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Looking for ABBAS Swedish kaviar tubes in Toronto

all good - found it :)

Looking for ABBAS Swedish kaviar tubes in Toronto

I know - one would think Ikea (and they used to carry them all). Nope. Was there yesterday. Ingen kaviar, as we'd say when I lived in Stockholm.

So - help, please. Close to the heart of downtown or a bit eat would be great. Thanks.

Looking for special Chinese recipe

THANKS! That's the one!

May 22, 2013
YYZSolly in Home Cooking

Looking for special Chinese recipe

It's also full of these amazing tofu strings (the kind they often have in hotpot) as well as lots of sesame oil, some clear noodles. Really nice.

May 22, 2013
YYZSolly in Home Cooking

Any Harbin-style food here in Toronto?

Just returned today from a business trip to Harbin. Loved the cuisine, especially 东北大拌菜/哈尔滨大拌菜

Any Harbin food here in the YYZ? Ideally downtown.


Looking for special Chinese recipe

I've just returned to Toronto from a business trip in Harbin. I had this salad that I loved - I'd really like a recipe.

The dish is:


Thanks in advance!

May 18, 2013
YYZSolly in Home Cooking

Looking for great seafood market in REYKJAVIK.

Thanks! Looking to buy some really fresh lobster and fish.

Apr 28, 2012
YYZSolly in Europe

Washington, D.C. restaurants with kids?

Staying on Capitol Hill.

Vietnamese would be good, or anything easy and Cheesecake Factory-like.


Thanks in advance for suggestions!

Where is the best Sichuan hotpot in Toronto?

First. thanks for the amazing reply.

Sounds as if I'm going to be seriously disappointed. I've been to China over 50 times on business, often for lengthy stays. Best hotpot ever is from several Sichuan places in Beijing - even better than in Chengdu,

I did have good hotpot recently in San Francisco - may wait until I get back there.

And you're right on about AYCE. That doesn't interest me at all, especially because I like ingredients like kidney and brain. I won't sacrifice freshness.

Thanks again!

Where is the best Sichuan hotpot in Toronto?

The fiery stuff, just like I've had many times in Chengdu and Beijing.

Ideally downtown...


Help - need to find TRINIDADIAN crabbacks and pastels in Toronto

Cool - will do :)

Help - need to find TRINIDADIAN crabbacks and pastels in Toronto

Looking to place an order for Xmas...thanks!

Best Bagels Close to the Zoo??

Thanks, all!!

Best Bagels Close to the Zoo??

Pizza slices are ALWAYS of interest - thanks :)

Best Bagels Close to the Zoo??

Hi - heading with kids to Washington and want to get some excellent bagels. What's close?

Thanks in advance, Chowhounds.


Where can I buy coconut sugar in Toronto?

Ideally, downtown...thanks!

Just moved to Lansdowne and St. Clair - where to chow??

Any and all help appreciated. Looking for all of the goodies within maybe 2 km.



Horsemeat in grocer near St. Sauveur??

that pretty much says it all, friends. Went to Metro and Bourassa with no luck.

A little help, please?

Need good restaurant rec downtown/Queen W for special diet.

Hi, ChowFriends.

Business colleague coming in this week and he's on a "no bread, no pasta, no sugar" diet. SOunds like "no fun" to me and GF :)

We thought of Ame (which we love) but they're closed Tuesday night for a party.

Lee really turned me off last time.




Looking for great Indian-style pizza around Mississauga.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Looking for best Ethopian and Nepalese midtown

Thanks in advance - am staying near Central Park South...

Jan 06, 2010
YYZSolly in Manhattan

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

My first trip to Caplansky's today - New Year's Day at around 11am.

Amazing. Loved everything we had and we tasted a LOT. My favourite was definitely the kishka. Served in this wild, nontraditional sauce laced with smoked meat. It was insanely good.

Service was superb - fast and attentive.

By the way, a great surprise was their excellent coffee. Really nice and reasonably strong - very well-balanced.

Will definitely return.

Any decent pho in or near Oakville?

Really? Is this in the spot where the other Red Chile used to be??

looking for best Ethiopian and Nepalese in Montreal

Thanks in advance...coming in for two business meetings next week...ideally downtown, but will have a car. Thanks!

Salak - "Snakeskin fruit" in Toronto??

Hi, all. I was fairly recently in Bali and fell in love with this Indinesian fruit called "salak," which translates to "snakeskin fruit."

So a mix between a nut and an apple.

So, any idea if I can find these in Toronto? I've tried my Asian grocer on Burnhamthorpe but no luck.


Need recommendations for great Yorkville lunch spot, please.

Hi, friends. I have a business contact coming in from, of all places, Ethiopia, for a lunch on Wendesday in the Yorkville area.

Need an early lunch sitting as he has a 3pm flight for Chicago.

Great food is the priority.

Thanks, from Oakville!


New BBQ opens in New Smyrna Beach

Haven't tried them yet, though, today, I did try Phat BBQ on S. Atlantic and Flagler. The pulled pork was, by my standards (a Canadian on vacation here in NSB) really very good.

Mar 17, 2007
YYZSolly in Florida

Bymark- Review

I appreciate your review, yet my experience was very different. I had dinner there on Friday with two colleagues in from Colombia. Everything worked for me. Service was superb, the food was amazing (the lobster poutine was out of this world and the Bymark burger was perfect..among the best I've ever had). Even the cinnamon churros for dessert were right on.

40th B-Day in Toronto -- Senses, Susur or . ???

Bymark would be my choice. Really outstanding and a comfortable atmosphere for a birthday. I was there on Friday and the table next to ours had eight people enjoying a birthday celebration. The lobster poutine appetizer can't be missed.

Lee - a review

I've head the cod four times at Rain...every time was perfect. Perfectly, cooked, perfectly seasoned, beautifully presented...really outstanding. The cod at Lee on Saturday was really no better than I could have done at home..very bland, unfortunately.