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cajun supplier(s) in toronto

guys, where can i find purveyors of good cajun food items? im particularly interested in andouille sausage, boudin and pre-mix of jambalaya seasoning (lazy, i know!)

two weeks, with limitations: hiroshima-osaka-nagoya-tokyo

hello, am trying to see what to suggest for my love who is touring japan with his band for next two weeks. the main thing is that it's difficult to get out of downtown areas (where their hotel/concert hall is) because of the time restriction...

first leg: hiroshima, stay at crown plaza hotel, 3 nights
ive been told the things to try are: okonomiyaki and fugu. any suggestion?

then: osaka, stay at hanshin osaka: suppose takoyaki may fit the bill as well? may be also some hakozushi? i think may be some kisune udon may be in order... but... any place particular?
and it's only a night over... boo...

then: nagoya, stay at tokyu hotel, 3 nights
miso katsu and hitsumabushi eels may be??

tokyo: 6 nights, tokyo dome hotel,
they do concerts in tokyo, yokohama, kawasaki, kofu and niigata
they will be returning to the same hotel every night,
would there be any english speaking izakaya around the hotel?
niigata- i would love to have him try wappa han and sasadango.

really open to suggestions,
thanks in advance. i wish i could be there. boo.

Mar 01, 2011
eddielike2eat in Japan

recent visits to Tomi-Kro, in the last 4 months?

just been to. food was actually surprisingly good with one exception of lobster-maki-ball. would have like more crunch to the outer layer, like arancini, perhaps. but the mains (scallops, lamb) was excellent and dessert was tad-bit-old-fashioned (flourless chocolate cake) but great.

only problem i had was with the service. my server was a bit too self-conscious and i think there's a point when one feels rather chided (as child) rather than served, which i find somewhat uneasy. but i suppose it became laughable when she couldnt add the right bottle to the right table bill. was glad to double check before leaving.

had anyone else had this problem of being charged for the non-existent bottle of vino on table in this town?

1214 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L7, CA

coffee@home for thermos

unboiled- cold water, i shouldve said, not the hot water tap.

canadian water is better (i lived in the midwest for 5 years for school and recently returned), but i live in an old building from 70s and am not all that trustful for my water pipe situation... call me neurotic, but on 32nd floor, i just wonder about all the wear/tear on the water system.

Mar 27, 2010
eddielike2eat in Home Cooking

coffee@home for thermos

i take a big thermos full of coffee everyday. realized today that my coffee today was much better than yesterday. i use cafe verona beans from starbucks (which i really like) and usually do it in metal-filtered drip coffee machine. the only variance was that instead of drawing cold water from the tap, i had the water sitting at room temperature for couple hours (from night before) to brew my coffee. is this enough to make such difference?

i used to think unboiled water and plenty of medium ground coffee (right before brewing, stored in the bag i purchase them in) would be the most significant point-
any thoughts?

or how could i make it better?

Mar 26, 2010
eddielike2eat in Home Cooking

What are you making right now?

blistered romaine lettuce, fried tofu (briefly rinsed in boiling hot water), toss on rice noodles (not boiled, also soaked) and oyster sauce.
now where is that 1/2 leftover hard boiled egg and chili flakes...!

Mar 23, 2010
eddielike2eat in Home Cooking

Your heritage and your cooking...

i am a transplanted korean, came to toronto, canada at age 12. then lived in states for last 5 years and travel regularly to europe (usually about 2-3 months a year; i am classical musician) (currently in UK, making oatcakes by boxes!)

i consider myself a canadian as most korean kids cant even tell i am one of them (as my bro says, 'whitewashed') and i shop all over the town- st. lawrence, k-town, annex, little somalia for my afrikaan spices, used to do greens box delivery. both of my bros are working in the kitchen (one at haute and one at a brassier) and moving out as soon as i could meant lots of trial and error.

i learn to cook like a war-generation korean from mom/granny (stretching every bits of things- lots of braising and stewing, many things fermented and salted- like salted shrimp or fish-guts condiments or homemade quick bean paste), mom also did all sorts of dashi and stock and till this day, i am always whipping out korean/japanese style soups in all seasons.

lots of multicultural influences (during the states university bits, i made friends with all sorts- i make mean feijoada and pozoles, and hotter-than-indian-gobi aloo and dark saag paneer. we taught one another to do ricecake-stirfry to baking baklavas. also lots of ramadan food (mmm) and joy of kaffeklatsch (i worked as barista for a while in three different continent).

from working in europe, i learned to appreciate lamburusco and parma ham, great bouillabaisse, german bread dense enough to stand on, how to pickle my own herring. ooh and some baking, though my signature dish for potlucks is a tres leches cake (taught by my costarican friend)

and from the grocery store, i cant help but to cheat once in a while and eat ramen noodles and fake chinese spring rolls. i like my nutella on grissinis (from milan working days) and often serve condensed milk toasts as pudding.

i cant be more thankful for my upbringing and the chance to really learn to cook in toronto, along with my travels. and i sure will be sneaking some sagederby on way back this time...

Feb 12, 2010
eddielike2eat in General Topics

next wk in nice

a two cheap travellers in nice, france next wk. any suggestion for a good place to go eat out? a good buillabaisse would be a must- someone tipped me on chez nounou- any coomment??

Feb 08, 2010
eddielike2eat in France

cake-cafe in manchester-ish area?

hello, im a transplant from canada (and yes it is quite cold here as well) and was wondering if you could recommend a bloody proper good cake shop where one could go and order:
a cup of espresso
a slice of cake

then proceed to consume it with great gusto and barely-there restrained utensils (keeping the other off one's plate of course). i am assuming there must be well-caked cafes and such around the university or downtown area?? i was close to order cakes from pierre hermes paris shop then thought that is kind of ridiculous.

we need to gain at least a stone before.. hm.. i say, february. cant be done without cake.
personal all-time faves are:
tres leches, opera and peanut butter-banana cake (do you guys do this here?)

Dec 30, 2009
eddielike2eat in U.K./Ireland

fresh butter?

looking to see if anyone know where i could buy some non-factory crafted fresh butter? could be sweet or salted. i think of making some but.. always... backs off. i usually shop around kensington mkt or st. lawrence, but would be game for anywhere reacheable by bicycle from eaton ctr area.. THANKS!

where to go for british bitter on tap?

Q&B yes, i have forgotten about them! my bad.
kudos on avoiding the irish chain pubs.

where to go for british bitter on tap?

i have visitors from england this summer and they would like to find a good british pub where proper bitters are served (no lagers, local brews would be real nice). i am not a beer drinker myself and i only just returned to TO. any recommendations? i hear biermarket is decent but what i remember is.. not spectacular (food was better than beer?) a downtown location would be greatly appreciated (utoronto area). the kinds of places i used hangs are: greenroom (annex), paupers (annex), mill st. brew pub (distillery). we are all students and hoping to find some good cheap brit bitter in TO. THANK YOU!!


all looking for ramps do check your ethnic grocery stores, esp. korean japanese and chinese. i was born in korea and we used get them all spring long and certainly not at 15/pound... also look into your local grow/forage group. it's coming- the season.

Apr 26, 2009
eddielike2eat in Manhattan

You don't like that?!

i really get queasy about:

offal meats and sweetbread (yuk), esp. kidneys and liver (eww)
jarred mayo
milk chocolate
canned fruits
anything with substitutes (fake sugar, food flavouring etc)
chamomile tea (taste like soap i think)
milk as its own (esp. when it is lukewarm)
raspberries and apples
refried beans
pork rinds (brrrrr)
vegetables cooked to death. doesnt even matter what it USED to be.
white poultry meats
raw onions
really dark roasted coffee
grocery store fruitcakes

Oct 05, 2008
eddielike2eat in General Topics

toronto shops: african grocery/food? middle eastern?

hmm... is there any in downtown??

What's "Not To Miss" at St. Lawrence Market (and nearby)

their orange-ginger is to die for. or to die by.
zingy. teary. good.

toronto shops: african grocery/food? middle eastern?

i have a friend who moved from the states and she's looking for african and middle eastern grocery/food shops. unfortunately i also just moved back from states so i am not too sure.
we are located at university of toronto. where would we be able to find good african and middle eastern grocery shops that is close to the subway/ttc grid? or even batter, to walk to?? i think i may be able to find some spices in St. lawrence mkt *where i shop, but wanted to have some more options... THANK YOU for TIPS in ADVANCE!

I'd like your favorite sandwich recipe and your least favorite food ingredient.

thick potato bread, plain egg omelet, whatever herbs i can get my hands- right now fresh dill, basil and parsleys are my obsession, sprinkle of salty cheese (my farmer's market cheese guy sells 3 yr olds feta.. perfect), and dash of olive oil.

focaccia bread, fresh sage and rosemary, slices of prosciuttos, fresh mozzarella, a little hint of tomatoes with drizzle of balsamic and olio.

cured salmon (recipe from this site), capers, dill, thin slices of red onion, creme fraiche, oil-cured black olives on dark rye

cold roast chicken leftovers, lemon juice, dijon mustard, herb d'provence, a little lavender from the flowerbeds on thick whole wheat.

anchovies, vine-tomatoes, lots of capers, thinly sliced serrano chilies, slices of parmesan and tapenade smear on thick white baguette.

i can go on like this forever.

least liked things on sandwich:
factory processed sauces esp. mayo and miracle whip,
processed meat, esp. bologna (ugh)
wilted veggies and liver sausage (never got over the texture)
tuna salad that hasnt been drained properly!

Jun 15, 2008
eddielike2eat in General Topics