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Barn Wedding in upper Hudson/Berkshires?

I don't know about a venue, but try Bywater Bistro for caterers. They did our wedding and we are still hearing about how good the food was. The do great food for a really good value. We got married at the restaurant (they have a beautiful garden on the river in back) but it only holds about 60 people.

Mercato in Red Hook, NY

I had one of the most enjoyable dishes I have ever had at Mercato in Red Hook last night: mint gnocchi with lamb and fennel ragu. The gnocchi melted in my mouth with a hint of mint and the ragu had a substantial amount of shredded lamb in a light sauce with a bit of herby flavor. Just so amazing.

Dominican Oatmeal (Avena Caliente)

Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried the dominican places in my neighborhood (Boerum Hill) but none of them have it. I'll just keep trying. So yummy!

Jun 16, 2008
sssheri in Outer Boroughs

Dominican Oatmeal (Avena Caliente)

I just had dominican oatmeal for the first time at a spanish restaurant in South Williamsburg. What a treat! Does anyone know anything about it? Can anyone tell me if this dish is common at other spanish places and I just haven't noticed it? Most importantly, where can I find the best avena caliente?

Jun 15, 2008
sssheri in Outer Boroughs