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MSP: Where Can I Buy Really Good Swedish Meatballs?

Hagberg's Country Market in Lake Elmo. They're a small butcher shop, and they make their own Swedish Meatball mix, all you have to do is roll it into balls. Excellent stuff.

Root of the Matter

I wasn't aware the beers were brewed in Monroe. A quick google search finds that it is the Joseph Huber Brewery, that brews the Berghoff brand.

Thanks for the information.

Jul 13, 2007
S. Andrew Miller in Features

Root of the Matter

Berghoff Famous Root Beer is not from Wisconsin. It is from the (sadly now closed) famous Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago. They also make their own real beer, available throughout Chicagoland.


Jul 12, 2007
S. Andrew Miller in Features

good places for martinis in DC?

I have to agree 100%. It is one of my biggest pet peeves to see anything and everything poured in to a cocktail glass called a "martini."