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Where to get zong zi / rice dumplings in NoVA? ;(

Oh and 端午节快乐!^_^

Where to get zong zi / rice dumplings in NoVA? ;(

Thanks guys, I found the ones I was looking for in the frozen section at Great Wall. Delicious, savory, meat filled sticky rice dumplings! YUM. There's lots of the Vietnamese variety with fillings so on as well. They were just putting out freshly made red bean filled rice dumplings as well. I'm a big fan of savory not sweet dumplings tho so I stuck to meat. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Where to get zong zi / rice dumplings in NoVA? ;(

Thanks guys!! I'll try these places.. I need my fix!

Where to get zong zi / rice dumplings in NoVA? ;(

It's coming to the time of the year to have zong zi and friends / family back home are all talking about the delicious homemade ones they are going to have. I cry. I must have them!!!! Where can I buy them in the NoVA area?? Restaurant, delivery, someone's grandma making and selling them?? I live in Herndon but I will travel, will pay, will kill for some. Please save me from this madness.

Romantic dinner near Herndon/Reston area (or Tyson's Corner)

Hey all!

Wedding anniversary is coming up soon.. We live in Herndon, near the airport, and are willing to travel as far as Tyson's corner for a great dinner for two! It's a weekday night and we work late, so no D.C. venturing for us =(

I'm thinking some place with great wine, delicious food (of course!), romantic atmosphere, and preferably a great view. Something a little formal would be nice - gives me a chance to dress up. ;)

Price range - not picky, we're fine with spending up to 200 bucks for something really yummy.

Thanks in advance peoples!!

Good Japanese ramen / udon near Herndon, VA?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for good authentic Japanese ramen / udon / etc. Specifically, I am dying for tonkotsu ramen.. Pork bone soup ramen.. The delicious milky white fatty soup that is to die for.. And will probably kill you with the fat content.. Whatever! You only live once!

Many thanks for any recs. ;)


Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

Thanks all for the answers!! I have been to the Asian grocery stores in the area with a friend and they ARE AMAZING!! I look forward to trying out the restaurants you all recommended. Lots of love!!

Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

Hi all!

Husband and I are moving to Herndon, VA soon.. Very excited about it as there seems to be a very diverse community and AWESOME Asian supermarkets, restaurants, etc, which I sorely miss!! (I am from South East Asia and love all Asian cuisines.. actually, all kinds of food is good, lol..)

Do you guys have any recs for authentic cuisines in the area? My preference is to stay away from Americanized stuff as it's b-o-r-i-n-g and does not satisfy my cravings very well.. But *good* Americanized stuff can also be awesome, like P.F. Changs.

In particular I'd like to get your recs for:

- Chinese + dim sum!!!!
- Thai (spicier the better)
- Indian (ditto)
- Korean including Korean BBQ
- Japanese (I don't crave sushi but a great bento would be awesome.. curry rice, udon/ramen/etc.. )
- If anyone knows where I can get Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine like laksa, chicken rice, and char kuay teow, I will sing praises in your name forever

Thanks guys!!