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Where to find Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits?

Thank you all for your help! It's like I thought, I'm gonna have to drive 8 hours to get some... But I'll make sure to check out at Wal-Mart first. I wanted to bake this Monkey Bread so bad! Snif...

Where to drink Absinthe in Montreal bars?

Try the Lab on Rachel Est.

They have a nice selection of drinks, some of them with Absinthe liquere, although I cannot garantee the alcohol level in these ;


1351 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, QC H2J, CA

Looking for Bitters

I have seen bitters at Metro and IGA grocery stores. They are located near the wine section, with grenadine syrup and stuff like that.

Where to find Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits?

Hi everybody!

I want to make this amazing Monkey Bread, but the recipe calls for "Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits dough" (the refrigerated one, not the frozen one). I have gone through every grocery store in my neighbourhood, from small locals to big IGAs, but I cannot find any. It's like they have every Pillsbury product except the one I need.

As anybody seen this around town, anywhere in Montreal?



Where to find Golden Syrup in Mtl?

Thanks! I hadn't thought of Vieille Europe, and it's close to where I live.

Where to find Golden Syrup in Mtl?

Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'll check it out at Hogg Hardware and Loblaws (who knows?)

Where to find Golden Syrup in Mtl?

I've been looking for that stuff all over the place and can't find it!

From what I've heard it comes in a tin and the texture is somewhere between maple syrup and molasses. Like thick honey, but with a taste much different because it's made from sugar cane.

I hope you can help me!

Amateur baker

Do you know where I could find these?


There is in fact vanilla paste at Olives & Épices (Marché Jean-Talon). It's really pricey, but it's available!

I couldn't find bergamot anywhere but I did find delicious cherimoyas at Chez Nino and Chez Louis (also at Marché Jean-Talon). Many of them were already too soft and ripe. I suggest you pick the firm green ones, and they will be ready to eat in 3 days. That's what I did.

And what a taste! Not quite as good as the ones I tasted in Peru, but definitely delicious! So sweet and rich, it litteraly melts in your mouth! No wonder they call this the best fruit in the world!

Price range from 3,50$ to 6,00$ a piece... but it's worth it!

Do you know where I could find these?

Wow, thank you all so much! I didn't expect such quick answers.

I'll be looking out for bergamot at Chez Nino and Chez Louis. Who knows, I could get lucky... I'm glad to know I can find vanilla paste at Olives et Épices. I must have been to this place a dozen times. And all this time, it was there, right under my nose... Is there anything you CAN'T find at Marché Jean Talon?

And Cherimoya, my God! Can this be true!? Queen Mary, west of Decarie, right? I'm there first thing in the morning (well, friday morning that is... I hope there are still some left for me!!!) I did not know about sugar apples. Sounds good...

Thanks again, I'll let you know if I find any of these!

Do you know where I could find these?

Hi everyone!

I am an amateur baker looking for hard to find ingredients and fruits.

Anyone knows where I could find these in Montreal? (or anywhere in Quebec, I'm ready to drive 6 hours if necessary to get them!)

- "Pâte de vanille" (vanila paste). A sweet concentrated vanilla extract that has the vanilla bean seeds included in the mix. It is very useful in cooking when you don't want to add much additional liquid. The texture is much like thick syrup.

- "Pâte de pistache" (pistachio paste), and not that pistachio butter they sell at Anatol pretending to be pistachio paste. I'm talking about the real thing, like they have in Europe. The dark-colored syrup-like paste.

- Bergamot : A small and roughly pear-shaped citrus fruit with a sweet orange perfume.

- Lucuma : A delicately flavored tropical fruit native to the cool highlands of South America. A flavor and aroma like no other.

- Cherimoya : Yet another andean fruit. The flesh is creamy white, soft, juicy, sweet and very fragrant, with a custard-like consistency. The flavour is rich and aromatic.

By the way, anyone knows where I can find peruvian products? I've been to Sabor Latina, but I couldn't find much there.