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New, coming to Miami in 2011

Had heard the Pubbelly guys were going in there

Complete my list

You and your mosquitoes! I'm going to leave a bottle of Off for you next time I go.


- Foccocia at Mattarellos
-Stromboli in the bread basket at Scarpetta

Feb 02, 2010
rockysobe in Florida

Burger and Beer Joint Review

In the end, who really cares, if it tastes good?

Has anyone tried Setai's Miami Spice meal yet?

I stand corrected :)

Has anyone tried Setai's Miami Spice meal yet?

20 percent is a gratuity added to the check. There is no "tourist tax". There is an extra 2% resort tax on hotels, but should not be applied to restaurant bills.

Hakkasan Spice Sobe

Agree, scarpetta is worth it. Just back in town and forgot about Spice. Spaghetti seemed to be same size as regular menu, also offered Duck and Foie Ravioli as an option, but didn't see portion. Definitely one of the most filling Spice menus in memory.

Sardinia, Indomania, Talula... recommendations?

Guessing you meant "unforgettable"??!!! Our favorite at Sardinia has frequently (almost always) been their sweetbreads, to the point that we are scared to order them, thinking that they won't be as good as the last time, but they always have been. Thanks to Frod's review we went and had a great risjaffel (sp) at Indomania the other night. Very small, un-South Beach restaurant, but a great experience. Haven't been to Talula recently, but am sure that you will have no problem with further recs from there!

2 Dinners in SoBE - Romantic and Business

I've said it before but I really like that salt block fish at Loftins, it's a shame the wife was so selfish!

scarpetta or blade for dinner

I'm offended too spending that kind of $$ for spaghetti, but it's worth it. When we went one time, a friend placed an order to go for his wife who couldn't make it that evening. Lucky for me he left early and left her to go order, which I was able to swipe. Threw it in the fridge and, kid you not, it's almost as good cold for breakfast.... but maybe I got the crack laced version!

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

the son

2 Dinners in SoBE - Romantic and Business

I've been to loftin's and highly recommend it. the place is obviously beautiful but food and service were awesome too.

8 oz Burger Bar lands on South Beach

I really, really want to like this place. A clean, good looking joint with a good jukebox, pool table, and video games, kinda like a college bar for grown ups. Add to that good ownership and it will eventually be a great addition to the Beach, but... Walked in to 2/3 full restaurant only to be told to wait at the bar because they were short staffed. Ran into friends at the bar so it was no big deal. An hour later, we snagged two open stools and decided to eat at the bar. Asked for menus and really fell in love. Corn dogs, fried pickles, plus the fried olives and short rib grilled cheese from Table 8's bar menu! It was like a state fair of my youth but with a serious Chef cooking. Well, first we were told that we had to wait to order because the kitchen was backed up, then when we ordered, no corn dog, no fried pickles, argggh! Ordered slider sampler and onion rings as replacements. When food arrived, asked the food runner which slider was which and his reply was, "I don't know". We figured it out and everything was delicious, with the onion rings being especially delicious. I'll be back because of the food, but think I'll go earlier in the evening.

Sushi SoBe - Loews Hotel Miami Beach

We had Frod's experience exactly but with a bonus! Server had multiple band aids on her ears, forgot my drink order twice, and blamed it all on her fever. When I jokingly asked for a surgical mask, she said she would check with the manager but never got back to me!!

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

Five Guys opening in old Dogma spot (I'm sure there's a joke there) on Washington and 15th

Please help select MIA high end dining for group of various ages...

Now I'm confusing myself trying to describe it... Upscale upper casual??? Miami chic w/o the cheese??? We sat outside though I understand there is a small dining room. Lively where we sat, but saw quieter looking tables the further you got from the entrance. Besides being very good, the staff actually smiled and seemed to care that you were having a good time. The only time I felt like a commoner was watching the members going upstairs to the member's only lounge and not being allowed to dine in the pool area but zero attitude from the staff.

Please help select MIA high end dining for group of various ages...

I'd been there before with a club member, but went last week for the first time since they've "opened to the public." You are allowed to dine on the first floor, either on the front terrace or in the courtyard, but not downstairs by the pool. Cool little bar on the first floor that overlooks the pool is great place for a pre-dinner drink. Foie Gras with pineapple and lobster fricassee were awesome. Gnocchi in fricassee was made by angels. Also had grouper with shaved horseradish. It was delicious and served on a hot brick of sea salt. Somehow it didn't overcook the fish, each bite was juicy, and the last bite was as hot as the first. It picked up a little salt flavor, but not too much. Pretty interesting. Wine list was deep, some prices good, others too high, but deals could be found. Service was really good, especially for the Beach. Location is unbeatable, the food is up there with the best around. Kinda pricey in a P112 way, but it was refreshing to get what you pay for.

Looking for solo dining with good food - Kobe Club?

Often eat as a solo at the bar and agree that Sardinia is probably your best bet. Bar at Kobe is maybe four or five seats with hit or miss food.

RIP in 2008

Not that it will be missed, Chocolate on Espanola, being replaced with another Segafredo

Hola, Sra. Martinez - Miami, Design District

Agree with Frod that menu didn't seem pretentious at all. Looks like it would make it very easy to narrow down any questions you might have before ordering. As long as menu descriptions are true, and I'm sure they are, "It aint bragging if it's true", therefore I don't understand the hook 'em and hype 'em reference either.

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

2nd location for Mattarello's Bakery at 11th and Collins

Caribbean Food Better than Bahama Breeze S.Fla?

Now I'm craving saltfish and bakes for breakfast, anybody know a good place?

Enso - Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Damn, we stopped by last night but the Mrs. was hungry and not in the mood for an "experience"; could've dined next to the Frod. Menu was definitely a tough read. Interestingly, asked hostess if the window station was the whole kitchen and she said that they had four kitchens.

Terrible attitude at Quattro S Beach

You could have any table you want eight months out of the year.

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

Apple Restaurant and Lounge, from LA, is going into the former Snatch/Suite space on Washington at Espanola Way. Chef is Bryan Ogden, son of Bradley.

Chops Lobster Bar Review

Originally I had asked the question of whether a menu item could win a James Beard award, based on the menu description from the original post.

So I Googled combinations of "James,Beard,Chops,Lobster Bar,Boca,Atlanta,Banana Cream Pie" and nothing comes up linking JBF to that menu item, at least through the first ten google pages. Also referring to the JBF website, awards are given annually to people and restaurants but not individual recipes.

To make sure, I called the restaurant and spoke to a manager who told me that, "We received the award in the late 80's, I think in '87, at the Buckhead Diner(Atlanta) , it's a company recipe."

That seemed odd seeing as how JBF started its award program in 1990.

Or maybe it seemed remarkable, help me out fuzzy

Oct 17, 2008
rockysobe in Florida

Are stone crabs in shops yet?

$21/lb for Jumbos at Epicure yesterday and they were deelish

Oct 17, 2008
rockysobe in Florida

Best Rabbit dish (miami-broward)

Had rabbit croquettas at Emerils as an app that were pretty good, but that's the only time I can remember seeing it other than MG

Chops Lobster Bar Review

Glad to hear of a positive experience. I unfortunately have had three unremarkable meals there, which was very disappointing considering the decent job they do at the same restaurant in Atlanta.

It looked odd to me that they had a "James Beard Award" winning dessert as I was under the impression that JBF awards were given to individuals or restaurants. A quick search on the JBF website returned no results for the restaurant or its banana pie. Are there awards for dishes?

Oct 09, 2008
rockysobe in Florida

Cafe Barcelona - South Beach

Yep, the hotel has an entrance on Collins at Espanola. Shame you didn't have good experience. I've had lots of good, not phenomenal, visits there. Also liked that they had a cheaper, but still good, bar menu (Short rib grilled cheese, chorizo stuffed fried olives, an "upscale" sloppy joe, etc.) Those doors are a little to gimicky but I prefer eating "outside" at or around the bar area anyway