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Argentine in Charlotte

Any Argentine restaurants in Charlotte? If not what's the next closest option? Thanks.

Raleigh NC - place to eat

Is Big Ed's open on Sunday? It's downtown nere where he's staying.

Charlotte - Weekday Prix Fixe?

Arpa, M5, Upstream, Mimosa and Zink are running 3 for $30 and a 2 for $20 through March. I think Oceanaire is offering a 3 for $33.

I wonder if the ones that didn't pay the entrance fee wish they would have. I saw a ton of ads for CRW everywhere.

Feb 10, 2009
cltsavvy in Southeast

Tips for a Relaxed, Tasty Restaurant in Charlotte

GW Fins closed thi spast weekend. More to come.

Charlotte Restaurant Week

You may be right...especially if they aren't supported. This wil be a good time for them to get a little cash flow in a normally slow time anyway on top of whats going on.

Charlotte Restaurant Week

Looks like more restaurants this time too. I look foward to trying something new.

Thanksgiving Dinner - Charlotte

Upstream, Mimosa Grill and Zink are all open. I'd call then for specific hours but I think they're open most all day. All are nice places...especially Upstream.

The Hickory Tavern - Charlotte

I would agree with the first two replies. It will cost more but I'd be way more comfortable going to an upscale restaurant for fresh oysters. The Oceanaire in Southpark had a great selection and Upstream usually does too. A couple notches down from these places would be McCormick & Schmicks. All are in Southpark.

Bacchus Bistro (Marshall, NC) what's the deal?

Anyone know hwo the chef is? I understand Stovetortter's is in trouble and the chef left recently. Can't think of his name.

Nov 03, 2008
cltsavvy in Southeast

Needs help with Charlotte NC BBQ restaurants

I live in South Charlotte and eat at the Q Shack quite often. It's right off I-485 & Providence Rd at Promenade shopping center. They have great pulled pork and I really like the beef brisket. I've lived in the South most of my life and went to college in E. NC so I've had plenty of Q. I'm not a Q snob who will argure over whos best as I like all kinds but I think the Q Shack does a really nice job.

Eats near Durham, NC golf club

I always get the steak frites in the Wa Duke bar. Darn good deal for $20.

Moving to Greenville NC - need good food

Does anyone know if Vinters Grill (sp?) is still open? Maybe I have the name wrong but it was a killer meat & 3 dive when I went to ECU in 80's.

Sep 12, 2008
cltsavvy in Southeast

Looking for a good steak RTP area

Try the Steak Frites in the bar at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham. I was going to order the 12oz the first time I was there but went with the 8oz. It was a hell of a good steak for only $20. Plus a nice atmosphere too. I order it every time I'm there.

Durham Tailgate Food

Bojangles would be fine if nothing else is available but would prefer something more local. I live in Charlotte so I can get Bojangles anytime. I also eat at the Q Shack location here quite a bit. Looks like we'll do Bullock's or Hog Heaven.

Durham Tailgate Food

Thanks. As a Duke football fan I'm out of place damn near everywhere :) I hope that changes but if nothing else I make sure to eat and drink well.

Durham Tailgate Food

No this kind of place is fine. We'll be staying at the Hilton so as long as something is fairly reasonable to get to we're open to all ideas. thanks.

Durham Tailgate Food

After you're done laughing at me for being a Duke Football fan, can anyone recommend some local places to pick up some good tailgate food on a Saturday afternoon? Looking for the usual fare, fried chicken, BBQ etc. but would also like good quality as well. Not interested in chick-fil-a, etc. Thanks.

Richmond hound heading to Charlotte.....

I eat at the Q Shack in South Charlotte quite often and always enjoy their Q. They have a tailgate menu and will deliver, i believe, but you may want to call them about it. 704-542-5959. Good subs in Charlotte are few and far between.

Best BBQ in Charlotte? First time visit next week [moved from Mid-Atlantic board

While it's a bit of a drive from where you'll be I really like the Q Shack in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte at Providence Rd and I-485. I usually always get the ribs and beef brisket but their pulled BBQ is very good as well. They make a real nice eastern NC vinegar sauce and also offer a housemade mustard sauce. There's also Mac's and Bill Spoon's but I think Q Shack is every bit as good if not better then both.

Charlotte: Pre-Theater Eats

I've been to Arpa many times and it's always been very good. Good wine list as well. it may be easiest to valet there, eat and come back to get your car.


I eat ribs from the Q Shack in Charlotte all the time. I don;t care for ribs smothered so it's nice to add what you want. I think everything they do is very good. Here in Charlotte alot of folks are big on Mac's but I think the Q Shack food is every bit as good if not better.

One night in Greenville NC - advice?

I went to school there in the '80's and there was a little meat & 3 joint on the edge of town...Vinters Grill...or something like that. It was and filling and serious down home cooking. Anyone know what I'm talking about or if it's still around? We ate at Parker's alot also. Always liked it.

Restaurant Week In Charlotte

So where's everybody going? Any places you haven't been to yet or out of your "comfort zone? I'm going to try Restaurant i and Copper at least. I'm not usually real adventurious dining while my wife is more willing. This should be fun and a good chance to try something new.

Restaurant Week In Charlotte

I would tend to agree. I didn't say Sir Ed's offered a great deal, just that Tobin is a great chef. I think it's cool he prefers a place like his as opposed to the more well know "upscale" places. He's not concered with trying to be a star like so many others. it seems the more casual places are offering additions like a glass of wine in order to add to the value. the more upscale places are offering decent deals, especially for folks who may not have dined there. I'm looking forward to trying a few I've never been to like Restaurant i and Ratcliffe. Everything is getting so expensive that this seem a good timeto take advantage...if I don't like it I'm not out as much money had I tried it another time.

Restaurant Week In Charlotte

Looks like a lot of great deals for this restaurant week..enough to dine out the whole week! Providence Cafe is an old favorite and they have some great values. I wouldn't waste my time at Arooji's. The place is nice enough but the food is way overpriced for what you get. The original location was better but I think it's gone down hill a bit since the new one opened. Sir Ed's turns out some great food if you don't mind all the cig smoke. Tobin is a great chef.