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Strawberry–Cream Cheese Frosting

Hi Amy, I'm planning to make this recipe this weekend. So far most have said it comes out runny. What can I do to prevent that? I see that I should refrigerate. I've done recipes like this before & regardless of refrigeration my frosting is still runny. I live in Miami, Fl. It is very humid here. I don't know if that could be to blame. Thanks

Jul 24, 2013
mixolidia in Recipes

Vegan Lasagna

Can this be frozen after being assembled & then cooked as needed? I have not made it but it sounds delicious. I usually keep some frozen veggie lasagna or frozen eggplant parmesan for evenings I don't want to cook. This sounds like a great candidate for that with a tossed salad. Thanks

Jan 27, 2013
mixolidia in Recipes

Classic Vanilla Marshmallows

I'm a vegetarian. What can I use instead of gelatin? I know there is vegetarian gelatin but I've heard it does not work well.

May 10, 2012
mixolidia in Recipes

Tres Leches de Ron con Chocolate (Chocolate Rum Tres Leches Cake)

I used Flor de Caña rum & half a cup proved to be too strong of a rum taste. One slice gave me a bit of a buzz. Next time I'll try a quarter of a cup and go from there. Besides that, its a good cake.

Aug 21, 2011
mixolidia in Recipes

Getting High in the Test Kitchen

Thank you vorpal!

Nov 17, 2010
mixolidia in Features

Blueberry Dragon Fruit Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

mmmmm yummy yummy death...relax people it's a cupcake recipe. So has anyone tried to make these at home? How did they turn out? These look so good but I'm a bit afraid.

Apr 27, 2010
mixolidia in Recipes

Getting High in the Test Kitchen

From where did Chow test kitchen purchase the Kava?

Mar 20, 2009
mixolidia in Features