene.

Jan 22, 2013
eglbc in Metro Portland

Alternative to closed Polish meat market?


Bar dobre needs to sell their keilbasa en bulk.

Jan 16, 2013
eglbc in Metro Portland

Heading to Portland - narrowing the list, or perhaps expanding it?

i really like eating solo here.
Zone out on movies and have some shot n beers.

had a off experience last time , the omakase was the same exact thing i had the past several times, and had to wait 2 hrs for a 4top because 1 diner was a minute behind. archaic/asinine seating policy aside, its worth hitting up and tasting some new flavors.

Jan 16, 2013
eglbc in Metro Portland

Authentic Chinese Food in PDX

went to taste of sichuan friday. best chinese ive had in portland. Had lucky strike hot and sour soup last night for random take out, and it was the worst. glass noodles and some other sticks n stems. maybe they mixed up the order, because ive never seen that soup as hot and sour.

Oct 15, 2012
eglbc in Metro Portland

Where can I find 10 Barrels beer in Portland?

trader joes has ISA

Oct 02, 2012
eglbc in Metro Portland

Where to find decent lambrusco ?

Does anyone have a good spot for decent lambrusco? So far ive struck out at my hawthorne freddies/ zupans. Any good wine shops in SE that have a section?

Oct 02, 2012
eglbc in Metro Portland

Thoughts on Seattle Itinerary - LA/OC hound

would i expect a long wait at local360 on a sunday afternoon brunch?

Sep 28, 2012
eglbc in Greater Seattle

Where can I find 10 Barrels beer in Portland?

food front, belmont station

Sep 01, 2012
eglbc in Metro Portland

LA to PDX-Itinerary review please!

go to biwa whenever, you can get a solid burger in LA, get after their other stuff.
screen door brunch. long line, go early.

as a wildcard , ide throw tanuki into the mix. cool solo eating spot and the best omakase deal. usually has some wild anime on.

Sep 01, 2012
eglbc in Metro Portland

Downtown Italian spot for 12 -Frankies/sauce/osteria morini ?

Coming out from portland, and I am looking for a amazing italian spot for a creative work group of 12. Thurs or sunday night. We're in L.E.S. so anywhere down there.

I went to frankies 17 a while back and loved it. Does Frankies 570 still hold up?

Pasta that will blow my mind and neopolitan pizza a plus. Must handle a group.


Frankies 570
Osteria Morini

Thanks !

Aug 29, 2012
eglbc in Manhattan

best beer options

upright is the spot. great place to taste.

Dec 14, 2011
eglbc in Metro Portland

Pho Von A Good Choice

fake review?
place is not a good choice.

Dec 14, 2011
eglbc in Metro Portland

Your top long beach restaurants

1. Michaels in naples
2. Frenchys
3. Enriques
4. Sophys thai
5. beachwood bbq in seal beach

Sophy's (moved)
3720 E Anaheim St # 102, Long Beach, CA

Jan 25, 2011
eglbc in Los Angeles Area

Best Breakfast Burritos

Nicks Deli in seal beach. Dont let the deli part scare you, the only reason the line is out the door is because of the best breakfast burrito in socal.
Theyve been selling these for 20+ years all day, every day.
Get it toasted/hot(sauce) and you will never look at life the same.
The perfect greasy balance of chorizo, bacon, egg, fried potato and cheese that might as well have a vicodin in it, because afterwards your just a half awake, chilled out mess.

I would tattoo nicks buritto on my face if it didnt mean job/family loss, I stand behind it that much.

Jan 24, 2011
eglbc in Los Angeles Area

Unique to San Francisco, off-beat, experimental?

Tommys Joynt on Geary.

Half meat cafeteria/emporium half beers of the world bar. One of a kind place.

Stew, sandwiches, amazing beer, and its cheap. Dont forget a vat of free pickles

This is real SF

Dec 07, 2010
eglbc in San Francisco Bay Area

1 glorious night in Austin

Is salt lick my best bet for Q en route to Fredricksburg?
The thread on it got my head spinning.

Fonda san miguel may be my thursday night spot.

Apr 28, 2010
eglbc in Austin

1 glorious night in Austin

Lookin for anything from taqueria to a a good tex mex spot.
Something I can only get in Tx would be ideal.
What are the foodtrucks I should look for?

Apr 28, 2010
eglbc in Austin

1 glorious night in Austin

Passing through Austin on my way to a wedding in Fredricksburg. Staying at San Jose Hotel.
Whats the one quintessential Austin spot to hit for dinner? Ide like a fun spot with some good drink.
Im doing salt lick bbq on the road, and BBQ at the wedding. Are there any other goto BBQ joints that must be had?
I need 1 lunch too, I heard about some food trucks, is there a area where they congregate?
Out from LA so Uchi need not apply.
Thanks for the help,

Apr 26, 2010
eglbc in Austin

Dinela it just me?

After spending a good couple hours on the dineLA site, I finally narrowed my choices to fig, josie , cache, and michaels. All the good seating times were taken up at my top choices so Michaels it was.

We were seated in a awkward corner of the patio (with plenty of prime tables sitting empty the whole night), and had to ask for the dineLA menu. At this point the server mentioned the hanger steak was out. I almost considered leaving (and now i wish i did), as this was the reason I chose this menu over some others. The main menu entrees cost nearly as much as the whole dinela menu, so I couldnt justify ordering that way. This left me with cod or jidori chicken, and no substitution for the hanger steak. I clearly stated my disappointment in having 2 choices, without a substation, and I tried to sweet talk a pork chop swap in there to no avail. Strike1

I then ordered a Chehalem Pino Gris, of the 600 bottles, of course, this was out. Strike 2

The quail ap was pretty solid, pan roasted with bacon lardons over some tasty wild mushrooms. This was the highlight of the night.
The butternut squash soup as as uninspiring as the canned version.

The black cod entree came out, and I havent been this disappointed in a presentation for quite some time.

The presentation looked like something out of a bargain cookbook. Pile of pilaf. Cod. 4 cherry tomatoes, and a little aoli. Thats it? Thats what 38$ worth of food looks like?

Chocolate cake dessert was good, creme brulee was as bland and uninspiring as the cod.

Grand total for 2 people with 2 cocktails, a "cheaper" wine, and 2 dine LA menus + tip, 238.

I only wish I took that kind of money to bazaar, spago, or BOA, and got my moneys worth, and discovered a new place to return in the future.

Jan 29, 2010
eglbc in Los Angeles Area