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KC - great fish & chips?

I recently found out that my sister has never introduced her kids to the great food item of fish & chips. :( Heck, they hadn't even heard of Long John Silver's, much less my greatly missed Arthur Treacher's (sp?).

So, for our next montly family get together, I want to suggest a place that serves great fish and chips - can be in the KC area, Lawrence or Topeka (we're all spread out over Kansas and Topeka is actually closer for some).

Any ideas? Obviously, they have to have fish & chips with malt vinegar, but if they also have fried clams (my favorite), that would be a plus too. I'm thinking some kind of upscale LJS? Any ideas?

Oct 09, 2010
LeftwichVI in Great Plains

Kansas City - Places for Bridal Shower

I'm throwing a bridal shower for a friend and have always found it much easier to do these types of events at a restaurant since my home is not really large enough to accommodate so many people. (plus it is SOOO much easier!)

In the past, I've held these events at places like Milano at Crown Center, Classic Cup and a restaurant in Lee's Summit which has since closed (if anyone remembers Heroes in Lees Summit, you'll know how long ago that one was-it was my very first one when my budget was small!).

Anyway, I wanted to try someplace new. I'm looking for suggestions that are mid-range - something that is better than a chain restaurant, but not the American Restaurant either! My preference is for a place that has a private or at least semi-private area.

As far as location, I would be open to somewhere in the southland, KCK area or Lawrence.

Any ideas out there?