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GCM is Getting The Best Ice Cream Parlour

I emailed what follows to the GCM management last May. Got no response. Imagine that.

Why is Josés Ice Cream shop closed? Just as the summer weather is upon us? Seriously? Josés was one of the heritage shops in the Market. As much as we love and support the new businesses in the Market, we also cherish the established ones, and I think it sucks that what I presume are higher rents is displacing them. My co-workers and I buy cheese from DTLA Cheese and meat from Belcampo, but we also buy $4 burritos and José's ice cream.

And it rubs salt in the wound that they are still featured on your website Vendor page. Longtime patrons of GCM have worried about the new "upscale" businesses crowding out the old-timers. I guess it's really happening. What a shame.

Best Eye Candy Staff in town

There are some highly attractive men working at DTLA Cheese, Belcampo Meats and Wexler's Deli in Grand Central Market in DTL

McConnell's at GCM

Jose's Ice Cream Corner is gone, too.

Beyond Europane

eggslut at Grand Central Market makes a tasty one with chives, honey mustard aioli and arugula on a brioche bun.

What's a dive bar in LA or OC on the current scene that Mr. Bukowski would not feel out of place at if deigned to enter the joint ?????????????????????????

The V Room in Long Beach

French or at least French style Petite Suisse?

I have seen Petits Suisses at Nicole's in South Pasadena. Call them 'cause it was a while ago I saw them.

Food events

Weirdest Ice Cream I've ever had...

I remember that place and that ice cream very fondly. Sigh...

Bulgarini Gelato coming to Grand Central Market

$6 for 2 "scoops". The plum sorbet is to die for.

Where do I find skatewing?

So does the Hunt Room at the VHC

Artisan House (downtown)

Had lunch there today with a group of Downtown co-workers. The industrial-chic space is beautiful--spacious with large windows and natural light. The menu is limited, and I found it a little fussy and twee. My only serious complaint is the paucity of vegetarian options. There were none today in the entrees section. I had a delicious, but very small roasted beet salad for $9. The reuben sandwich was good, as were the flatbread sandwiches ($10 to $13) and soup ($9). The fish in the fish and chips ($17) was deemed "soggy" and not finished. A small side of limp fries with "artisanal" ketchup was $7. The service was friendly, informative and efficient. I'd go back for drinks after work, but didn't think the food was worth the prices.

Dog Haus in Pasadena

"Disco"? Ha! That was the Police. It was great.--Mrs. O.

Luigi's and Kogi truck - a Very Weird Wednesday Night!

Well, actually, I did find one piece of gristle, but I happen to like a little gristle now and then.

Escolar Quest

I can attest to the very embarassing side effects of escolar. Proceed with caution, and with small portions.

The Slaw Dogs, Pasadena

ilikefood, you are too funny! Will Owen and Wild Swede are not the same person. I'm married to Will, and I know Wild Swede. They're kindred spirits, but two entirely different people.

Blueberry Garnish on Aviation Cocktail?

The Aviation cocktails served at the Edison and Varnish in Los Angeles are garnished with what taste like brandied blueberries. Are they available commercially, or do the bars make them from scratch?

Nov 12, 2009
Chauve Souris in Spirits

Lil' Parlor Pizzeria

I and three friends had dinner at Little Parlor last night. I so wanted to love this place. The room is delightful, with huge windows and views of the trains and passersby. We ordered a charcuterie plate which came with a good amount of olives and meats. Only two pieces of crisp pizza crust came with it as "bread". We had to ask for more. Twice--as our first request went unanswered. We waited an hour for our two pizzas. Maybe it's a question of taste, and the thin-crust pizzas are supposed to be dry, but I wasn't impressed. There's a very limited menu, so I don't understand why everything isn't top-notch.

Paulette Macarons ick

Europane in Pasadena makes excellent macarons. Salty caramel is one of the flavors. Lavender is my favorite.

Pasadena is weak!

and even before that, The Honker!

chestnut honey?

Surfas carries chestnut honey.

Are new Tommy's burger locations as good as original?

When was the Samoan or Hawaiian guy at Beverly & Rampart? I remember someone there in the late 60s-early 70s who fits the description.