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We want to take my mom to a nice but inexpensive birthday dinner in lower or mid westchester cty. Recs?

We ended up asking my mom where she wanted to go, and she said she really liked Aberdeen, so we went there. The dim sum appetizers were very good. The peking duck was awesome, and the star of the meal. The other main dishes were fair to good. I could easily have an excellent meal there made of just dim sum and peking duck though. And I don't know if anything was done since I last went there, but the space felt brighter and more "happening" than last time. The waiters were ok too, not overly exceptional but pleasant. A good time was had by all. Thanks for the tips on Peniche and Buen Gusto - went to Peniche a long time ago and forgot about it, and have never been to Bon Gusto, so need to check out!

3 Barker Ave Ste 218, White Plains, NY 10601

We want to take my mom to a nice but inexpensive birthday dinner in lower or mid westchester cty. Recs?

She likes Half Moon in dobbs ferry because of ambiance, but I'm not thrilled with their food. Also thinking of PF Changs since its central to where we'll all be coming from, but prefer not to do a mall/chain restaurant. Any suggestions? There'll be 10 of us. Thanks.

Half Moon
1 High Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Leftover Chinese Takeout Rice Pudding

As an ex-college student, this recipe offends me. And anyway, how come a mention of mcdonalds or any fast food junk place practically gets you thrown out of Chow figuratively speaking, but this chemically loaded, toxic post is actually being promoted?

Nov 04, 2009
janjan9 in Recipes

Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

Well I for one hope it is not her last post, seeing that the value of a board lies in the quality and quantity of the contributions and contributors. There's nothing wrong with mentioning a relationship between property values and food - it was not the main point of her post. If she believes that great restaurants exist in WP, then I want to hear about them.

Fun italian for birthday dinner 13 people, anywhere in manhattan?


Looking for a place that takes reservations so the wait is limited. I already know about carmines, any other suggestions?

Mar 28, 2009
janjan9 in Manhattan

Italian downtown

DS: I could have written this post, except it is my sister in law not my father. She's having a big birthday, and we want a fun place for the extended family and a few of her friends, but we want to make reservations. Did you have any luck? Please post.

Mar 28, 2009
janjan9 in Manhattan

Need private room for parents anniversary in westchester

Anywhere in westchester - we are flexible

Need private room for parents anniversary in westchester

Hi, I am helping to plan my parents anniversary dinner. I'm looking for a private room to hold 50 people. Looking for someplace that balances great ambiance and good service with affordability, although I don't want to limit the recs to just affordable places - the feel of the place is most important. We'd prefer to have it somewhere in westchester. Thank you!

Driving to DC area from NYC in the morning..need breakfast recommendations (either in Baltimore or DC)

We are heading south via the I 95, leaving in the wee hours and should be in Baltimore at about 8 or 9 am and DC a bit later. Would like to get recs for breakfast in both places since I'm not sure when we'd want to stop to eat, although I'm thinking we'd need food before we get to DC.


Fry Bake from Trinidad recipe? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

This was an old post so not sure if you're still interested, but can I just tell you that there is absolutely no better sandwich on earth, especially when eaten on the beach on an early morning. Nothing beats it. Go to Maracas beach in Trinidad and ask for Tony. Worth the trip.

Jun 11, 2008
janjan9 in Home Cooking

Best Koreatown restaurant or other nearby- Madison SG restaurant

So, we went to Madangsui for the occasion. I thought the food was really good, especially the rice with seafood and the beef barbeque. We had mixed feelings about the place as a group though. The service was really bad - the waiters were more like fast-food workers - just there basically to clear stuff from table with sullen looks. We had 4 seniors in our group - my parents an aunt and an uncle - who were sort of shocked at the way hot tea they requested was slammed down in regular glasses. They are definitely not used to this service at a restaurant, so I kept apologizing (while stuffing my face). I would not do this again for a graduation event - too downscale, but really enjoyed the food.

Jun 07, 2008
janjan9 in Manhattan

Best Koreatown restaurant or other nearby- Madison SG restaurant

Thanks. I made reservations at Madangsui. Looking forward to it!

Jun 05, 2008
janjan9 in Manhattan

Best Koreatown restaurant or other nearby- Madison SG restaurant

My brother's graduation ceremony is in MAdison Square Garden. We have a party of 12 people and want to do dinner nearby afterwards - during the week. I heard that Koreatown has the best restaurants in the area from searching this board. Which one would you suggest? Or if there are other good restaurants in the area, not Korean, please let me know. Thanks.

Jun 04, 2008
janjan9 in Manhattan

Cuban food in Fairfield or Westchester

Latin American Cafe in White Plains. Love the garlicky pork, and the black beans. Everything is good there imo

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

I think Aberdeens is nice for dim sum and chinese that's more authentic than your run of the mill place (its in Marriott Residence Inn but don't let that put you off). Go to New Rochelle (The Little Mexican Corner Restaurant is good, there are others) for authentic stuff- tons of recent immigrants in downtown New Ro, makes for good food.

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

I am amazed that no one mentioned Royal Palace, the Indian restaurant in the Greenburgh Shopping Center on Knollwood Road. Better than Bengal Tiger in my opinion. Just not the best location being in a strip mall, but at least you don't have parking problems

Best Chain Pizza?

Dominoes THIN CRUST (all other dominoes are gross) pizza, with green peppers, bacon and pineapple is my favorite for when I need a junk food fix. Don't let the dominoes thing get in the way. The thin crust is good

Aug 17, 2006
janjan9 in Chains

Will kids (8 and 10) like this menu?

chocolate has negligable caffeine compared to coffee or cola. Nevertheless as parent of a 2 yo I limit the amt of chocolate she consumes partly because of the cafeine. I would not like it if someone fed my kid coffee ice cream.

Jul 19, 2006
janjan9 in Home Cooking

Red Lotus on Main St in New Rochelle

We had a good time this past week-end here. The whole fish was outstanding, as was the thai red curry with coconut. I loved their sauces. Food was delish overall. One downside is they seem to run out of things quickly. For example, they only had fried bananas and ice cream for desert. Also, the waiters are not the most professional in the world. But food was so good.