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Truffle Cream filling for gougeres

this is a pretty standard (sweet) pastry creme recipe:

6 Egg yolks
125 g sugar
40 g Corn flour (or ordinary flour)
1 vanilla pod split
500 ml milk

are you making a gougere pie or many gougeres, like petit choux?
i suggest you reduce the sugar by 1/3 and add a dash of salt (you can taste the creme as you stir), then infuse the mixture with a few drops of truffle oil or truffle jus if your truffles are from the bottle.

alternately, you could attempt a truffle ice cream and stuff your savory pastries with that right before serving.

Aug 04, 2010
aquarella in Home Cooking

Best fois gras in HK?

intrigued - will do a run down to Monde D'Ulysse tomorrow!

Macarons in HK?

thanks for the info, guys! JPH is great, and I haven't tried Gouter Bernardaud (and maybe not won't). no Pierre Herme, then...sigh.

Macarons in HK?

Hello CH-ers, just wondering if Pierre Herme is finally coming to HK to open a shop. This was the rumor sometime last Aug-Sep.

Barring that, where does one get the best macarons in town?

Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Sounds like you're talking about Tak Wing Restaurant...

Small plates/tapas style Italian Food

go for the "Pizza al Taglio", or square pizza that you buy and eat standing up. :)

Jun 18, 2008
aquarella in Italy

Market or Grocery for provisions in Rome

Campo de Fiori, near Piazza Navona is a good farmer's market you should check out. It's not too far from where you are, maybe 10-15 min tops. Open market, historic monument of Giordano Bruno, fresh beautiful seasonal produce.

The small grocery stores are called "Alimentari", but they close around 8, maybe 9 now that the summer's up. Via della Croce is right - or try near the Via Cola di Rienzo area for Franchi or Castroni, which are very good deli stores as well as snack bars. Do try to go before stores close since "Il Centro" doesn't have a lot of grocery stores in general.

Jun 18, 2008
aquarella in Italy

Best chocolate/chocolate desserts in town

Hello all, may i solicit suggestions on what you feel are the best chocolates to be had in Hong Kong? We don't lack for selection, so pls suggest where I can buy, eat, or purchase the best chocolate or chocolates in town.

Incidentally, how does Cova rank in your books?

Authentic Hongkong Eateries in/near Central & Causeway Bay MTR Stations

I want to try Lor Fu Kee - will i manage even without an English menu?

Your opinions on these HK restaurants, please

How to describe the crispy lamb rib - think of it as a lamb equivalent of perfectly crispy Peking Duck. It's that good.

However, it *is* overpriced, and I don't really find other dishes memorable.

Hong Kong Pho

Pho 26 is in my neighborhood and I enjoy their pho 3-4 times a month. Not fussy, clean flavors, simple ingredients. Consistent.

For burgers, there's Triple O at the Great Food Hall in Pacific Place, Admiralty, if you're in the neighborhood. There's also Shake 'Em Buns on Pottinger St, near Lan Kwai Fong. If you want foie gras with the burger, got to Duke's Burger, on Staunton St, which is a few steps away - and be prepared to pay 50USD for this goodie!

They've already mentioned Ruth's Chris. Wooloomooloo is the other one that comes to mind.