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YEG: Kitchen Shops

You can try Bed Bath Beyond. If it's more professional stuff you're after, check out Hendricks. If you want commercial/restaurant grade - you can try Alberta Food Equipment.

Aug 26, 2014
Simsters in Prairie Provinces

Diastatic malt in Edmonton?

Hunted high and low - can't seem to find it. Had to ship it in from King Arthur (ouch on the shipping and duties). Then I find something in Planet Organic labelled "Sprouted flour". That's basically what malt is right? Sprouted grain that is dried and powdered. Non-diastatic means the sprouted grain got roasted then ground into flour. The Roasting process denatures all the enzymes and turns it into a simple sweetener. Anyone try this Sprout Flour in their baking? does it work like diastatic malt?

Mar 30, 2012
Simsters in Home Cooking

Toasted Flour - No-Knead Bread Failure

I'm attempting to do this right now. I think you didn't get any rise because the heat has destroyed the gluten forming capacity of your flour. Rise is a function of gas formation = fermentation + the gas must be trapped by a strong protein network = gluten. thefreshloaf has a thread on roasted flour in bread and one contributor toasted 10% of the total flour. He ended up with a nice bread, lovely flavor, but he found it rather dense. My current experiment involves toasting 15% of my total flour and I've supplemented it with vital wheat gluten. After kneading, I noticed that the dough isn't as strong as it usually is for my recipe. I've had to knead much more and I still can't get a good gluten window. Does the toasting process create some kind of gluten destroying chemical? Not sure. We shall see what happens tomorrow on baking day!

Mar 29, 2012
Simsters in Home Cooking

Anyone tried Zen Southside Edmonton?

I just noticed Zen Southside in Edmonton. There doesn't seem to be much by the way of reviews from Chowhounders. If you tried it, what do you think?

Nov 24, 2011
Simsters in Prairie Provinces

Wherefore salted plums?

I believe I saw a recipe for Pickled Mango where the red colored dried plums (Li Hing Mui) were used in the pickling juice. So conceivably, you could soak those salted plums and use them as a spice.
The Teochew have a recipe for steamed fish which calls for salted plum that hasn't been dehydrated. They will add ginger, shitake slices, tomato slices, sour mustard or rice vinegar, and chicken broth to fish before steaming. It is a favorite in my family and my 2 and 5 year old love the salty/sour/savory broth drizzled over rice.

Nov 24, 2011
Simsters in General Topics

Li Hing Mui and Crack Seed

Thanks for the photo. It helped! We did find it at New May Wah.

New May Wah
719 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

Li Hing Mui and Crack Seed

Thanks to all who responded. I will check them out.

It turns out I am not staying near the airport anymore. Hubby has booked us in at the Best Western in Napa. So, any place in Napa that might carry Li Hing Mui powder or good crack seed stores?

Li Hing Mui and Crack Seed

We are visiting San Francisco and Napa Valley for about 4-5 days. I am looking for Li Hing Mui powder and a good crack seed store (chinese preserved fruits). We are staying by the Airport and will have a car. Anyone know where I can find these?

Food shopping in Edmonton

99 supermarket: I found crushed lemon grass in the frozen section. Also, whole okra frozen - ok for curry when I can't find fresh okra anywhere.
they have frozen kaffir lime leaves and I believe I saw frozen galangal too. also, they carry A1 Mountain brand fish curry spice packet - which is the best fish curry in my opinion. I had to get my inlaws to ship it from singapore before I found it here.
of all the chinese food stores, 99 is my fave. (No, I do not own the place or work there.)

Jul 13, 2008
Simsters in Prairie Provinces

Laksa in Western Canada

I too cannot find good laksa in Alberta...except:
My mother in law makes awesome singaporean laksa from PrimaDeli packages. she boils shrimp and chicken, then reserves the stock for the laksa soup. I really like the sambal chilli that comes in the package - reminds me of Singapore.

Cheap good Places to eat in Calgary and Edmonton

For Edmonton:

Shawarma: we found this place on 118ave and 97st - I don't even know the name of it. it's been up for 8 months and it is quite good. It seems to be quite authentic. (There is kibbeh on the menu!) Their garlic sauce is very nice and we were very full on about $25 for 2 people. My husband eats enough for 3 normal people too, so...that's saying something.

Best Thai and Chinese restaurants in Edmonton?

We tried Ban Thai with a friend from Toronto who told them "we would like to eat as the Thai would". Well, things certainly got spiced up a whole lot more!

Jun 18, 2008
Simsters in Prairie Provinces

Best chinese resturants in Edmonton

I'm Chinese and I eat at Wok King. For the chinese (at least this one) food must be 1) good taste 2) cheap 3) lots of it. We get a "Say Wo Choy" (4 person set dinner) and we substitute certain dishes for others and order a few extra dishes. We like their salt and pepper calamari and their chicken. Jumbo is ok - but too greasy for my taste. Golden rice bowl is hit or miss. Some days they are great.

Spicy Garden on 97th street - just under century palace - has the best salt and pepper pork chops I've tasted.

Spice Kitchen - on Calgary trail and university ave? has the best Hot and Sour soup and green onion cake special.

There aren't any dimsum places i like in edmonton.

Jun 15, 2008
Simsters in Prairie Provinces

Nasi Goren in E'ton

We're hunting for authentic Southeast Asian fare in edmonton too. I once tried the Nasi Lemak in a little place called Brunei Village - fantastic! But they closed down. Where is this L'Asia? do you mean Little Asia in Millbourne mall?

Victoria Seafood Recommendations

Try Red Fish Blue Fish along Wharf St. It's a tiny little shipping container that they dragged onto the dock and converted into a kitchen. It's only take out. They made the best Halibut Fish and Chips I've ever had. Their Fish Chowder is interesting. I believe it has coconut milk in it. Tempura pickles are also a must try.

If you have time, make a trip out to Fanny Bay. Look for Mac's Oysters - they sell the freshest oysters and clams. you can buy oysters shucked or in the shell. I believe we got 24 for $11-12. We just pan fried them with olive oil, butter, garlic, salt, and pepper. WOW. they were fabulous. Next time, I'm bringing a portable stove and a frying pan and I'm cooking them in the car right there.

Irish times pub is in Downtown - they have Oyster happy hour - $0.99 an oyster on the half shell with Guinness sauce (quite nice). Don't get their cocktails though - pricey and watered down.