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Roasted Shrimp with Romesco Sauce

a winner without it even touching my lips!

Aug 31, 2010
nawtypoptart in Recipes

Anyone tried Edgewood Café?

Very little stays in that spot on Broad Street. The Edgewood Cafe seems to have the best chances so far. The food is reasonably priced and the quality is good. I agree that there are kinks that need to be worked out, but everything in time. I was sad that they opted for brunch rather than breakfast, but our first bunch there was quite good.. We made a special trip back again for brunch a week later, only to discover that Edgewood Cafe is now NOT serving brunch during the summer. ?? I would think that would be the time TO serve brunch. And not just on Sunday's. I understand that dinner chef/owners don't love breakfast, but this seems to be a neighborhood that cries for it. Despite the lack of continuity in this location, I think this a wonderful little spot. The Edgewood Cafe is a nice little spot, but I don't like the ficklness in hours of opperation. Call before you go.