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Need to make my Corn on the Cob exciting...

Elaborating on the naked version. I usally boil my corn first before grilling. that way I can crank the heat and really work on getting a good char on the cobs.

I like the chipotle idea. I've used some smoked hot paprika in the same way that turned out delicious

Jul 19, 2006
joudit in Home Cooking

BBQ joints in TO - not just southern... looking for Other options.

I'm looking for new and intriging BBQ choices. from all ethnicities.

Places I've tried to date.
Phil's BBQ - College St. I thought it was a little overated
Back Alley Grill in Kensington. - Smokey Goodness! silk road BBQ dishes.

What else is out there. What did you like and/or dislike about it.

Jul 19, 2006
joudit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chowhound in Today's Toronto Star

That's how I found out about the site. I freaking love it. I'll be here often to add my two cents!

Jul 19, 2006
joudit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


just to correct. the roti you are refering to is called Dahlpurri. The filling is usually made with lentils as you mentioned and is spiced with Cumin.

Any of the trinidadian Roti places in toronto will carry this type of Roti.

Ali's roti, mentioned several times above, is a great place to go for trini style cooking. The owner is from tirinidad and offers several authentic types of roti with his curries. Dahlpurri (see description above), a type called buss up shot, which is buttery, and flaky and is served in pieces and Sada roti, which is a plain every day home cooking type roti served in trinidad.

Ali's also offers several traditional dishes that you can't find in a lot of other roti shops in the city. Besides the doubles mentioned in some of the other postings, they carry Alloe pie. This is roti dough stuffed with a spicy potato mixture, deep fried and served slathered with some tamarin chutney.

They also carry currents roll!

I know I'm gushing about it, but being from trnindad, it really is the closest I've come in the city to mom and dad's home cooking.

Jul 19, 2006
joudit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)