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Virtu "DISHONEST" Craft

Yesterday, I received a call from Virtu stating that, my reservation for Super Bowl Saturday made 2 months ago would not be honored.

The message stated that they would be closed that evening, when in fact, it accepted a buyout for a private party.

I am upset that they would do this on such short notice. Am I off base? I'd like to hear how others would feel in this situation and suggestions greatly appreciated.

Jan 15, 2015
breakaway in Phoenix


I'll be in Dade/Broward area over the holidays and looking for some great tacos preferably fish and vegetarian varieties. Where do I go?

NOLA Locals: A frequent visitor looking for some itinerary feedback for an upcoming visit, sans family/work.

I went to Rene Bistrot once and it was awful. No wonder why it is deserted,

Jun 08, 2013
breakaway in New Orleans

West Plains MO - Cafe 37?

Is there anywhere else in West Plains that is decent? Any good places for coffee?

Nov 12, 2012
breakaway in Great Plains

Scottsbluff, NE

Going there in a few weeks. Is there anywhere decent to eat or is that too much to expect?

Sep 10, 2012
breakaway in Great Plains



Will be in Twin Falls for the weekend and wondered if there are any good places to eat other than the Buffalo Cafe for breakfast. Thanks all

Sep 03, 2012
breakaway in Mountain States

Layover at CLT with car


We have a 6.5 hour layover in Charlotte on Sunday from approximately 2:00-8:20pm.

I am looking at renting a car for $35 or whatever, and would like suggestions as to places we could go for an early dinner around 5 that would be good, but not super expensive.

I've never been to CLT, but if there is somewhere in a cool area, even better.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 08, 2012
breakaway in Southeast

Dallas Pre Concert

It's between Al Biernats and Fearings. Any reason to choose one over the other?

Jun 22, 2012
breakaway in Dallas - Fort Worth

Take out near Anatole

Getting into DFW around 915pm and staying at Hilton Anatole.

Would like to pick up something on way to hotel and eat in room.

Wondering if there are any good sushi or pizza places close to the Anatole.


Jun 21, 2012
breakaway in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas Pre Concert

Hi. Will be in Dallas Saturday for the Coldplay concert at AA Center and wondering where to go for dinner pre-concert.

Stephen Pyles, Biernat's, Fearings seem to be some options mentioned herein.

One of us doesnt eat meat, so somewhere with a fish choice would be appreciated. Thanks your suggestions.

Jun 20, 2012
breakaway in Dallas - Fort Worth


Most of the places most often recommended on here appeared to be closed, (Le Filet, 400 Toups, Le Bremner, etc)

Looking for a nice place for a Sunday night dinner.


It looks like most of the better places are closed on Sunday.

Where would be the best bet for Sunday night?

Weekend in Montreal help svp

Hi. We will be coming to Montreal for the Radiohead concert on Friday, June 15 & the Impact soccer game on June 16. I guess they start at 800 & 730 respectively, so I was wondering about where to go. Not particularly interested in a heavy meal late in the evening, so maybe an early dinner. For Friday night, I reserved Le Bremner. Any recommendations for Saturday? And Sunday, since we can dine at a regular time, could someone please recommend someplace nice open Sunday evening. It seems like many of the good place are closed Sunday. Thanks!

Indy for SuperBowl Bar/Rest info needed

Oh, and I don't like fixed menus, so Recess is not an option.

Feb 01, 2012
breakaway in Great Lakes

Indy for SuperBowl Bar/Rest info needed

I will be in for Super Bowl also. Have reservations at Mesh, R Bistro & Lorenzo's. Not sure about Lorenzo's. I'm concerned that it may not be authentic. Certainly doesnt look like anyone Italian works there. Can anyone help, and if it's not recommended, need a suggestion for somewhere else for Saturday. Thanks.

Feb 01, 2012
breakaway in Great Lakes

Gaylord in Grapevine With Vehicle

Will be at the Gaylord for Friday and Saturday nights with a vehicle so transportation is no problem.

Based on what I've read, Grapevine is not Chow heaven. Would I be better off driving to Dallas?

I was thinking of Nonna for one night. Went to Lucia the last time we were in town.

Went to Stephen Pyles and Nosh last time, so we would like to try somewhere different this time.

Suggestions and comments, please and thank you.

Jun 11, 2011
breakaway in Dallas - Fort Worth

Something different like Joe's?

Looking for somewhere to go with two friends on a Saturday night. We went to Joe's in Venice a few years ago, and it was very nice. Would like to try somewhere else this time along the same lines or even a little more upscale. One of my friends likes a cool, trendy place. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Mar 30, 2011
breakaway in Los Angeles Area

Lucia Now Open

I cannot find the menu online. Are there any pastas without meat and how many fish selections are there? If you had to choose between Lucia and Nonna which would you choose?

Jan 08, 2011
breakaway in Dallas - Fort Worth

Fernandina Beach late night?

I'm driving in tomorrow and likely will not arrive until between after 10pm. Is there anywhere decent to eat at that hour?

Dec 20, 2010
breakaway in Florida


Has anyone been here yet?

Dec 15, 2010
breakaway in New Orleans

Patois or Coquette

By seafood I mean shellfish

Oct 24, 2010
breakaway in New Orleans

Patois or Coquette

Looking for dinner Thursday night with a friend from out of town and was thinking of Patois or Coquette. Looking for fish not seafood. Any reason to choose one over the other? Thanks.

Oct 24, 2010
breakaway in New Orleans

Glow: Fresh Grill & Wine Bar at Don Mills

This place is downright AWFUL. Ordered the ahi tuna salad. First of all, the lettuce was iceberg lettuce and not very fresh at that. I did not see any mango - that is because it was in very thin strips, not chunks or slices. There were two tiny pieces of tuna. Unbelieveable. What a joke. I would never go near the place again. Be warned!

BAGELS at Dorval Airport (YUL)?

Thanks. didnt realize they sold them in Toronto. To be honest, I will still fly via YUL as it will let me hit Premier status on United.

BAGELS at Dorval Airport (YUL)?

Does anyone sell bagels at Trudeau Airport (YUL)?

Have the option of stopping in Montreal on the way to Toronto for no extra charge and would like to get some bagels. Thanks.

Las Vegas 4 nights

We will be in LAS for 4 nights, Mon-Thurs staying at the Encore. I haven't been to Vegas in many years so I am not that familiar with the town today. I need to decide where to go to dinner but I dont want to spend more than $150 per night, perhaps $200 tops.

A couple of nights could be less expensive places, but with decent food.

Please let me know what your suggestions would be. Thanks.

Jul 17, 2010
breakaway in Las Vegas

New York One Day

Will be in NY for one day. Was thinking of a deli for lunch and maybe Chinese for dinner. Someone suggested Liebman's in Riverdale for lunch. Who has the best Chinese in NY (Manhattan or Brooklyn)?

May 11, 2010
breakaway in Kosher

Bagel, lox and cream cheese at a restaurant - uptown

Kiva's on Steeles @ Bathrust.

Dinner Saturday night Miami

Im coming into town for one night. Last year I went to Sardinia and liked it. Would be interested in trying somewhere different. Can someone recommend a place along those lines?

Fish or vegeterian in Lafayette, LA

I will be in Lafayette for a few days. Is there anywhere to get a decent meal besides Prejeans? I am looking for regular fish (NOT shellfish) other than catfish which I detest. Also, salads and pastas would be welcome. Thanks

Oct 18, 2009
breakaway in Central South