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Upside down Lemon Bars, Why?

the reason why the crust rises to the surface is because the filling found its way through cracks to the bottom. Make sure when you're pushing the crust down into the pan that you got all the nooks and cranies.

I always pour the filling on top of HOT crust (take crust out of the oven, and pour filling immediately on top) which causes the layer that's in contact with the crust to cook immediately, and it prevents the upside down bars.

I also turn the temperature down from 325 to 300 after i add the filling.

PS - i just realized this thread is 2 years old. Ahh well! Hope you get something out of it anyway.
~C <-- professional baker/pastry chef

Mar 11, 2011
kalailyliani in Home Cooking

Extremely weird butternut squash reaction

this just happened to me for the first time! glad i'm not the only one hehe! I was prepping a butternut squash for some butternut squash fries... i started freaking out cause my fingers started to swell and the skin started to crack... weird!! i love food science :)

Sep 22, 2008
kalailyliani in General Topics

Portland in August?

i'd have to echo the Ten01 suggestions. If you are wanting a great burger, check out Life of Riley's (tavern).

feel like supporting soon-to-be chefs? check out the 4 course dinner at OCI - for 14 bucks, it's a great deal, and the food is great!

What to do with a can of Grass Jelly?

i've always had it with canned lychees or other canned fruits - 1 can of grass jelly + 1 can of canned lychee (with the syrup), refrigerate, and enjoy after chilled :) That's the way my parents always served it... I'm actually enjoying some right now! :)

Aug 20, 2008
kalailyliani in Home Cooking

Tastespotting... oh noes!

I am so incredibly heartbroken by this. I visit this site at least once a day for inspiration, and to keep challenging myself as a new pastry chef. Where am i going to go now to find things and say "OOOH i'm going to have to try that!" ..... i can't believe it's gone, i don't even know what else to say.. i feel like a little bit of me died with the site :(