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Best burrito in the city...

Burrito Boyz was my first introduction to 'Toronto Burritos' but I've since tried Chipotle and Quesada and think both of them are better.

I eat at Quesada on a regular basis. You get a choice of black or pinto beans. No refried. I kinda like that.

Burrito Boyz
218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

I'm excited for this! It's across the street from my bf's place - which makes me laugh that you wrote that the whole Gerrard/Jones area is dead because he lives above a funeral home....and the building next door to him used to be a funeral home.

It will be nice to have something within walking range for takeout that isn't bad fast food or cardboard tasting pizza.

Seeking ice cream containers/pails

Just wondering if you ever managed to find them? I'm also in T.O. and have been searching for them for a while without having to order from the states.

Turkey Pepperoni

Does anyone know where to find turkey pepperoni in Toronto? (The pizza kind not the pepperette sticks)

Sobey's used to carry the Butterball brand but they haven't stocked it for months. I haven't had much luck at any of the other major chains either.

I don't know why it is so hard to find.

big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

I've never tried Big Fat Burrito. I've been a loyal Burrito Boyz fan for a couple of years now but I recently tried Quesada (At Church and King East) and have to say I am starting to lean towards them. Sometimes you get the foil fused to the burrito which is a little annoying but I like their choice of toppings better plus they have warm tortilla chips and fresh made salsa. Although I've found all of the 'Medium' salsas to be a bit too hot for me but the 'Mild' to be on the bland watery side. But overall I'd say they are mighty tasty.

Tastespotting... oh noes!

I am crushed. I use to visit that site AT LEAST once a day.

I had been wondering this morning why it hadn't uploaded anything new since yesterday.