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Why there are no good Mexican Restos in Toronto

I have only limited knowledge of Maragaritas fare, but I would agree that the food is probably bettered by a drink or eight. I've always found the service attentive and pleasant, so it's a shame about the food.

I have to mention Johny Bananas (on the east side of Bathurst at Queen). I'm certainly not an expert on Latin food (and I don't believe that they serve strictly Mexican), but I've been there twice now, and I've found the food tasty and artfully presented on both occasions. I think that the way to go is the chef's selection menu - but this is perhaps a personal bias, as that's my default in most restaurants. The non-alcoholic drinks are spectacular, although on the pricey side. I can also vouch for the deliciousness of their mojito, as well as their diabolitini (sp?). The latter is a martini-esque concoction made with hot sauce. Sounds gross, but it was actually extremely tasty. And the service is fantastic - both knowledgeable and friendly.

My only complaint: the food is delicious, but you're paying (what I feel is) too much for it.

The BEST Vegetarian in T.O?

I hate to dissent, but I *did not* like Boom Shiva! The atmosphere and service were nice, but other than the timbales, my dining partner and I found that the food lacked flavour. I might go again for drinks, but I would eat elsewhere. There is better food for the money at a number of places in the city - Cafe 668 being at the top of the list, IMHO. Fresh by Juice for Life is great, as is Camros.

I wholeheartedly agree with the poster above on Utopia. They have something to please everybody, and really great food for a very reasonable price. Tiny though, so go early.

Vegetarian chow close to Convocation Hall

I've enjoyed Vegetarian Haven, but I would agree with gregclow that it isn't anything mind blowing.

Free Times Cafe has great veggie and meat options - 320 College, west of Spadina. Bonus is that it's very affordable.

I also really enjoy Fresh by Juice for Life, but you are probably looking for something closer. Just in case... 147 Spadina Avenue, just south of Queen.

The Toronto Vegetarian Association has an online directory that I've found to be useful:

What's good between downtown Toronto and Oshawa?

Thai Garden - 235 Bayly Street West, Ajax

Quite possibly the best hot and sour soup I've ever had, and the coconut rice is excellent. Excellent green chicken curry or veggie tofu curry, and the eggplant with basil is also a favourite (never mushy!). Very reasonable prices, friendly service.

I went into Mainly Cheese about two years ago and left without buying anything. I found the staff to be rude and obviously not in need of my money. I've heard good things about them again and again, so maybe I'll give them another shot - two years is a long time to hold a grudge.

Green restaurants in TO?

I highly reccomend Camros Organic Eatery at 25 Hayden, just south of Bloor and just east of Yonge.

I've been twice now - it has been delicious on both occasions. It's small but pleasant. Nobody's rushing, and they will gladly take the time to answer any questions you have about the food or the preparation. They also use biodegradable take-out containers and utensils.

Tutti Matti (Winterlicious)

Finally made it to Tutti Matti for Winterlicious, and I was very pleased to discover that it's as good as I've heard. The carpaccio di trota (trout carpaccio) was excellent, and it was complimented very well by beet vinaigrette, baby spinach and thinly sliced red onion – so beautifully plated! Tilapia in parchment was also very good - perfectly cooked, served with roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes that I would kick my grandmother in the shins to get. Dessert was a coffee mouse that was light and not too sweet. Portions were not huge, but substantial and as big as I would want them to be. We were full by the end of the meal... but I could have had another dessert!

This isn't the place for a quiet evening - there was a definite din and it was sometimes difficult to hear my companion over the very loud table beside us. That said, the open kitchen and warm lighting make it a very comfortable space.

We were greeted us warmly on arrival - no snoot, and I was lugging a backpack and obviously student-y... which will sometimes do it. Given that it was a full house (or nearly), the service was pleasant and personable. Staff was available when needed, but not hanging at your elbow. They thanked us sincerely as we were leaving - something that I appreciate, especially on a hectic night.

Two Winterlicious meals, two glasses of red wine, two coffees, tip + tax = $90 (They add a 15% gratuity to all bills during the promotion - I was initially annoyed at this (not because of the percentage, as I usually tip more), but after thinking about it I certainly understand.) I would definitely go back for the regular menu!