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Non-Q lunch off I-85, around Charlotte-Spartanburg-Greenville

exit 90 (the gafney outlet mall) and exit 54 (pelham rd, greenville) for your starbucks.
for restaurants though, i can't think of anything other than chains within a mile or two off the highway. Try woodruff road- the business coridor of greenville, exit 51. i usually try to fly through charlotte, get to the SC to refuel, and eat in greenville.

Jul 25, 2008
edondero in Southeast

Greenville, SC upated recs?

Smoke on the Water, for an excellent atmosphere and outdoor dining. Got to love greasy. Upscale BBQ.

Larkins on the River. Great location again, wine list, a la carte dining. Good apps, try sitting at the bar and ordering a few on an easy night out.

Greenville, SC Rec's

Just in case anyone is still using this topic...
I love Smoke on the Water for its ambience and comfort food. Go on Tuesdays get a half bottle of wine and some greasy but upscale BBQ and mac and cheese. Eat outside, best spot. Or enjoy the live music.
And for a place that can be for a special occassion or your go-to weekly good food, try Larkins on the River, love the wine list and a la carte menu. Goot location.
I love dining in Greenville, I spend about half the month done there, and some of you don't realize how lucky you are to live in such a good and progressive town.