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10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Hot Dog World in Hendersonville, NC

Feb 07, 2009
mwearl in Southeast

Champa Sushi & Thai, Hendersonville, NC

Just ate there last night and I have to say the food and service was excellent. The appetizers we had were the Godzilla roll and B-52 roll (sushi). Both very delicious, especially the B-52. For entrees we had Shrimp Tempura, Hallibut, Triple Thai Delight (shrimp, scallops and chicken in habinero sauce) and Filet Minon with mango shrimp. All the dishes were excellent We were given a complimentary piece of cheese cake tempura at the end of the meal which was quite rich.

I won't slight those who are critical of the authenticity of a food if that's what they expect. I personally wouldn't know whether its authentic or not, but I can tell you for sure that the quality and presentation of the food was top notch. The waitress "Cindy" was wonderful and several staff memebers came to our table while we dined to inquire how the food was. Based on our dining experience, I give Champa 5 stars.

Jun 14, 2008
mwearl in General South Archive