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Where's the Beef (Wellington)?

thanks all. still working on that beef wellington. I will check out
duke of edinburg, pelican inn, and liv lil

Where's the Beef (Wellington)?

dang .... i just discovered this dish and there's no places to get it. Can anyone recommend a place?

seafood buffet

can anyone recommend a decent seafood buffet in the bay area?
NOT todai or moonstar...barring that, I might have to cave in and head
for decent seafood resturant. (aqua perhaps?)

Bang for Buck

What are the best places to get amazing food at the amazing prices around
the bay area? any cuisine welcome.

La Taqueria, or Top Dog comes to mind, but I'm always looking for more.

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

schlotzskys was in berkeley on telegraph about 10 yrs ago
they went out of business

restaurant recommendation

thanks for the recommendation on troquet .. sounds good
i am coming from SF Bay Area and will have car one day and be on MBTA evenings ... not picky on cuisine or budget anythings fine, honestly.
just looking for good food :)

Aug 15, 2006
octomeow in Greater Boston Area

restaurant recommendation

will be on boston on 11/9 thursday for breakfast and lunch
and on 11/14 for dinner. what 3 places should I absolutely NOT miss?

Aug 14, 2006
octomeow in Greater Boston Area


tomorrow, tuesday


where's the best place for lunch, close to freeway between SF and Sunnyvale?
want to have a decent meal before arriving in Sunnyvale.

Finding ChowHounds [Moved from SF board]

I would like to hook up with chowhounds and try resturants.
how do I do that?

Jul 20, 2006
octomeow in Site Talk