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Washington DC Private Party Location?

Hi, I am looking for some help to find a location in DC hopefully near McPherson Square that would accomodate 10-20 woman for appetizers/drinks on a Saturday night in a private room/area. I am hopefull to find something cost effective but not cheap. Any reccomendations would be helpfull!

Bachelorette Dinner - Washington, DC

Thanks for all of the doesn't matter what part of town the restuarant is in - we will make our plans around it. We should only be a party of 10 max so we shouldn't need a private room. As for the type of food - I am open - I was originally thinking good american food but I am open.

Bachelorette Dinner - Washington, DC

I am in need of help to find a restuarant for dinner the night of my bachelorette party. I am definately looking for great food and a fun atmosphere - but keeping the entree price in the low-mid $20's. Any suggestions?

Restaurant in Annapolis

Hi, I am trying to find a restaurant in Annapolis that serves American food and would have good ambiance for a celebratory lunch. Not too formal but not too casual. Does anyone have any recommendations?