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SF: Great Restaurants With Bar Dining?

I'm an East Coast hound headed to San Francisco for business next week, and I'll have a chance to eat alone one night. Can anybody recommend a great restaurant there with good dining at the bar (or other good accomodations for eating alone)? I'll be staying near Union Square, but I'd be delighted to go anywhere in town. Thanks!

Triangle: Locopops Coming to Chapel Hill?

I'm hearing rumors that Locopops is planning to open in Chapel Hill soon. Anybody heard where and when?

Vacationing in Maine: Northern Penobscot Bay - Belfast/Searsport/Lincolnville?

I'll be visiting Swanville, at the northern end of Penobscot Bay, for a week with my wife, three-year-old, and nine-month-old. Any suggestions for what's good to eat, with an emphasis on the local and Chowhoundish? We're especially interested in the kind of places we couldn't get anywhere else and that we wouldn't want to miss. Bonus points for anybody who can direct me to a good market (we'll have a small kitchen). Thanks!