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Where to buy a good chicken pot pie?

I second your opinion. I was hoping a Dangerously Delicious Pies review would be buried in here... Anybody?

Baltimore Recommendations

Ko1 - All excellent choices...

Where is Baltimore's best mojito

I agree with Mamas. Also, the Pickled Parrot (In Canton on Elliott St) used to make a good mojito, though haven't had one in a while.

Places to study/drink coffee in Baltimore

I am a tea fiend, and stopped at teavolve. I found their iced teas atrocious. Not just bad, but horrible. I was hoping for tea and instead we got some syrupy grossness. Also, the vibe there (at least when I stopped in) was very old lady'ish.

My Thai or Lemongrass Balto?

I actually like Lemongrass very much. I've found their noodle dishes to be very good, but dishes involving their peanut sauce (including panang) have been a bit too sweet and peanut buttery.

I went to My Thai once and was disappointed. Each dish, appetizers and entrees were poor and pretty flavorless. I wish I could remember what I got, but it was that unmemorable.

Baltimore for the Weekend...

Agree on Peter's Inn. Woodberry is good, but is a horrible place for conversation as it is extremely loud. The food is great and it's pretty, but loud.

Foodie from LA in Baltimore

One of the menu items this week is the scallops w/ mango coulis and cheese grits. The cheese grits are kind of AMAZING. :-)

Baltimore/Inner Harbour suggestions pls?

Mama's on the Halfshell is very good. The seafood chowder and a crabcake sandwish should is a great meal.

Baltimore/Inner Harbour suggestions pls?

Is the Acropolis or Ikaros better than Samos?

Foodie from LA in Baltimore

I second Peter Inn ( Friendly service, excellent food and a bit of Baltimore quirkiness. The scallops there are excellent.