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Damian's on the River, New Boston, NH

I had the glorious pleasure of dining at Damian's last night. For those looking for a genuine chef owned and operated restaurant experience, Damian's is the place! Here's my review (in my most humble opinion, and warning, it's a long one because I was really moved by my experience there):

1. Location: it isn't right down the street. I like getting out of town now and then for a meal, it makes it more special. The view from the windows? Spectacular. Bordering on ridiculous was when 3 deer began to frolic in the water during my meal. And this was right after a blue heron spent some time on the water. I was beginning to wonder if the management has an animal keeper on staff to release wildlife at opportune times...

2. Experience: our server, Stephanie, was a pro. We thought she was one of the chefs based on her knowledge of the menu, the exec. chef, and food facts. She informed us she was 'just a waitress'. Hardly! She kept a respectable distance from us, being helpful and knowledgeable but easily accessible.

3. The food: Incredible. The bread was served warm and fresh. My friend and I split the calamari. It was really good, tender, not chewy and greasy, and was served with a slight amount of garnish - not a vat of sauce on the side. For dinner I went comfort food route and had chicken parmigiana (I like simple classics) and my friend had the salmon with the risotto cake. She picked the spinach and the au gratin potato as her sides. My dinner was awesome. Not oversauced or overcheesed. The pasta was beautifully al dente. The chicken was crispy but not dry. The sauce was spectacular with lots of depth. The portion was generous but not ridiculous. According to my friend her meal was excellent - the fish was cooked to perfection, the potatoes creamy and cheesy but not a mess of dairy. For dessert? Their carrot cake is a religious experience. If you value a good carrot cake, do yourself a favor and go to Damian's. You can taste the cream cheese in the frosting, and the cake is so moist it is almost creamy!

I think it is important for people to know that this is not the place to go if you're looking for a quick meal. I wouldn't go there with my entire family, but maybe just adults and young people old enough to sit still for a while. The food is made to order and fresh, and therefore it takes some time for the kitchen to bring it out.

Please go. It's really good. It's chef owned and operated. In the summer it's light out until nearly 9:30 so you'll really get a nice view. If you have the good fortune of meeting Damian, be prepared to be charmed. Ask him about the day he bought the property. It's a GREAT story.

BBQ in Manchester, NH?

I went to City Flame on Friday! I didn't eat there, but did take out for 4 adults. It was really good. The pulled pork was more 'chopped' than pulled, but, it was good. VERY smoky. The sauces were good, a little sweeter than I like but still excellent. I'm a big fan of spicy food and I didn't make it past the 'medium' sauce! The sides we had were phenomenal: mashed potatoes, baked beans, cole slaw, and corn bread. The corn bread had actual pieces of corn in it and was almost cake like in its consistency. They had freshly brewed sweet tea, which is excellent for those looking for the authentic southern experience. It was a really nice experience and I can't wait to go back and eat there. I have to say, for those living in Manchester....they have parking! That's a BIG plus!

Best Food to be Found in Ft. Lauderdale

I'm pretty sure this place is a tourist trap, but, check out Opa! I went there once and the food (Greek, obviously) wasn't bad. The best part is the atmosphere, where you can dance on the tables and throw napkins all over the place. Fun night out for the adults. By the way, Lexpatti - I recall you asking about the Symposium at Giorgio's in Milford. It's OUTSTANDING. If you tell the server that you're really into food, they make it extra special. Enjoy!

Jun 12, 2008
manchesterfoodie in Florida

BBQ in Manchester, NH?

Wow, folks - thanks so much for the info! I'll be heading to City Flame this week and will write a little something on this page to let you guys know! Yee-hah!

Great seafood on Cape Cod?

Not necessary only seafood, but general recommendation: Chappaquoit (sp?) Grill in/near Falmouth. Excellent food and I'm sure they offer seafood. Their specialty are the wood grilled pizzas. Be prepared for a long wait!

BBQ in Manchester, NH?

Has anyone been to the new BBQ place in Manchester? It's on Chestnut Street. I was a Down N Dirty devotee. Was being the operative word, since they're gone now. Very sad.

Burlington, VT. this Wed....

Tilley's Cafe on Church Street. I've been there once and it was, to this date, the best meal I have ever eaten at a restaurant. Hopefully things are still good over there!