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Thanksgiving dinner San Diego

I'm going to San Diego from San Francisco to take my sister in law and 28 year old niece to thanksgiving dinner. They live in Point Loma. I'm looking for a place that has very good food and atmosphere. It can be upscale but does not necessarily need to be chic. Thanks for your suggestions.

Sep 04, 2009
Philipsbarnett in San Diego

lunch Sat Beverly near Robertson

Coming from SF to LAX Sat. Arrive 12 PM leave 6:30 PM. Going to place on Beverly near Robertson. Need place for lunch that makes geographic sense. Interested in something hip and light. Thanks

where to eat at Jack London Square

A friend and her bf are staying over at Jack London Square Sat night. They like Italian, Thai, seafood and California but have non eclectic tastes. Any recommendatins on where they should eat within walking distance