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How do YOU use Sriracha sauce?

Peanut butter and Sriracha sandwiches. dont knock it till you try it!

Mar 21, 2010
tokyozilla in General Topics

Getting Deported!! Any recs for my last meal in Tokyo?

Been here 7 years, but made an honest mistake with my visa expiration date. Got banned from Nihon for one year. damn...I got until the 31st of July!!

I want to eat the best sushi before I got back to San Francisco.

Where would you go for your "last meal". The budget is sky is the limit.

Sushi Mizutani, Sukiyabashi Jiro, Sushi Kanesaka, Sushi Saitou, Dai San Harumi, Taku, Kyubei, Sawada.

Am I missing anything?

Thanks a lot Japan!!

Jul 02, 2009
tokyozilla in Japan

Best Thai in Tokyo?

I would highly recommend KAFFIR LIME in Harajuku. The prices are not bad and the cooks are from Thailand. On the weekends there are usually lines so good to get there early. mmm getting hungry!!

Jun 14, 2009
tokyozilla in Japan

Good Izakaya to visit in late Nov in Tokyo area

I would second Buri in Ebisu. I always have a good time there. They've got this one-cup sake they keep in a medical grade freezer, and when you shake it it becomes kinda like a slush.

Nov 03, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

What's you favorite budget kaiten-zushi spot?

There's been a lot of discussion about the super high end sushi restaurants on this board, but I wanted to start a topic about your favorite cheap spot in Tokyo. Could be a chain store, could be a local spot. I usually go out about twice a month, but want to try some new spots. Places that start at about 105 yen per plate and up.

My favorite right now is 回転寿司築地本店 in Shibuya.
If you go down Center-Gai, take a right before First Kitchen and its on the right hand side.

I've been going here for years. Most everything is 105 yen and they change their specials daily. The thing about this place is it's always consistent, which is sometimes difficult to find at kaiten-zushi restaurants. I usually order direct from the staff, and they're always friendly. Overall nice place and great sushi and the price is right. Sometimes there's a wait if you go around 7pm.

So what's your favorite place?

Oct 07, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

Upcoming food festival list @ Yoyogi Park

Just wanted to add the dates of the upcoming food festivals in Yoyogi Park for anyone who's interested. The Brazilian fest last week was dope.

Sept. 13th-14th Sri Lankan Festival

Sept. 20th-21st Vietnamese Festival

Sept. 27th-28th Indian Festival

Even if your just visiting Japan it's a good excuse to get outside, eat, and imbibe large amounts of alchohol!

Sep 12, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

Pho in Tokyo ?

Something that might interest you is this month Sept. 21st in Yoyogi park is the annual Vietnamese festival. There's always a bunch of different vendors serving all kinds of Vietnamese food, incl. Pho. You could sample a bunch of different restaurants that day.

Sep 09, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

Hamburgers in Tokyo

hey I did some digging and I think this is a picture of the place your talking about right?

The sign says "sasebo burger" so I think the place your looking for is "Zats Burger Cafe" which sells that burger.

I checked out their site and the burger looks big! They got a place by Yoyogi station and it looks like their gonna open up in Roppongi next month.

Also if you like burgers "The Great Burger" just opened in Harajuku and it's been getting great reviews:

good luck on ur search!

Aug 25, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

Burger buns in Tokyo - where???

Also the international supermarket National Azabu in Hiroo sells the hamburger buns all the time. Everytime I go they have them, but try to go early in the day because they do sell out. Gotta go there next week and restock for the BBQ!


Jul 17, 2008
tokyozilla in Japan

Tokyo hound in NYC for 4th of July. A few ?'s.

Hello, I live in Tokyo now, but my wife and I will be in NYC for 2 days (July 4th, and 5th). I was wondering if anybody could recommend some places to eat while we are in the city. I'm used to Tokyo prices so I don't mind paying about $100 for dinner. Also is there any place, or things to do that you would recommend for the 4th of July going on in the city? We'll be staying in Manhattan.

Here is the list of food we wanted to try. Any help greatly appreciated!

Hummus/Falafel (I've heard about Hummus Place and Azuri Cafe, but not sure)
Good vegetarian
Family style Italian (simple red sauce)
Chinese (just simple fried rice/egg rolls)
Soul Food
Anything worth going to in Little Italy?

Bars (anything like the Mission area of San Francisco? We're in our late 20's)

Sorry for the long post, but I haven't been back to the states in over 3 years. I wanna gain 5 pounds! ;) Thanks and respect

Jun 16, 2008
tokyozilla in Manhattan