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Can I buy Honey Mussels in TO?

if you do manage to find them they will be expensive. when i used them last year they ran $7.95 a pound, and that was my cost from my seafood supplier at the restaurant. i don't know how much they would be retail, but they are definatly the best mussels ever. very large {they completely fill the shell when cooked, not much shrinkage}and mild with a nice sweetness. the shell is much thinner than a blue mussel too so you get more per pound with the honeys. good luck with the hunt

Where to buy crab meat?

there is another brand that i'm not sure if it is available in retail outlets that i find is better than phillips. its sherril brand, and it seems to have much bigger peices than the phillips and i know that it is usually around $2-5 cheaper for me to buy for the restaurant i run,

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

thank you torontovore for posting your negative experience with the halibut burrito at BB. i also think it is disgusting, and have stated so before on this BB, only to be torn a new one by everyone and their uncle who seems to think it is the best thing going. obviously prefrozen halibut, which i was repeatedly bashed for saying because, according to the bashers, they don't use frozen fish... {wake up people, halibut is NOT available fresh year round}. it tasted like it had been cooked in dirty oil, and was just plain gross. there you have it people, i'm not the only one who thinks so.

Dinner near the Drake

it might sound obvious {i don't know if you were planning on eating there already}, but the drake has a restaurant, and cafe. you wouldn't believe how many people didn't know that when i worked there, and i was there for the first year and a half it was open!

Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

speaking as a professional chef, if i had any time off, i would gladly do private dinners. the only problems being that this business dictates that i am usually working every night and that it is even harder for me to get time off as i run a small restaurant. the canadian personal chef association is a good choice for these functions.


house of spice in kensington market sells a good one. also has, besides an amazing spice selection, a great selection of pataks curry pastes in bottles and cans. many that i've never seen at any of the chain grocery stores

Looking for the absolute BEST restarant in Chinatown

taste of china hands down.

rasoee downtown, couldn't even take 1 bite

i know its a chain, i know reviews have been mixed at best. but you know how sometimes you want a burger and only a handformed, grilled top quality burger will do, and other times you just want mcdonalds, thats like why i tried rasoee. i wanted butter chicken, even if it wasn't the best, but still alright, so mixed reviews aside, i got some to go. i got home, took out the soda cracker looking naan....first bad sign. then i opened the chicken. it looked and tasted upon dipping my finget into the sauce, like cream and cayanne. i threw the whole thing out and am going to be hungry until dinner now. what garbage.

Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

i'm with Drian of J 100% taste of china is the best restaurant in chinatown easily for the exact items he mentioned. lso the snails in black bean sauce as well as the steamed oysters with balck bean.

also, i'm surprised that no one has mentioned dim sum at rainbow on dundas just west of spadina. amazing chicken feet, siu mai, xao long bao, well, all the dim sum is amazing

Seville oranges? Now?

i've also seen mayer lemons at loblaws and dominion, but no sevilles yet, but great things do come to those who wait, i'd be concerned about quality if they came very early

big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

i think the other thing that really put me off the halibut was the texture. it was quite obvious that it had been frozen multiple times, and was very dry and had that dry fall apart mouth feel to it as opposed to flaking. either way, bfb is better imho and i also enjoy the whole kensington vibe as opposed to bb's heard em in get em out feel

big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

who do you like better? i personally think big fat burrito kicks burrito boyz' a**. i used to go to burrito boyz a lot for the steak and chicken burritos, and thought they were pretty good. but, one day i tried the halibut burrito, and won't be going back again. it was 1 big peice of old fish, battered and fried in what could only have been week old oil. it made the whole thing taste like a dirty fryer and rancid fish. after this i started going to big fat burrito and having the pulled pork with sweet potato, and i can honestly say that even if i was willing to give burrito boyz a second chance, i won't now since BFB is so damn good.

everyones thoughts on restaurant makeover [moved from Ontario board]

i completely agree. i think that in a lot of cases that the chef does what he wants, irregardless of the skillset of the chef of the restaurant being made over. look at the episode on the train. everything came with boiled potatoes and the worst turned zucchini i've ever seen, and the "chef" cooked everything in butter substitue. yet, adjey had foie gras with bee pollen and blueberry sauce among other dishes that that guy probably couldn't even come close to making properly once the cameras left.

Nov 29, 2006
chefworm in Food Media & News

everyones thoughts on restaurant makeover [moved from Ontario board]

i have to admit that the voyeuristic side of me compels me to watch the show, and the chefs and designers on it are very talented. that being said, i don't really like how they seem to go out of their way to show how the chef and owner of the restaurant don't know anything. i know that the places they show are in need of help, but they border on and sometimes cross the line of personal insult. what does everyone think of this? some of the places that they have done, they have ignored the wishes of the owner and redesigned the places to what they want, and i don't think that is right. they do end up on a lot of places to make the restaurant look great and make great food, but i have seen several where they just do what they want and it dsoesn't turn out they way that the owner thought it would.

Nov 29, 2006
chefworm in Food Media & News

Labatt's 50 On Tap in TO?

last i heard the social on queen west, down from the drake had it on tap. when they opened it was $3.50 a pint, i'm sure it's more now unfortunatly. opening night i had 9.....made some serious long distance calls on the porcalin phone that night :-)

George Brown "Bake Shop"

while i do agree that it is both a great deal and great quality, i won't buy there. this is because when i was a student there, we paid around $1200 to do the baking class, and we were tolad that the food wasn't paid for in this cost. if we wanted to keep the food WE just made, we had to pay for it. if we didn't, they would sell it to the public {for more than we could buy it for, thats why they told us it was a great deal for us to buy it....our food....that we paid to make}. kinda like a sweat shop. either way, they stood to make more money on what we all paid them to make in the first place.

oriental harvest supermarket

if anyone hasn't been, go. it is where the old tai kong superkarket was in chinatown{spadina}. everything is bright, clean, with english labels, and debit! also, the prices are amazing!!! finally a place in chinatown where i'm not afraid to buy meat!

Toronto Hungarian Restaurants

the hungary thai is probably one of the worst restaurants i've ever been to. heres what we had:
spring rolls were ordered to a respose of we dont do that anymore , by our server. we ordered cheese sticks instead. greasy and served with miracle whip for dippig. one HOUR later we got our mains, 2 schnitzel on a bun. dry, dry DRY, and on 2 peices of dry rye bread about 1/20th the size of the pork. a wedge of lemon and thats it.

don't waste your time there!

good luck finding a good hungarian place though

Bresaola in TO?? (around college/spadina area if possible)

i don't know about college spidina area but schiffers in st lawrence market sells some pretty good bresaola. they are on the east wall, half way back. they have various sausages and salumi hanging from the ceiling. they also have killer chorizo and speck

hope this helps

Favourite Ontario Wines?

i'm really into the jackson triggs cuvee close sparkling and grand reserve gwurtztraminer right now, as well as ANYTHING from malivoire, especially the gwurtztraminer icewine and pinot noir. peller estates founders series late harvest {videl?} is really good too.

best and worst of summerlicious

coming into the last weekend of summerlicious, it will be interesting to here some of your best summerlicious meals.....and your worst.....

good and affordable in niagara falls

i've been to the casinos buffet and it is very good, we will probably go back this time around. we intended to go there origionally for one of our dinners, but i was waiting on my new driver's licence to come in as the face had been worn off the old one, and seeing as the buffet is on the casino floor, we wouldn't be able to go unless i had ID {i'm 25 but some people think i look underage}. luckly , it came yesterday, so i can also gamble :-)

thanks again for the suggestions guys

Downtown Toronto Challenge! - Cheap Snacks ($3 and under preferred)

if you don't mide a little bit more of a walk, you can go to alberts real jamaican foods and queen and bathurst and get a couple of doubles. they are $1.50 each and i think that they are the best doubles in the city. or if you want to do a short walk up to china town you can choose from a variety of siagon sub shops for $1.50-$2.00. furama bakery in china town has some good sweet snacks for cheap too (try the taro buns)

good and affordable in niagara falls

thanks for the suggestions. i am going to be going on a wine tour as part of the hotel package and am going to have a bit of time in niagara on the lake, so if i have enough time, i'll check out some of your suggetions for there. i'll post how things turned out. any more suggestions would be good too, as my wife and i spend time in the falls each year.

good and affordable in niagara falls

my wife and i are going to niagara falls {ontario} for a few days and are looking for good and affordable places to eat lunch and dinner in the falls area. we both don't drive so it has to be within reasonable cab or walking distance. we're not looking for a gourmet experience, just a good couple of decent places to eat without breaking the bank like you tend to do in all the touristy places. maybe 1-2 middle of the road places {$100 range for 2} and a greasy spoon or 2 to round it out.....