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Inviting Vegetarians to Eat Corpse

I'm a vegetarian, and I could care less what other people eat in front of me, even if it is a whole animal. Live and let live. I'd want to be invited, and have a snack beforehand. It's about the company and the celebration.

Sep 22, 2010
threecupsofcoffee in Features

Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal--Anyone tried it?

I LOVE oatmeal, but have never tried this kind. I see it and wonder if it is worth the price (usually buy store brand or Quaker old-fashioned oats). Anyone tried it? Would you recommend it?

Where to find a good Trilby cocktail in DC?

I'm usually a wine-and-beer kind of girl, but I have a friend in town and need to find a good place to get a Trilby and have a relaxed visit. Any ideas?

Summer foods to get me through the depths of winter

Excellent! Thanks everyone. I was also hoping for more prepared dish ideas--not so much which summer foods to freeze whole, but things I could make and then reheat in the winter. Instant satisfaction!

Summer foods to get me through the depths of winter

I'd love to have a massive weekend of cooking and freezing delicious summer foods for the winter. So far, I plan to make a huge batch of tomato sauce, a vegetable lasagna, and corn chowder. I am also considering some sort of fruit puree or other dessert/sweet that makes use of the peaches that are so abundant this time of year. Do you have any other ideas for meals that would be fantastic to have in the freezer during the winter that make use of summer's produce? Also, I'm a vegetarian, so meat-free suggestions would be well appreciated!

What to do with abundance of curly parsley?

My SO just brought home a HUGE amount of curly parsley instead of the flat-leafed I asked for. I think curly parsley is pretty flavorless, but have got to use this up! Any ideas?

converting a bread recipe to roll recipe

i found a really tasty looking dried fruit-and-nut bread recipe that i'd love to convert to breakfast rolls (i like the idea of freezing a bunch of rolls and toasting them one-by-one in the morning). are there any particular things i should keep in mind when trying to convert this recipe? my idea was just to make the dough through the first rise, then divide it into 12 or so rolls and cover them with a damp dishtowel for the second rise. will this work?

here's the recipe, if that helps:

temperature limit for oven-safe casserole dish?

i am baking something at a quite high temperature, and plan to use an oven-safe glass casserole dish. is there an upper limit at which these dishes crack?

Blanched Peanuts--what to do with

I just bought a bunch on sale at a Chinese supermarket. Any ideas?

Do you remember the first dish you ever cooked?

i tried to make salsa with ketchup and carrots in the cuisinart. i wasn't allowed in the kitchen for a while after that!