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Quick dinner before winefest?

We are going to the Playhouse Winefest on the saturday night. Got any ideas for a quick early dinner? We are staying at the Marriott on Hastings and prob walking to Canada Place.

Coquitlam eats ?

At the end of March we're going to stay with the in-laws in Port Coquitlam, from Walla Walla. Do we have to go downtown for good sushi, dim sum, pho? We're foodies but we still look forward to the Monty Mushroom Burger at White Spot!

Walla Walla Restaurants

This chowhound loves the Brasserie! My son even commented that I did not complain once during the meal or after. The cassoulet with duck was excellent. Ceasar salad with house drsg, house croutons (shockingly not from a box!) and anchovies, YUM. Saffron always pleases, esp the Berkshire pork belly when it's on the menu.
W-C great food, if overpriced.
FYI burgers at Iceberg, not so good, and I say this at risk of being harmed by locals. It seems they are the WW 'comfort food'. Blah!
Tommy's Dutch Lunch good breakfast, funky crowd.
Go to Hong's in Milton-Freewater for decent American Chinese, although the egg rolls are the strangest I've ever come across, we like them.
Salumiere Cesario for great meats and cheeses, now serving lunch, YUM

What is good in Westport?

What's good.....well, if you are there in October/November you might catch the one or two days they have razor clamming open. So delicious. A bit of hard work, but the husband can get in on that, go back to the kitchen and quickly pan fry or deep fry!!

Great Sushi -Portland

Travelling to Portland in 2 weeks. Have eaten at Sushiland before but would like something a little....more.....well, you know, better?

Breakfast and Pastries in SW PDX (Tigard, Lake Oswego)

I agree with La Provence. We were there a month ago and had some almond/briochey thing which was to die for. My daughter had FAB french toast.

Sep 11, 2008
wallolive oil in Metro Portland

Sunday brunch in the Tri-Cities: a forlorn hope?

We go to a place called Andy's, just off Court St in Pasco, not very fancy but the food is homemade. It's usually packed but the service is fast. Friends go to Cousins, which is by the TRAC, never been there and it is a chain........

Walla Walla

I live in Walla Walla and would agree, DO Not eat at Backstage Bistro. Poor service and food cold, as in warmed up! Luscious is great, T. Maccarone's, Creek Town ( great Thundering Hooves burger at lunch, best coconut cream pie...rivals Tom Douglas' Dahlia bakery). Worm Ranch great take out Mexican. And soon...Sushi!!