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Tea & Dim Sum place in SR

I was so excited for Hang Ah to open in Santa Rosa and went on the second day they were open. They do not have the same menu as the Hang Ah Tea Room in SF and I think they were still learning to get the tasting of the food right. The pork steam buns are the size of large cinnamon rolls and are a great deal at $2.50 for two. I will try them again, but I want to give them a few months to work out the kinks.

One Meal in Napa Valley

I think Ubuntu's menu is small, but the flavors are amazing. I have never been disappointed by a meal yet. You should at least give it a try.

Taquerias, etc. near Santa Rosa

Not sure how cheap is "cheap" for you but El Sombrero #2 on the corner of Piner and Range in Santa Rosa has REALLY good food. They are definitely worth checking out.