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Babycakes in SD : . Babycakes in NY?

So what is the best cupcake in SD? I've been to Elizabeths and Cupcake Love, just tried Cupcakes Squared. Where am I missing?

Sep 11, 2010
hulagrrrl in San Diego

Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza Encintias

I know it's supposed to be raw, but these were whole pieces and were very limp, so when you took a bite you got a whole piece in your mouth. My experience has been the basil is either ribboned or cut in pieces and when put on the hot pie becomes a little crisp.

Jun 24, 2010
hulagrrrl in San Diego

Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza Encintias

We ate at BR on Friday night, their opening night. The mixed green salad was excellent, very fresh, variety of greens, good dressing. I had the BR Pizza which is like a margherita, and my partner had the one with fennel sausage. I agree about the crust, it was undercooked. There was a bit of blistering but it generally was bready. We both felt the pizzas tasted bland. There were also whole, raw basil leaves on my pizza, which I found sort of odd and difficult to eat. My baseline for the best Pizza Marg is at Pizzaiolo in Oakland. I would go back, this was their first night and clearly were still working out details (their liquor license hadn't arrived yet)...service was excellent.

Jun 21, 2010
hulagrrrl in San Diego

bar food in Napa

That was the Lamplighter or some such name. It closed a few months ago and is being remodeled....

Fume has a 5 buck chuck (hamburger) on Monday nights and there is always sports on....

Pizza Margherita/Pizzaiolo--where else?

We had the pizza Margherita at Pizzaiolo last night and have decided it is the best pizza I've ever had. We also shared a Blue Heron Little Gem Caesar and a side of cranberry beans, all incredibly tasty.

We sat at the bar and had excellent service, wonderful bartender. I had heard about their home-made tonic so had 2 gin and tonics, again, wonderful. Amazing depth of flavor. I asked how they made it and she said they use powdered quinine (it's a bark), sweet lemon verbena, clove, cardomon, and a couple of other things I can't remember. Incredible.

The pizza itself had that beautiful blistery crust and had a really good taste. I think there were crushed tomatoes which had a hint of sweetness.

Coincidentally, I had a nettle pizza last week at the Cafe at Chez Panisse (my first time upstairs) which also had a nice crust but it was kind of bland, the nettles were a little dry, but a good taste. Still, Pizzaiolo was head and shoulders above.

I've been living in Napa for 6 years after spending most of my life in the Bay Area (SF, Oak, Berk). My favorite food is pizza and my favorite pizza is the Margherita, when done correctly (no tomato sauce!! fresh basil!). Because it's such a simple pizza, the crust has be to really well done. Around here, Azzuro Pizzeria used to be my favorite, although I don't like their Margherita. I've had one pizza with purple potatoes and another with corn, smoked mozzarella and carmelized red onion. I also used to like Bistro Don Giovanni's version. I'm in love with the Caesar Piadine at Tra Vigne Pizzeria, but that's it.

So I'm now sold on the idea of only having wood fired oven pizzas. I liked Pizzeria Picco and have tried Pizza Antica. I'm going to be leaving the area in January, possibly for good, so what three places should I have Pizza Margherita? A16? Pizzetta 211? Delfina?

Or should I just go back to Pizzaiolo three more times??? Hop a plane to Pizzeria Blanco?

Tra Vigne or Terra??

It's not clear that the patio at Tra Vigne is for the bar--there are lots of places that have nice patios but mostly they are reserved for the eating side. You'd need to call ahead to check on it. Yountville restaurants have some great patios: Bistro Jeanty, Hurley's, Redd but again, not sure you can only have drinks...

Looking for Italian Restaurant in Napa

In case you've reconsidered Italian after the discussion of Italian restaurants, you might consider Farm at the Carneros Inn. I think it would be a perfect way to end the day, they have a nice patio for a warm evening meal. I have had their pizza and pasta dishes (I'm a vegetarian) and thought they were excellent.

One Meal in Napa Valley

I live in Napa and always recommend Bistro Don Giovanni and Rutherford Grill, the Grill being particularly unpretentious and reasonably priced. A couple of places in downtown Napa that are always good: Annalien (Vietnamese) and Celadon. Have fun!