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Ocho Rios Jamaica Restaurants for BIG Anniversary and all NON Tourists Joints

3 places...

Miss T's (call ahead, ask for Anna and she'll plan it with you) jerk chicken
Passage to India

You will not be dissapointed....get the pork sausage at Scotchies too...

Ah wait...big anniversary...I'd still go to Miss T's, but go to Jamaica Inn rather than Royal Plantation, and check out Island Outpost, his properties always have nice restaurants. Might be worth a day trip to his place in Port Antonio...could stop in Boston Bay for jerk too.

Ocho Rios, Jamiaca

3 places...

Scotchies for jerk
Miss T's for jamaican food
Passage to India for indian food

Jamaica Where to eat in Mo-Bay and Ochie

In Ochie...find Scotchies and Miss T's. Both well worth repeat visits for local "ma/pop" food.

For a nicer dinner, try Passage to India...some of the best

Best of Sioux City

Best Ethnic Food Store: Great Wall
Best Beer Selection: Charlies Wine and Spirits
Best Restaurant in Area: Its in Orange City, Blue Mountain

Da Kao and Diamond Thai both serve very acceptable food (Vietnamese and Thai, respectively)

Feb 12, 2010
stbernard in Great Plains

Dinner in Sioux City?


Expensive for the area, but nothing is better in Sioux City.

Feb 12, 2010
stbernard in Great Plains

Best salad in Omaha/Lincoln?

I haven't fully exhausted the dining scene in Omaha, and I don't usually order salads, but I liked the bite of my girlfriend's steak and gorgonzola salad at Jams, the potatoes made it.

Petunia's vs. Palace Cafe for Brunch

My friend manages a couple of bars on Bourbon St. He mentioned to me on a recent trip home that the old chef left Petunia's for personal reasons, and the new chef...well...they call him Chef Mullet. He doens't dine there anymore, and that used to be our late night (7am) spot.

Palace Cafe all the way.

Woah, sorry, didn't see the original poster's date...Feb 2002...Petunias was really good then.

Jun 13, 2008
stbernard in New Orleans


Do you remeber when the Mango Freeze first appeared at Jazz Fest 6 years ago? A friend of mine was the original vendor, I remeber taste testing the first batches in his apartment kitchen. He was wildly successful the first year. The next year they wouldn't renew his vendor's liscense and WWOZ began making their own mango freezes.

Ahhh...the great Mango Freeze conspiracy of 2002...he'll be furious when he hears they're retailing them at WholePaycheck.

Jun 13, 2008
stbernard in New Orleans

Sioux City?

Call Berkridge, they export berkshire pork all over the world, but most of the time if you call they'll let you stop in their office and buy some. I pick up a bone in loin once every month or so. Their bacon isn't very good, but the bellies they sell look amazing. Speaking of bacon, the smokehouse grille has some of the best bacon I've found in the area...berkshire bacon that they sell by the pound (its in the area where they sell their sauces). It's a country-style bacon, so it gets cured like a pancetta or salami. Their charcuterist (sp?) is a little long winded, you've been forwarned.

Jun 12, 2008
stbernard in Great Plains

The Best That NW Iowa Has To Offer

I'd have to choose Archie's over Hungry's...Archie's serves only dry-aged beef, although Hungry's does have that "special" know you're dining in Sioux City when you eat at Hungry's.

The Best That NW Iowa Has To Offer

I recently moved to the area from New Orleans. I live in Sioux Center, and regularly eat out, as its in my blood to seek out the best food in an area.

My opinion on the local dining scene:

As for Four Brothers, they've continually slid downhill since I first went there. Probably won't go back after my last experience. (no website)

Archies is always the go to place for the absolute best steaks in the area. I cut my filet with a butter knife, you cannot beat their meat, however, atmosphere, service, decor (those little snow homes!?!) are in desperate need of attention. (no website)

Blue depends on which restaurant you're talking about there (Passport Club, Smokehouse Grille, or the Lodge), but their smokehouse grille uses a wood-fired oven for pizzas, has their own organic farm, grow their own spices, have an onsite charcuterist (sp) for salamis, bacon, sausages, other cured meats...etc...not to mention the passport club upstairs, filled with antiques and artifacts from around the world, a trilobyte that the smithsonian tried to purchase. My only gripe would be their drink prices, the upstairs small plates menu is lacking, and the servers at the smokehouse grille need a little polishing. Definitely my top choice...I tried to become a member to their passport club, but the waiting list is 8 months long!!! (


My $.02