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Full service restaurants that will provide vegetarian alternatives [San Francisco]

I have friends from London arriving and want to eat at outstanding SF restaurants…but one is vegetarian. Other than Greens and Millennium, anybody have suggestions of restaurants where they will accommodate vegetarians and not just a plate of steamed vegetables. I know Quince has a 9 course tasting but its a little pricey.

Anyone suggest anyplace they've been? Also, one of the nights is a BIG birthday so they want to go first class…

In London this isn't a problem as there are numbers of very very good and upscale vegetarian that aren't necessarily Indian or Pakistani cuisine


Jun 11, 2014
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Wilson and Wilson Bar [San Francisco]

Has anyone been to the Wilson and Wilson Bar? The website is done in Dashiell Hamett 30s/40s iconic decor but provides no pictures or menu. I know its one of the first gentrified beachheads in the Tenderloin.

Plus it requires reservations!

Has anyone been there to vouch for its fabulousness??

Dec 17, 2013
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Where to celebrate Boxing Day in SF?

I have a Brit coming to visit and is sounding regretful about not celebrating (altho drinking in moderation is our version of the celebration). So I'm looking for somewhere for good British beer choices and food.

I know about Cavalier (a tad pricey) and Monk and Magnolia Pubs but I'm not planning on crossing the bridge to go to Muir Beach and Pelican Inn, unless its a picture perfect day.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated,

Dec 17, 2013
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Beer and burger in The Mission district [San Francisco]

Personally if I wasn't carrying luggage I'd walk the 5-6 blocks and go to Zuni Cafe for the best burger and fries (IMHO) in that neighborhood. They've got a great bar and I assume a pretty good beer selection altho I don't know what they have on draft.

Have fun exploring!

Dec 17, 2013
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Fri Night Dinner on the Peninsula

I have a couple visiting and are available to dine ON the Peninsula Friday Night. They like good food but don't want to pay top $$$$. Nor do I. Any suggestions? Town in San Carlos is booked up. No to ECCO, 231 Ellsworth. Can go as far south as Foster City but would prefer San Mateo/Burlingame/San Carlos area.

Thanks. Rick

Jul 24, 2012
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Great brunches on the Peninsula for this weekend.

Can anyone suggest great breakfast/brunch places in Burlingame, San Mateo and environs. I live in SF and I have friends staying in Foster City, so we've agreed to meet half way.

I know about Copenhagen. Other suggestions welcome.

Thanks. Rick Crane

Jun 20, 2012
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for Sunday Brunch with Family

thanks for the suggestion. If we were't going to Le Charm Saturday night this would be the spot! But definitely another time.

Jul 21, 2011
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for Sunday Brunch with Family

I have family visiting and staying at the Marriott on 4th and Market. Looking for a good brunch idea nearby that isn't too loud, isn't a hotel, isn't Tryptch, and unfortunately because of the Giants game can't be on the Embarcadero.


Thanks Rick

Jul 21, 2011
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Need Fish Friendly SF Neighborhood Restaurant

I have 2 friends coming from LA who keep kosher...which means they can eat fish (NOT shellfish) and vegetarian when they go out. It;s a birthday so it should be someplace festive and moderate (but not necessarily luxe like Waterbar, Farallon, etc). Looking for Noe, Castro, Mission, Bernal, Potrero, Dogpatch.

Maybe a neighborhood gem you might know that I don't. (I like places like L'Ardoise, Serpentine, etc but their menus provide few options for my friends).


450 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

151 Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

May 17, 2011
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

1 Day in Napa Valley----

I get to party plan a day in wine country for 10 people in early June. So looking for suggestins:

1) Best terrace/gardened restaurant to eat lunch outside
2) Best winery to have picnic at?
3) Where to do olive oil tasting/olive tasting?

Any help with suggestions would be helpful. I am overloaded from reading the Internet and needing some informed recommendations from discerning palates and chow hounds.

Thanks. Rick

May 04, 2011
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Good SF Brunch

Have some friends coming into town and looking for a spot to have brunch on Saturday. Looking for Potrero Hill, Noe, Bernal, Dogpatch, out to Hunters Point----something other than Sally's, Pizzanostre, Chloe's, Toast, Just for You, Chez Maman, Aperto...

Apr 29, 2009
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Saturday lunch in Sonoma: Healdsburg

Any recommendations for lunch in the Healdsburg area. WE will be first going to WestRoad wineries then driving up to Healdsburg.

Want good spot for lunch. Nothing fancy. We're a large party (10). And please....no, not Cyrus. Zin isn't open for lunch.

Bovalo's? A winery? Other suggestions?

Nov 10, 2008
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

One Night (in SF) Only--Can you help?

OK--here's one that's got me stymied.

Labor Day weekend I have four "traveled" friends coming in for an art weekend. They want to have a fabulous (their words) dinner--not too over the top price wise (No Gary Danko, Fleur de Lys or Aqua)--and NOT TOO LOUD (So we can talk to each other). In San Francisco.



Jul 28, 2008
rick c in San Francisco Bay Area

Places with private rooms for 10-15 people in LA?

I'm a San Franciscan planning a surprise party for friends in LA. I'm looking to find a restaurant in West LA or Valley (Encino, Studio City) that has a private rooms. Not too fancy, not too expensive, moderate priced, good food, not too much of scene. You know what I mean?

Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Jun 14, 2008
rick c in Los Angeles Area