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Do you have to tip the sushi man?

So if you only order a beer from the waiter/waitress, would you just give them a dollar tip, even if your bill comes out to like.. say 60 bucks?

Thank you for all the responses so far, although it's still kinda unclear.. I think I'm gonna go with the 'let them split it amongst themselves' method. Sushi guys already get paid at an hourly rate, but the wait staff relies on tips.

NYC financial district ...need good eats close by!

Occasionally, I take the subway down just for Financier. It is a lunch place though. The cakes are really really good, some of the best in the city. As for food, I've only had one of their sandwiches (the vegetarian one), and a couple of salads. Salads were decent, but the vegetarian sandwich is very good.

Aug 09, 2008
verynewyorkcurious in Manhattan

canelles -- Bordeaux cake

Is there anywhere else I can find caneles in the city other than Payard or Balthazar? I've had them at Balthazar, and they add something that makes them taste kinda off.

Aug 09, 2008
verynewyorkcurious in Manhattan

Do you have to tip the sushi man?

If this has already been discussed, I apologize for starting a new thread. I did search though.

When you sit at a sushi bar and there's a tip jar there, do you tip them? If you put the tip in the jar, do you have to tip the waiters? Do you split the tip in half (10% to the sushi man, 10% to the wait staff)? How exactly does it work?

I was dining at Ushi Wakamaru last week, and I was sitting at the sushi bar. After I was almost done, I texted a close friend of mine, who dines frequently there. I asked her if I had to tip the sushi man, and she said that if I ordered from them, I did not have to. If I did, I would.

It's all very confusing. I thought Japanese tradition was that you don't have to tip. I'm fine with tipping the waiters, of course, this is New York..

Theatre-District Sushi equivalent to Gari or Seki?

My favorite place in the city used to be Cotan on West 3rd, but sadly that has closed. The places that I enjoy now are Sushi of Gari, Sushi Seki, and occasionally Tomoe, all out of my way because I live in the UWS. I'm also a theatre-goer so I'm constantly in the theatre-district.

I've been to Shimizu. It is decent, but the rolls are really nothing special. I was also recommended by someone to go to Ikura, and the sushi was a complete let down.

Are there any Sushi of Gari / Sushi Seki equivalents in the theatre-district? Thanks in advance.

Jun 17, 2008
verynewyorkcurious in Manhattan