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Just got home from anothe fantastic meal at FiAmmo Italian restaurant on Eglington Avenue, 10 minutes from the airport hotels, etc.

The "grilled" calamari is to "die" for and I had the veal marsalla, 3 huge portions of veal and grilled veggies and hubby had linguini with "pesto sauce" NOT on the menu but made by the Chef, which was delicious.

One of our favourit Italian restaurants......check it out for yourself.

Where to buy the best steak?

Costco butcher will CUT you any steak you want if it's not on the counter, but I think every kind, shape and size is out there for you to buy,. You want it thicker, they'll cut it for you if they have it.

Cumbrae's Steak - the best?

The BEST steaks you can buy in Toronto (believe it or not) are from COSTCO. I've never had a bad steak from there in my life (never lied to you before and wouldn't start now!!! )LOL

Oysters in the Tampa Area

Hubby and I are snowbirds and I crave raw oysters when I'm in Florida. We found a small, friendly bar on the main street near Reddington Beach (can't remember exactly where) called "NEIGHBOURS: and they serve excellent fresh oysters and the beer isn't that bad either!!! LOL

Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Florida

I want to like Tampa/Clearwater, but I don't. Please help.

We are snowbirds and we love Carrabba's Italian Restaurant and Sam Seltzer's Steak House, both on US19N

7620 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940

Sam Seltzer's Steak House
7113 S Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34231

Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Florida


Ha Ha Ha.....I know you have grocery stores but I've been searching for the 3" tart shells, probably in the wrong stores, and was wondering if anyone could give me a locationn where I COULD BUY SOME!!!

Thanks for your reply

Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Florida


I'm going to Clearwater for 4 months and love to bake, especially small strawberry/fruit tarts. Does anyone know where I can purchase the 3" frozen tart shells? I've tried Publix and Albertsons last year and they don't have them. Not sure about Costco though - didn't look there.


Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Florida

FLOUR [moved from Florida board]

Does anyone know if I'm allowed to bring "Canadian Flour" (10 lb. bag) from Canada to the U.S.??

I was told that our flour is dfferent from the U.S. flour and I should bring my own, but want to do so legally!!!!


Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Not About Food

Any "must get" food items that can travel back to States?

My friends always bring back "tubes" of Keens Hot Mustard - it's the best and you can't get the prepared in a tube over here, just the powder you have to mix.

Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in U.K./Ireland


I am looking for an 'OLD" recipe that my Grannie and Mum (both deceased) used to make every Christmas. They would mix their pudding ingredients and then put the mixture into the corner of a white cotton pillowcase, tie it with string and boil/steam it.

I was just a young girl but remember them getting together to make the pudding every year...but I didn't look into the pot to see if the pudding was being steamed or boiled!!!

Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated. Maybe your Grannie or Mum make their Christmas pudding using this method and be willing to share their recipe.

Thanks again

Dec 02, 2010
Dundrumgal in Home Cooking


If you're staying at one of the many hotels on Eglington Avenue in Etobicoke,, you must make a point to visit Sky Restaurtant. Food is great, beer is CHEAP (pint of Keiths $5.21) and live bands on Sundays with Jerome Godboo and many famous Toronto musicians like George Oliver. Place is usually packed so get there early for a good seat, enjoy a pint and a great meal. Try the Seafood Linguine - one of the best!!!!!


Hi everyone,

I love baking and I'm coming to Tampa/Clearwater area for 3 months next week. Was wondering if I can buy 3" frozen tartlett shells in Costo or other area grocery stores or do I have to ty to bring some down with me without thawing out in my cooler?????LOL

Dec 21, 2009
Dundrumgal in Florida

Marty's World Famous Buttertarts (moved from Ontario board)

Thanks for your reply but I don't want to BUY the cookbook as the only recipe I am interested in is the buttertarts. Thought someone might have the book and be able to send me the recipe.

Sep 04, 2009
Dundrumgal in Home Cooking

Marty's World Famous Buttertarts (moved from Ontario board)

Hi everyone, I've read a lot about Marty's World Famous buttertarts that he makes and sells at his Muskoka Cafe in Ontario.

Does anyone have the recipe for his buttertarts that they'd be willing to share?

Thanks in advance,

Sep 04, 2009
Dundrumgal in Home Cooking

Frozen Tart (Tartlets) Shells

I'll be staying the the Pompano Beach area for 3 months and would like to know where I can buy frozen tartlet shells. I searched in Publix last year and couldn't find any.

I'd love to make some Canadian Butter Tarts and Strawberry Tarts for my friends while I'm there.


Feb 01, 2009
Dundrumgal in Florida

Pistachio Pudding mix

I buy Pistachio pudding mix at Price Chopper - it's much cheaper there than at Loblaws or Dominion

Hungarian, Polish or Ukranian Restaurants in West End

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves the above type of food. Prefer West End, Etobicoke/Mississauga. All replies gratefully accepted. Thanks


I beg to differ with you "The Macallan". I have been to this restaurant many times and have recommended to to friends, who have also visited it and none of them share your opinion. When did you go and what did you order???? that put you off so much???

St.Louis Bar & Grill?

Hi, hubby and I go every (usually) Tuesday night for the wings. I think they're the best in Toronto. We go to the new one on Dixon Road, just west of the 401. I order the same thing EVERY TIME!!! Large order of wings with fries and a pitcher of beer!!! Can't go wrong with that and the price IS RIGHT!!!

Winterlicious Menus are Up!

Hubby and I went last year - wasn't impressed!! Rush, Rush, Rush to get the next dining party in!!! I wouldn't go again.


Hi everyone,

I had to post about a great restaurant that my hubby and I visit every chance we get. It's called Alexandra's and it has fantastic Italian food, e.g. (the fried Calamari is to die for) and the Veal Marsala is fantastic, the Gnocchi is out of this world, the Wood Fire Pizza is the best in Toronto, and the MUSIC (two wonderful gentlemen playing and singing all the oldies/goodies/etc.etc.) are the highlight of the night.

BUT,they do not have ONIONS if you want a Gibson martini!!! I told them I was going to bring my own!!! The owner (Alexandra - 8 yrs old) and her daddy and partner are the best. Forever sending out free desserts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc.

GO TO ALEXANDRA'S - It's on Eglinton, just west of Renforth. If you're coming from the East end, take the Carlingvie exit to Renforth, go down Renforth to Eglinton, and go in the entrance to Planet Bowl. Alexandra's is in that strip mall at the end of the Mall.

If you're coming from the West, take the Renforth Exit, and go S on Renforth 1/2 block to Eglington and then to the entrance of Planet Bowl. You won't be sorry you visited this restaurant and the prices are VERY reasonable.


Help - need a rec for Queensway dinner tonight

Hi, I'm kind of late for this recommendation but for the next time, I recommend Rocco's Plum Tomato on the Queensway, just East of Parklawn, and also, their 2nd restaurant on Islington, just N. of the Queensway. The one on Islington has an outdoor patio that is far enough away from the road that you can enjoy eating you meal outside. I have never had a bad meal at this restaurant and always end up taking home a doggie bag.


Many, many, many moons ago, when I worked at the new City Hall, we used to make a trek to the Constantinople restaurant for their wonderful specials with cabbage rolls, roasted potatoes, beans,etc.

I know they are not there any more, but does anyone know of a similar restaurant that is reasonable and family operated, either downtown Toronto or in the West end of Toronto.