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One dinner in Nashville: Best BBQ?

Hog Heaven

Steak in Nashville

Thank you all for your frank reviews. Modern technology and the internet is wonderful. I shudder to think how much money we could have saved and how many bad meals spared since we started to date as foodies in the mid- 1980's!!

Steak in Nashville

Can someone recommend the best steak in Nashville (preferably close to Vandy)? We have tried Jimmy Kelley's and Fleming's. We were thrilled with both and I would like something with similar quality. This is for my husband's birthday in October.

Nashville area for 3 days - what are the absolute best restaurants for a 1st time visitor?

Jack's is good, but do NOT order the turkey. It is "pressed and formed" and I still have bad dreams about it. Hog Heaven in Centennial Park cannot be touched for quality of food. It is literally a shack and all dining is outside so go on a pretty day and enjoy the shady trees and millions of squirrels along with great grub.

Hog Heaven
115 27th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203