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Flying Burrito re-opening?

I'm going to have to strongly disagree about the new "Flying Burrito". I just went for my first dinner since they reopened under the new owners, and my husband and I (both long time fans of the place) were both very disappointed. The interior is definitely spruced up but misses that homey feel and the menu is quite deceptive. A lot of the items on the old menu are on the new menu in name (along with the addition of tapas...and a stronger emphasis on burgers) but the menu is about half the size as the original. In no way, however, were the dishes comparable with the originals. My flying catfish burrito (previously one of my favorite dishes in the Triangle) was bland in taste and texture without even the appealing crunch of the breaded catfish (my husband hates seafood and he couldn't even taste the "catfish"). The previously delightful slaw (I asked where it was since it was still listed on the menu and I didn't see it) has been replaced with a few bits of shredded iceburg lettuce and tomato. My husband's raging rooster was twice as spicy as he remembered it, apparently to cover the fact that they'd removed all the other flavorings that used to be in it. Overall I was quite saddened by the experience and will not be returning to what was previously one of my favorite haunts in the foreseeable future.