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Scream sorbet going out of business??!!!

Now thats great. And hope they continue to sell screams at farmer's markets , etc. I was one of their fans after only having it for couple of times. Some of the flavors, hit the spot.

Indian in Fremont with nice quiet atmosphere

Chaat bhavan is always crowded though. its quite popular, it seems.

1st Napa trip need help

Do visit, the Oxbow market, there are many stores to shop there. I really like the spice shop, all kinds of spices,salts and herbs. I also like the Three twin organic ice cream there. You will find something you will fall in love with.

Berkeley Restaurant Week Jan 13-20, 2013

Has anyone gone to any of these restaurant, participating in Berk Rest week? Any recos?

Grocery Outlet, December 2012

Found Organic cream cheese at Fremont GO for 5.99.
It is 3 lb block. Should be great for holidays. I already made some no-bake cheesecake with it.

Organic sour cream 1.99
Solis Honey bran cake 2.99, nicely browned cake, loved the taste.
Solis scones 1.99

Many Amy's frozen entrees and pizza.

Grocery Outlet-April 2012

I have an opened bottle of hellman's in the fridge for few months.
Way past its date. Wondering if I should throw it out.

I did use it couple of moths ago, in some salad and nothing happened to me.
It is not tasting funny either. I guess I am just very adventurous :)
Any dangers in using it? I have always kept it refrigerated after opening.

Are there any use of mayo other than sandwich or egg salad?

Grocery Outlet March, 2012

I am no wine expert, I don't even drink that often.
But since we drink occasionally, I bought few wines at the sale, just by reading the labels, lol.
And I bought more whites than reds. This was at Fremont

I tasted one of the whites I bought and really like it.
It just suits my palate, light , smooth and easy.
It is Marques de Aldaz, viura.

I think I am going back to get some more of it.

Grocery Outlet - July 2011

At Fremont store

Naked Green machine 2 bottles 3.98
Cream of Celery soup 1.49
salsa verde 1.99
Smoked turkey slices 1.99
Hummus spicy red papper 1.99

Grocery Outlet - June 2011

Got these from the Fremont store.

bellafoglia supreme pizza 3.99
Kashi mushroom/spinach 3 pizza pack 7.99
Humboldt creamery organic mint chip ice cream 1.99
Party peanuts 2.99

Also got
bamboo gadget set 3.99
lodge pitcher 3.99
The pitcher will be good for iced tea etc.

There were many gelato flavors like mango,coconut, wild-berry. Have tried the mango and its good.
There were new soup flavors from Pacific, carrot-almond, mushroom and tomato-herb.

Found a jar of Harissa at TJ Maxx...

Love harissa. I first found it at farmer's market. I too got one jar from tjmaxx.

I have used it as spread on a sandwich. Jazzes up any sandwich, trust me !!
It can be used as aioli or dip. or in scrambled eggs. It is not very hot, more like hot-sweet taste ( the one from farmer's market atleast). I have yet to open the tjmaxx jar.
But I have better heat-tolerance, I eat Indian food.
Add a dash in otherwise creamy pasta sauce.

May 21, 2011
chowmeaow in Home Cooking

Almost October, 2010 Grocery Outlet

OK, did go to Newark GO today.

Aunt Katie macaroons 2.49, pretty good, says only 8g sugar but tastes bit sweet.
yams 3lb 1.99
blue agave organic syrup 2.49
gordon biersch seasonal pack 13.99
cacaoberry tea(my favorite) 3.99
organic eggs medium (18) 2.99, these are small, though.

jason body lotion 3.99
Also got some Halloween decorations.

There many icecream cartons, pizzas in frozen section.

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay thread - 4th Quarter 2010 [OLD]

haven't been to TJ in months and I used to go there every week.
These crepes sound great. Thanks Cathy.

Oct 05, 2010
chowmeaow in Chains

Almost October, 2010 Grocery Outlet

Good to see the thread alive for GO. Haven't been there in a while, but would soon catch up.

BTW last month I shopped at the Oakland store and found those 'sugar-free' chocolate cookies.
I have to say they taste very good and I am feel so less guilty eating them.
I would go to GO only to get that. Don't remember the price.

Grocery Outlet July 2010

Those Oikos organic greek-style honey and chocolate yogurts are pretty good.

Grocery Outlet July 2010

That sorbet sounds great.

Just wanted to give reviews about 2 products I had bought at GO.

Beanitos chips (pinto beans + flax seed): nice crunch and taste. Bit salty. Don't know how much the flax seeds would be beneficial, as they are whole. But overall its a good snack and they say its low-glycemic too.

Zhenga's gypse tea, Superberry. This has sencha green tea, cacao, raspberry and dark chocolate in it. The tea comes in gauzy packets that are cute. And I really like the tea. Does not get bitter, even if you seep longer. I have to stock up on this one.

All things curry

For spicy Indian curry, try Peacock, there is one in Fremont.
Their quality of buffet has gone down though, so skip the weekend lunches.

For thai, there is one in Campbell, Thai Pepper. There are so many, I forget which to recommend.

Malaysian curries are good too
Banana leaf in Milpitas is famous. Heard good things about Layang Layang.

Layang Layang
181 W Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035

Thai Pepper
1045 Monroe St, Santa Clara, CA 95050

suggestions en route to Grass Valley [moved from San Francisco Bay area board]

Oh goody, will try to stop by the GO. going to be there over the weekend. Thanks toodie_jane!

Jul 01, 2010
chowmeaow in California

Grocery Outlet - June 2010

Yes, saw those wallaby yogurts, chocolates at Newark too.

Attune probiotic granola bar in fridge ( 3 flavors) 0.34
BBQ tempeh $1.49
Oskri coconout bars ( these sound delicious), raw bars $0.50
Aidelle's anduoille sausages 2.99
Org sweet potato soup pack 0.99
grapefruit in juice( not syrup!) 0.99
Italian puff cookies 1.49
organic eggs

I also got hot/cold bag for groceries 1.99
Loreal hair color 3.99

Grocery Outlet - June 2010

So quiet in here!

Last week in Newark

organic veg pizza 3.99
Frozen chicken saltimbocca 6.99
harvest milled flaxseed 2.99
organic tofu .99
2 cantaloupes 3.00

overall lot of good finds.

soft food suggestions for braces

Cottage cheese with or w/o pureed fruit
Yogurt, you can add hummus to make it savory or jam to make it sweet
soft bread with cream cheese
Blend semi-soft food like pasta

She can try to chew very slowly when any kind of soft chewing is needed.

I myself have braces right now for a short period. They would be coming off in 2 months phew..

Apr 06, 2010
chowmeaow in Home Cooking

Indian cookbook recommendations ?

BTW I am of Indian origin, so I already know Indian style cooking.
And I still refer to Indian cookbooks, as there are many regional varieties. And out of that this author stood out.

There is another book I had tried for South Indian cooking ( dosa et al), but I don't recall the name right now.

For some gourmet cooking, from the chef at Tabla, try "One Spice, Two Spice: American Food, Indian Flavors "

It has interesting recipes. The chef is originally from Goa, so it would be good for seafood.

Mar 31, 2010
chowmeaow in Home Cooking

Indian cookbook recommendations ?

I would recommend books by Mridula Baljekar.
Her recipes are simple, yet the food is very flavorful. I think I have tried the 30 min cookbook. She has number of books out.

Mar 31, 2010
chowmeaow in Home Cooking

Grocery Outlet - March 2010

Last week, the frozen section of GO at Newark was not very interesting. that is none of the items I wanted to buy.
No pizza or organic entries.
We got few wines, opened one of them this week. Its called 'Oops' I think, chardonnay form S. America. distinct notes of pear, I liked it.
oh and I also found Jason organic mineral sunscreen.

Grocery Outlet - March 2010

Yes, found that at Newark 2 weeks back. I am always hunting toiletries at GO.
I also found 'E•sen•cia Styling Mousse', it smells so good and its 99% organic.

Napa/Sonoma casual lunches

You can check out the Oxbow market.
Pica pica maize, is great for cornwiches, I really liked the vegetarian one.
While there definitely try the Three twins organic ice-cream, its outstanding.
I recently had the chocolate-lavender and strawberry, both great!

Salmon with Red Curry-Coconut Sauce

grilling the salmon is a great idea!

Jan 10, 2010
chowmeaow in Recipes

Microwave Brownie in a Mug (single serving)

Great idea!!! so quick and you don't have to worry about eating too much later. I added berries and nuts.
I am wondering whether we can make coffeecakes like this.

Dec 25, 2009
chowmeaow in Recipes

October 2009 Grocery Outlet

I always find many non-food items at GO. I like the prices, I hope I am getting a good deal.
I got a hammock, cast-iron pan set and few other things.
Last time I got some display cabinets.

September 2009 Grocery Outlet

Last week in Newark,

The Licorice Tulsi tea is nice! will have to go back to stock more.

Organic vegetable frozen lasagna, the wrap does not say organic, but the ingredients list has lot of organic stuff.

There were lot of small containers of Dreyer's ice cream.
Some other interesting desserts in frozen section, I didn't get.

Eat Real Fest, Oakland, August 28-30

Excited to go there. Bit worried about the crown there. Hope they have some seats to rest.
And I hope its not hot like today.