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ISO Resto Supply store not- Tap Phong,GTA area

I'm sorry that I failed to mention that I am looking for a restaurant supply store that sells more asian cookware,like bamboo steamers,and tableware,knives,etc.

Thanks Jayt90 I will Check that shop out in P-mall.Speaking of P-mall, Does anyone remember the Japanese store that sold tea sets and Japanese tableware beside the arcade on the second floor of the mall? Did they move to some other location?

ISO Resto Supply store not- Tap Phong,GTA area

I have a love hate relationship with Tap Phong. I love it because their prices are cheaper than
other supply stores downtown,and they seem to have everything that you will ever need for your kitchen,but with that said because they have everything it is soo overcrowded, isles are small and claustrophobic and some of their items seem of low quality like their bamboo steamers and glassware.

I would like to know Is there anywhere around the GTA with as good prices as Tap Phong ,more spacious and maybe better quality?

Tap Phong
360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Help needed : Slicing meat

May I ask how thick do you plan on slicing it?

Oct 15, 2011
chunkeymonkey in General Topics

God I love Highland Farms

I like to go to HF but not so much to shop there,I have to agree with hal2010, that their prices are higher than other supermarkets,so I only shop for produce that I cannot find any where else
like their pickle cucumbers,or in the summer for their artichokes,also their meats although expensive are of good quality, and their head butcher is really friendly and helpful.

Best Banh Mi in TO

Same thing happened to me .I asked for a large spicy,and they usually make the large ones to order,but this one was already made,didn't think much of it until I started eating it.It felt like it was made hours ago,bread was soft almost soggy,no hint of any spice whatsoever,and no cucumber.It was disappointing.I go there very often because i work around the area,so it happened to me again,their large sandwich was pre made.So this time I left it there and walked out the door.

Question about 2 pies at Wanda's in Kensington Market

Not sure about the two pies you are talking about,but I had a craving for some good apple pie,I ordered a piece of their Swiss Apple pie,and it was the worst pie I ever tasted,I was really disappointing I only took two bites and left out the door.I really wanted to like this place,its nice enough inside,too bad their apple pie sucks.

ISO chicken livers in GTA, east end preferably

Any chinese supermarket in chinatown has them im sure of it,and im sure TNT also carries them.

As a new cat owner what is wrong with your cat,and how can chicken livers cure him/her??

hope your cat gets better :)

Where to buy rabbit

Alot of Chinese supermarkets have rabbit in their meat section,Im certain T&T has them.

ISO Goats Milk

Just came back from shopping at Highland Farms,they have both Hewitts for 9.99$ and Liberte for 10.49$ not sure what the difference is,but I bought Hewitts and will make soft goats cheese with it .

ISO Goats Milk

Thanks for the replies everyone,went to my local Loblaws,they had Liberte goats milk for 10.99$ 4L. I was shocked.Is this the price of Goats milk everywhere? I thought that the price would be just a little bit more expensive than cows milk but not double.

Where can I buy goats milk for the cheapest price?

ISO Goats Milk

So does anyone know where I can find goats milk in The GTA, I am trying to make my own Goat Cheese.


ISO Japanese wetstone

There is a Japanese store on Queen st West close to the 7/11,I think the name is Sanko it's on a corner and it has a mural of a cartoon cat on the side of the store,They sell Japanese wet stone,the one I bought is a two sided 1000/3000 grit,bought it 2 years ago for 69$+tax.I mostly use the 1000 grit side as I find the 3000 side to be too fine. I would also recommend you buy a ceramic sharpening rod.

730 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

ISO Malted Barley

Found some today at Fermentations, although it is not Diastatic Malt Barley, It is a Spray Malt powder it tastes sweet and malty, I think it will work.

thanks everyone.

ISO Malted Barley

Went to Magnotta today, and they didint have it.ill try Fermentations

ISO Malted Barley

I have checked with wine brewers none of them have it,and there dosen't seem to be many beer brewing suppliers in Toronto

ISO Malted Barley

So I have recently been reading Peter Reinhart's books on making your own bread at home,One specific ingredient it asks you for which bread flour should have,but in Canada it does not! way to go Canada ,is Malted Barley for better flavor and texture in bread.

Anyone know where I can find some Malted Barley,or direct me to somewhere that sells good bread flour that has it included as an ingredient.

Thank you

ISO:Good bread for pulled pork

Thanks for the replies,Can you guys provide me with an address to these place you guys are talking about.


ISO:Good bread for pulled pork

Now I know there has been somewhat a debate on this topic.Usually I use standard hamburger bun or squishy ,but I'm getting bored of using the same old same old,besides that they act as sponges to bbq sauce and get soggy rather quickly.Ive had pulled pork sandwiches in the south served on a potato roll and a pretzel roll,which would be great if I knew where they sold this type of bread.

If anyone knows where to buy these breads or has a good suggestion for an alternative let me know.

Btw I have also use a Portuguese bun, and I do not like it !


ISO Worcestershire Powder

Thanks for the links. I just wish i could buy some locally.I just cant believe I could not find it anywhere in Toronto.

ISO Lard

Anyone know where I might be able to purchase rendered lard,In large quantities?
I recently been cooking with lard and realized its makes anything cooked in it taste

thanks in advance.

ISO Worcestershire Powder

Can anyone help me locate this hard to find ingredient.
Im using it to make a dry rub.
I have searched for it with out any luck.


ISO Great Place for a Breakfast Date

Its my fourth date with this girl,and we decided because of our work schedule,that the only time we have for a date is in the morning,and I know that she loves breakfast. Im looking for a place
that will have that wow factor,nice place, and an amazing breakfast,but not pretentious and over the top pricey preferably downtown,but its no problem if it uptown.

Please advise experienced foodies.

Stockyards BBQ

Yes the tall and thin man and woman,are Thomas and Monique,and the owners of the Stockyards,I think their backround is from Jamaica. Btw passed by yesterday to grab a burger,they have pastrami back on the menu, and as always quanteties are limited,I have 3lb on reserve for today ^_^

Stockyards BBQ

I have asked them to put the pulled pork separate from the bun,and coleslaw on the side,with no problems.As far a buying it by the pound,you should ask Thomas the owner,hes a nice guy im sure he woulden't mind selling you just the meat.

Thuet to open 'Conviction' w/ ex-con kitchen staff

Ive given Thuet 3 chances,his food is still mediocre.

In the restaurant business like any other business you need connections,it's a well known fact that by the food industry,that alot of high profile restaurants have associations with the local media,its just good business sense to do so.

You scratch my back(Give me free dinner so I can impress my gf) I'll scratch your (Good review,article,etc)

Thuet to open 'Conviction' w/ ex-con kitchen staff

I agree with locachef,let them go quietly back into the workforce.why get the media involved .With a tv reality show on the works,Thuet is really goin all out trying to make himself famous,with the likes of Jamie Oliver,and McEwan.

Its not that I don't believe in giving ppl second chances,this is the wrong way of doing it.Thuet is exploiting these convicts,and in some time they will be able to see his real intentions,and will retaliate.
I give them 3 generous months before things start turning sour.

Thuet to open 'Conviction' w/ ex-con kitchen staff

Publicity stunt at its best

Charcuterie Take Out

I do not get whats the big deal people make about Charcuterie.
Charcuterie is the new tapas.

Goya Products in GTA?

Try you local chinese supermarkets.Im sure ive seen many goya products there.

Take out condiments,where to buy?

Yes it helps.Ill see if I can find the exact location.

thanks for the suggestion.