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Le Comptoir, Le 'Atelier de Joel Rubuchon, Mon Veil Ami, Bistrot de L'Oulette

I couldn't agree more with the first two replies-you must try to speak their language! I got better at that over time. On my next trip, I will study up before hand!

Jun 16, 2008
BrunswickBabe in France

Bar Mut in Barcelona; Breakfast in Barcelona

I ate at Bar Mut at lunchtime in June, 2008 and LOVED it. This was my favorite tapas experience while in Barcelona. Good mix of locals and tourists. The waiter made excellent suggestions (some sort of tuna with a guacomole type base; and a seafood plate). Ask for suggestions here and you will be rewarded!

I also really loved going to the Mercat de la Boqueteria for breakfast. Try Cafe Pinotxco and El Quim. Both were probably two of the best eating experiences I had in Barcelona. Inexpensive and delicious-plus, the people watching is fantastic.

Jun 15, 2008
BrunswickBabe in Spain/Portugal

Sora Margherita at Lunch

Regretfully, I spent 2 days in Rome in May, and had only one decent meal. (Long story, but my advice is to NEVER ask your hotel in Rome for a restaurant recommendation).

I had lunch at Sora Margherita and really enjoyed it. Very inexpensive, and I thought the food was great. We just asked for a mix of stuff, and told them to stop bringing the food once we were full. They brought us the fried artichokes, some sort of pasta with a red sauce and tuna, and some sort of pasta carbonara.

Service isn't great, and I think I got yelled at once (but I think that's part of the whole experience).

Jun 15, 2008
BrunswickBabe in Italy

Le Comptoir, Le 'Atelier de Joel Rubuchon, Mon Veil Ami, Bistrot de L'Oulette

All May, 2008:

Lunch at Le Comptoir:
I thought the meal here was average, and very rushed. I don't speak French and the waitress did not speak English. I believe I had some sort of dish with oxtail. It was a little heavy for lunch and nothing special. I wish I had gone there with a better plan as to what I wanted to order.

Lunch Mon Veil Ami:
I really loved this place, and would definitely return here during another trip to Paris. Again, the waitress did not speak English, but I ordered the plat du jour and was rewarded! I believe the dish was some sort of salted fish with mashed potatoes and micro greens. It was wonderful. Great textures, beautiful colors, great taste. The restaurant itself is very charming, and quite romantic. Excellent value for excellent food.

Dinner at L'Atelier:
I think that this place's time has come and gone. I walked in very easily without reservations on a Sunday night at 8. I had one of the tasting menus. The food was excellent, but VERY expensive. You could get a much better meal and experience in a top tier restaurant in NYC for probably half the price.

Dinner Bistrot de L'Oulette:
I liked this place. Nothing fancy, but the good was great and was priced extremely reasonable. The manager speaks decent English, and was very helpful when it came to suggesting meals. I would recommend this place to friends.

Jun 15, 2008
BrunswickBabe in France