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freeze dried fruit & vegetables.

Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately Teva no longer has the corn as it did not sell well for them. I can order a case but I wanted a small quantity for some experiments before ordering stuff i might not need. Le baron's a bit faqr-out but looks like i'll have no choice, none of the health food type stores I normally hit have freeze dried fruit/veg.

Restaurant Openings in 2011

Toronto poutine chain???????? Really??? .....i'm speachless.

freeze dried fruit & vegetables.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a store not too far a field that carries freeze dried fruits and veg, I am looking for freeze dried corn specifically. Just to specify it must be freeze dried, along the lines of what just tomatoes sells see here.

Thank you

Italian resto for party of 15 or so, private room preferred

Graziella on Mcgill has a couple of really nice private rooms downstairs that could handle your party, a little bit on the higher end of price but service and food is really good there so perfect for those who actually want to eat something good and i'm sure they can handle picky requests.

Speculoos and pistachio paste?

La vieille Europe has Speculoos Paste both versions....that s**t is addictive..

Cartel Street Food?

I'm only interested in one thing:
Is it good?

Amen! too much nattering on this board sometimes, got to get down to what's really important.

Looking for cockscombs

Ah! using schmaltz' precious gold to confit them is smart.

Looking for cockscombs

Fried cockscombs are delish but I have never found a source for them. When I worked in kitchens I tried in vain to get cockscombs, cock's kidneys, duck testicles, duck tongues, pork sweetbreads, lamb cheeks...among others and never succeeded.( btw trying not to sound like some pervert/maniac when calling farmers and suppliers for some of these is difficult and kinda funny too). Derek at DNA has had duck testicles and other odds and ends on his menu before, perhaps trying to call them to see if they have a source they can volunteer for such thing.

Restaurant that serves sweetbreads

Not BYO but it's in the plateau 5ème Peché usually has sweetbread on their menu and Benoit's are among the best in this city, give them a call. Otherwise Club Chasse et Pêche and DNA are also amazing albeit not in the area you specified and at a higher price range but definitely worth it.

Au Cinquieme Peche will relocate

it probably has to do with landlord/rent issues, that coupled with the fact that the room could really have used another 10-15 or so seats in order to really be profitable, it's really hard to turn tables on busy nights with that few seats and in this city people don't really like to eat early or late.

Where can I find Poulet rouge or Redbro chickens and/or capons?

Nobody wants to be the person to let this poor guy/gal down?

Unfortunately poultry like Dairy (milk specifically) is a protected market, therefore no one can import foreign birds. Quotas are handed out to producers based on the markets needs. It's win/lose system in my opinion, it's got it's positives but the downside is anyone trying to get into poultry production has to shell out massive amounts for quotas which means very few new players ( i.e. new ideas) can enter the poultry market .

I tried too I was really close to getting some bluefoot chickens and that fell through.

The best I can recommend is to make nice with some farmers; you can get some really good birds that way, try some of the CSA farms.

Restaurant Openings in 2011

"With James Mcguire as a consultant"

Best damn news I have heard in a while.

Looking for short ribs

Slovenia is a reliable source of short ribs, although i believe they will be boneless but you can always ask if they have on the bone.

Grandaisy Bakery Banana Pullman

I looked throught the Lahey book and no luck, same thing online I tried every combination of key words to get me there and it got me nowhere. I think this is a quick bread even though they call it a Pullman I think it's only by virtue of the pan they cook it in, it doesn't tasted like a yeast dough, it's definitly cake like but has this wonderfully dense crumb with just the right balance of banana flavour and massive chunks of walnuts. Someone's got to have a clue??

Oct 29, 2010
cricklewood in Home Cooking

Grandaisy Bakery Banana Pullman

Ok I didn't know where to post this I figured if I posted it in the local board it would get moved. Ok I get to New York once or twice a year and I am addicted to Grandaisy Bakery's Banana walnut Pullman. I ate it every morning for a week straight last time trying to figure out how it's made and I’m stumped. What I really like about it is it's more on the dry-side, more breadlike than cake-like. I am jonesing for some and would love to be able to make it for myself...can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Oct 28, 2010
cricklewood in Home Cooking

Le bleu d'Elizabeth

Since they won the casseus last year there's been a lot of hype about Le bleu d'.Élizabeth. It is a very splendid blue cheese and will win over folks who tend to dislike bleu's. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying it's because it's mild , it's also well balance but still packs plenty of the, metallic, blue cheese funk for those who want and has this creaminess that other blue's don't have. Is it the best, ust another great choice and fine product.

Bleu de la moutonnière has been one of my faves for a long time, in fact many of the moutonnière products are A1 ( try the crème extreme or their small container's of Neige- a ricotta like cheese- if you can get your hand on them). This one is more likely to please blue cheese freaks. The ewe's milk really gives it a special taste

Looking for squab

SnackHappy I thought of saying it but I bit my tongue, I was going to add that I was once witness to an old Italian man walking in the Lafontaine parc with a big sac and just bagging a dozen in a blink of an eye.

Looking for squab

There are few farms that raise Squab as unfortunately there's not a high consumer demand, most of it goes to restaurants. You can purchase directly from Ferme Miboulay: they are the only Montreal area based produce, they also raise veal grain fed veal, and are in Marieville which is only about 20min away from Montreal (while there you can also visit Chevrière du Monnoir for cheese and chevreau).

253, Chemin du Pin Rouge
J3M 1N9

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

If I may butt in, I had dinner at DNA last week and was expecting it to be good but was floored by how amazing the food and the service were. Alex is very friendly and passionate about the wines he serves, he served us wines we would have never picked on our own, really interested off the beaten path stuff too. Food was top notch, well cooked and executed. It will be well worht your time to try it.

Scotch Egg

Stelio at les Cons Servent has had them on menu before, you can always call and ask.

Raw goat milk

Unfortunately in this province the government still gets to choose for us how we obtain our milk. It's not a situation that is likely to change especially if you see what happened to the laiterie d'antan brothers same if you listen to the MAPAQ or UPA meetings and such where they adamantly state they are not going to open up the "pasteurization" debate (again legislators deciding for the public). Also there isn't enough of a general public demand+ people's attention are being smoke screened into buying 6$/L omega-3 milk or ultra pasteurized ultra filtered= no taste milk. You have to get friendly with a farmer who is willing to run the risk of selling you some.

Food Inc.

ios94 I am going to try and not be long-winded plus the infos noted are from the last time I checked which means practices might have changed.
- Porcmeilleur is milk/grain-fed pork, no antibiotics no hormones but they are neither organic and they're animals are barn-raised. The quality is generally really good and I know that they care about the type of operation they run, plus you can get all manner of offal and such. The store only carries meat from their own production.

-Veau Charlevoix sells product from an association of farms in the Charlevoix region, they are by definition smaller farms again not organic although it's important to note "Agneau de Charlevoix" is the first product in North America to benefit from an I.G.P., which is the equivalent of a the European A.O.P. so there are clearly defined guidelines in order to raise the animals which are transparent for the consumer. Again the quality in my experience is good and it's a least closer than some unknown Styrofoam package in the supermarket.
-St-Vincent AFAIK the butcher shops sell a mix of what is produced by ferme St-Vincent and the rest is from various organic farms around the province. It's the only one that carries strictly organic.

-Prince Noir is a butcher shop with no particular affiliation which does not mean bad or good I just mean that the sell an astounding variety of meats from numerous sources so the selection is great but in order to trace the products it's trickier.

Being able to trace where your meat comes from can be difficult, it’s often a question of trust and a matter of building relationships. Asking lost of questions and engaging in conversations with said butcher/retailer if they are so inclined) most butchers purchase from packers/abattoirs/large distribution, there are exceptions but the majority do this. Besides I think it can't be black or white. For example which is better the organic certified farmer or the farmer who does not use Gmo's hormones and who raises his animals as naturally as possible but who does not want to go through organic certification because he will occasionally treat his animals in necessary? It’s up to you to decide.

Charcuteries from Québec..

There has indeed been a rise in artisanal charcuterie producers. While I have not tasted all the new things out, Cochon tout rond remains a favourite their Figatelli ( spicy pork and offal sausage) is my fave and a unique taste . If you can get their larger saucissons like the Jésu or larger Ménage they really build up a lot of flavour or the whole cuts like Coppa are really good too. There was a period last year where I found the quality and service had dropped ( intense almost fishy tasting sausage, inconsistent drying and too large and unpleasantly squeaky chunks of fat. Snobby employees, and a bad habit of washing their slicer 20minutes before market close) I gave them a try again this past spring and found they had returned to their former glory and bought consistently this summer.

Fou du cochon is another strong producer, Jean-Paul at Cuisine et Dépendance uses a lot of their stuff on his charcuterie plates, Their Curé ( a pork and cheese saucissons) and Batons aux avelines and Coppa are top notch. they are certified bio as well wich distinguishes them from a lot of other producers.

Note some larger manufacturers have products that are packaged in ways to make them look like artisanal or small batch products but they are substandard offerings so be mindful.

mother of vinegar......

try le marché des saveurs , I saw some last summer, found it rather expensive at the time, can't recall how much now.

La Colombe coffee

I know that both Les Cons servent ( and Cuisine et Dépendance(4902, boulevard Saint-Laurent
514 842-1500) serve this coffee, I am sure you would be able to purchase some to take home if you ask them.

Fish on the South Shore

Actually there is only one on Taschereau the other is technically on Panama across form the RTL bus terminal. The Former having the better fish selection, they usually have live tilapia, sometimes eel,crab and shrimp., The former's fish selection isn't always super fresh depends when you go. René Marchand on Victoria blvd, is probably your best bet, they have a good variety and their stuff is pretty fresh and the staff there is knowledgeable, prices a little high.

2 Montreal cooks 3-4 days in NY

thanks for the replies keep them coming, Lunch at Per Se would be great but I think A- it's much too late to book and B- Not sure my budget can allow it. I will look into it. Babbo has been on my mind too, kitchen arts and lettters. How is transportation using subway from outer burroughs to downtown? we still have time to change hotel and if transport from queens or brooklyn is easy we could save for that potential extra meal elsewhere? thanks for the help.

Mar 10, 2008
cricklewood in Manhattan

2 Montreal cooks 3-4 days in NY

Hi my girlfriend and I have a rare few days off at the end of March and want to take advantage of this time to visit. We have a couple of places already in mind but would love t hear from the locals , the places not to miss. We are looking not only for places to eat (from fast food to higher-end) but also places to shop for interesting goods to bring back. Also just any place of interest that you think we should check out. We are already planning to check out WD-50, Blue Hill, Yakitori totto, Korin, JB prince, MOMA (ok ti's not food related but...) and one of the momofuku's if we can. Let us know where else we should go?

Mar 09, 2008
cricklewood in Manhattan

Kobe beef in Montreal?

Not on the Island but Boucherie L'entrecôte in Brossard sells products from this supplier , it's a Wagyu Angus hybrid I believe, call and ask what cuts they have available, not the best Wagyu you can get but not too bad either and prices for certain cuts are decent, ask if they have skirt , it makes a decent bavette substitute and wikll probably be cheaper.

In search of Perfection

Snackhappy and eoj have got it right, if you've read heston's stuff before (his gardian articles are all available online) he is a nerd and a perfectionist so he overanalyses everything and tries to zero in on all variables and improve on them, which leads to insanely precise details and a by any method aproach to cooking that is totally unfeasible for everyday use. But I am sure he knows this and is why he also throws all the xtra tidbits about cooking and food science. The idea here is to walk away understing the food better and using some of the techniques or ideas to better or improve your cooking. The idea of using alcohol in the fish batter makes total sense and improves the texture, the tip on cooking the pizza on the back of a hot cast iron pan is a neat trick that will help you get that super crisp crust without overcooking everything on the pizza. He isn't really a conventional chef..I mean his first book was a family cooking book so he's obvious not interested in looking for the easiest cash in..This series is a bit exagerated but his stuff written for Guardian his full of really useful tips.